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Default Tata to deliver First Nano today -A Landmark day for Indian Automobile Industry

While browsing my daily dose of newspaper, I just noticed "Tata to deliver First Nano today". I think this is a memorable day in Indian auto industry and I felt more proud today as an Indian. Finally, Ratan Tata's dream is materialized in flesh and blood today (read steel and oil). Somehow it showed the world the Power of Dreams. I feel very proud of my country and it's people, we truly are Pioneers, Innovators and Dreamers.

On a lighter note...identity of first buyer is not known but in case he is not a BHPian, we should invite him here.

Somehow, I feel dreamz should never be given up, no matter how big and impossible they are.

Your thoughts.....
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As per the Marathi newspaper "SAKAL", the first delivery of Nano will be from Tata Motors Showroom @ Prabhadevi, Mumbai - Concorde Motors. Mr. Ratan Tata will give the keys to the first customer (Name ??) @ 5.45 PM.
Here is the scanned pic of the article:
Attached Thumbnails
Realization of the Great Indian dream: First TATA Nano Delivered-scan0001-large.jpg  

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So much as I am happy and proud about TATA's achievement, I am a bit scared and worried about the traffic woes that this is going to lead to. Although we cannot blame this entirely on the NANO, but still, it's adding to it.

Anyways, congratulations to the first NANO owner out there and many others that will follow.
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Originally Posted by rishi_kapoor View Post
On a lighter note...identity of first buyer is not known but in case he is not a BHPian, we should invite him here.
Brilliant idea!
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Tata has been praised all over world for the achievement of doing which many major automakers thought is impossible and here in hus Own country he is labelled as someone who is increasing traffic.
Simply great!
I seriously hope Ratan Tata or any Tata emplyoee who has worked on Nano project dont read any such traffic complaints.

I am really proud of this achievement
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Congrats to the first buyer! An amazing feet by TATA, hope nano does well in Indian market.
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Proud day for India. Congrats to the first buyer as well.
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I think we should just celebrate this day as it is memorable in the history of our country. Traffic problems are anyway inevitable and are going to become worse with time. So, might as well be positive and welcome the proud product of TATA.
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A red letter day indeed! Every Indian has a right to safe, affordable transport. If we have traffic problems it is because of poor road infrastructure and an even poorer public transportation system.

Congratulations to Mr Tata and his team. Congratulations India. Congratulations to the first owner .
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Nano car for India will be what Model T (Ford) was for USA in 1908.

As Henry Ford said during 20th Century:

'"I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one - and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces."

Source: Ford Model T - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mr. Tata has done exactly the same for India in the 21st Century .

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Even with Indica, TATA created quite a magic. In space utilization in small cars, TATA is second to none.

Nano has made all us Indians, VERY PROUD!
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I just hope for the sake of our Mother Country and the current situation TATA is in that this car does well for them.
It is an engineering marvel and I hope it helps INDIA become a "Super Power" in the Car Arena ( Kind of going over board with this statement but so what.. )
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Tata Motors is a tax paying entity and Nano is not tax exempt. So the tax collected from sales of tata nano contributes to infrastructure as much as any other car. So nano contributes to traffic problem as much as any other vehicle. And that is why criticism is misplaced.

We should remember that Nano have made the world to take notice of Indian capability and that is why in my eyes its contribution is unparalleled and so is that of Mr Ratan Tata. He is a true Bharat Ratna.

Now i am waiting for Bajaj, Munjals and Kirloskers to match Tata's contribution.

And very soon we will have our Big Five(Tata Mahindra Bajaj Munjal Kirlosker) challenging China's Big Five(FAW, DMC, SAIC, BYD, Chery)

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NOTE From MOD- Please restrict the discussions to the Delivery of Nano. The traffic Chaos issue has been discussed umpteenth time & any more post like that would be deleted.
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Delivered! Ratan Tata hands over first three Nano cars to customers- Automobiles-Auto-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times
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