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Originally Posted by neotraveller View Post
A bit OT here, I was in canada last week and noticed quite a few hatchbacks there ..... Jazz, polo, sx4, yaris etc.
Was wondering if canada has always been hatchback-friendly (like Europe) or is it the recession effect.
Yeah you're right. Canada is one of the most hatchback friendly countries on the planet, and cars like the Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Mazda Protege5, Subaru Impreza wagon have been roaring successes here.

Sometimes we also get hatchback exclusive versions of certain models which even our neighbour down south does not get.
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All the engines do not cost the same, so in a cost no-consideration poll like this obviously many will prefer the i-vtec.
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
My pick would be
1) Honda Jazz
2) Maruti Ritz
3) Kappa.

The fact that Kappa is not second is that the new Suzuki K-series motors are quite fun to drive and love to be revved. The japanese horses are also strong than Korean one that is what I have observed. K-series and Jazz engines are in different league as compared to Kappa as Kappa is not able to offer as strong top end as the K series.

K-series is more fun than Kappa.
Thats absolutely true so my choice also goes the same. Japanese(Jazz, Ritz etc) first in consideration and then the other options specific to offerings in India.
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The hoiha Jazz I vtec will be the best but will cost substantially more. We are talking a price range starting at 3.9 lacs for the Ritz going upto Rs 6.5- 7 lacs.

These cars would therefore fall in different segments. I expect Maruti to be the market leader in terms of outright volumes, while the Honda will aim to widen the new premium hatchback segment created by the Fabia and the i20 and aim for leadership in this category.
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this might sound crazy but my pic would be the volkswagen engine if they bring out a 1.2 TSI for the polo
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well i thought no body will mention VW Polo!

i heard Jazz will be 90Bhp with 1.2 ltr and expect the Polo to be around that mark!

i just test drove i20 and was thrilled by its response compared to the i10 with a similar engine!

the only difference with the engine is the higher gear ratios in the i20 compared to i10!

i would like to wait till Diwali to buy a car, by that time i hope to get more choices like Jazz and Polo!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Power, refinement, driveability and fuel efficiency is what most of us are looking for.
Thanks GTO, I would say the jazz engine should be a top notch, then would be the Kappa followed by Ritz, GP, Chevy.
I am eagerly awaiting the GP to be launched & looking at the 1.4 version, lets see how it scores on the 1.6 100 PS they have on the Palio now..
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The 1.2 ivtec ofcourse. Its not only the most powerful but also comes with VVT.

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sticking my head out here..

the Fiat 1.2 FIRE, going by the numbers, seems like its nowhere in competition with the others here.

But, drive a Palio 1.2, the low end torque is intoxicating. That engine produces power from the lower end and the torque does not taper off till the very end of its rev-range.

I am not saying that it is better than the others, haven't driven the others, but just letting you'll know that it is no slouch.
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Originally Posted by vasoo View Post
A comparative torque/bhp chart would have been great.
Yes. That is the way to compare I guess only if we are comparing the engines and not the package. Since the market success depends on the complete package, I guess we need to wait till the market settles down with each car on the road for more than a year.
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Default The Polo 1.2 TSI

If the Autocar June 09 is to be believed, Polo will be here with the 1.2 TSI. That's a 104 bhp one. The same TSI with a smaller displacement than the one in Superb & Laura. Does a 0-100 under 10 secs, 17.8 kg torque starting at 1500 rpm (!) and a combined FE that's way above the rest. If its plonked on Fabia or Polo - its gonna rock.

Well, i know that's a big If, but sooner or later...
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Why is Punto giving it's max power at lower rpm ? Is it good ?

Fiat (G. Punto) "Expected": 1.2 Fire, 61 PS with 101.68 Nm @ 2500rpm

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Even though Jazz have the best heart among the lot, my pick is i20 as it is an excellent overall package and best in the class 'looks'.
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Since I drive both Honda and Hyundai , my pick will be
1) 1.2 i-vtec
2) 1.2 K
3) 1.2 Kappa
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Originally Posted by S_budhiraj View Post
Hyundai (i10 & i20): 1.2 Kappa, 80 PS with 114 Nm @ 4000rpm

Honda (Jazz) "Expected": 1.2 i-Vtec, 90 PS with 112Nm @ 4800 rpm

Maruti (Ritz): 1.2 K Series, 83 PS with 113Nm @ 4500rpm

Out of all the above mentioned which one would you Pick ?
My Pick: Kappa followed by K series
A little correction is in order, maruti quotes the output of ritz at 85ps, which is pretty impressive coz the kappa displaces an identical 1197 cc

nyways, in the power stakes and technology quotient i guess the order would definately be-

(1) i-vtec (2) k-series (3) kappa

the honda and the zuki should have typical japanese reliability and frugality, but the i-vtec ia a big letdown in the BHP department.
Agreed it is i-vtec for the masses, however the additional 5 ps and some gismos will put back the buyer by 3-3.5 lacs (compared to RITZ for jazz@7-7.5). Maybe would be better to buy a Fiesta or an SX4 at that price and get 100+ horses.Would also get a better boot and interior space as a bargain (that what we all discuss about a car being a package, right?)
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