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European safety standards for roads and cars.

That is all.
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Originally Posted by crn12 View Post

12) Make sure the Auto companies provide horns which are restricted to certain decibals & not exceed them to be loud but more pleasing on your ears.
Not only the horn. All after market accessories. Which include HID/Bull Guard/ Mirror/Back light/ Silencer...
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We want sustainable roads with lane markings & no pot holes
Transparent & full revamp on RTO - National level Standardization
Increased road awareness
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+1 to all the above.

Seriously, the road tax should be uniform.Karnataka has the highest road tax but does it guarantee the best road in India!
Then why is there a disparity? It seems like we are the unlucky sons and daughters of fate paying close to 100grand for regn a new car!
However, no matter how much we hem and haw, the same people still get elected, roam around in their hummers etc.

One more thing.
There is a serious crackdown on drunken driving in Bangalore.However, I have not seen such fervor amongst other city cops. I could hardly see a cop on road in Calcutta(I hail from Cal). To get caught for DUI in Calcutta, you definitely need to crash or run over something or somebody!!
Can't we have a uniform law regulation process across the country!
Even in Bangalore,the cops are more than necessary strict even when someone is within permissible limits!!
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Number portability. When you sell your car, remove your plates and put them on your new car. Every person should be issued a unique registration number with a suffix for each vehicle.
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1. Reduction in Excise.

2. Conversion of current Highways to Flyways (Higher standards/6 laning/ Well planned highways even if it involves distant U turns/crossings).

3. Devise strategies to identify and impose hefty fines on corrupt traffic police/police officials.

On a lighter note atleast get us cops who are swift, athletic and fast to be able to catch the culprits and not the cops who keep giving us those touching moments as below.

Name:  Touching Moments.jpg
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- Complete the ongoing highways/fly overs/expressway projects asap!
- Provide smart card/sensors instead of toll charge slips.

- Make sure the public strictly follow traffic rules & regulation by bringing awareness among people and honest officials.
- Complete the ongoing highways/fly-overs/expressway projects asap.
- Provide sensors/smart card instead of toll charge slips.

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1. Diesel price at par with petrol for passenger cars
2. Ensure that the buyer has genuine parking space with the premise
3. Build a 6 or 8 lane highway between Hyderabad and Vijayawada (NH 9) on war footing. Its a hell to drive on this highway.
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How about sending a link of this page to Rahul Gandhi. Among the current breed of politicians, only he may be interested in acting on these suggestions. The other oldies wouldn't care much.
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
increase safety standards. provide incentives for ABS/Airbags , like say lesser insurance rates ?
+1 to that. Make ABS mandatory on all passenger vehicles. To offset the increase in price of basic models due to that, introduce some more tax relief on them.
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Only one wish as of now: reduction in fuel taxes (petrol @ Rs 30/- and diesel @ Rs 20/-).
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Just one thing:

Make the autos follow all the rules.
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Default My top 5 wishes

Here is my take

1. Provide tax breaks to electric and hybrid cars, so that manufacturers and people adopt to newer carbon free technologies
2. Uniform road tax and registration procedures across states
3. Transparent RTO system
4. Motorable roads
5. Wish to see the NH maintained really well
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Provide better health care facilities to the Policemen.

Create a new wing for working bandobast duty.
Do not use the "Law and Order", Traffic police for such things.

Most traffic policemen endure longs hours of noise and pollution.
Make provisions for taking good care of men in khaki.
Force good schools to take in a % of police children from the constabulary free of cost.

Without a proud police force, we will never be able to command our roads and law&order.

Implement more public-police setups. So that public can participate in policing of the roads. Like the traffic wardens in Bangalore.

Punish corruption in a transparent manner.

Within the traffic police create one branch for manning the traffic flow. Another for enforcement of rules. Making money via fines should not be the aim, it works against itself.

Design good roads. Bus stops next to signals and turns is downright foolish.

Provide more connectivity via public systems like buses, trains etc.

Remove encroachments from the roads.
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1. Uniform, single point road tax. (It will promote tourism, I guarantee).
2. Better interstate and long distance public transport (non-railway)
3. Better and faster judiciary, honest cops.
4. Open up those ecu codes, and other automobile electronic secrets. Ensure competition in spare availability. (I should not be sued if I make cheaper spares available). (US of A and EU have done it).
5. Do not insist on having to vehicles to be serviced at the dealers for warranty purposes. (this is already implemented in the EU)

BTW, the frist sector to be liberalised, in 1989, was the transportation sector - the new (1989) Motor Vehicle Act liberalised several areas , and now is time to start the 2nd round of liberalisation with the transportation sector too.

edit - +1 to number portability.

and 5. Safety components in a car should not be taxed. So no tax on ABS, EBD, etc. These components, if they cost 10K now, reach customers at more than 15K, mostly due to taxation (excise, sales / vat, road tax, etc)

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