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MSL has the advantage of better ***,which lures people to trust them more comparable to TATA, which did came out with best hatch from them till now, same fiat's engine and better interiors, roomy all around and comfort in main priority, but taxi image and same resemblence of old gen indica couldnot go away with vista and also what i feel is swift gave more sportier car for enthusiastics with better mileage which we all die for, so new looks, more sportier took away the market from vista.
IMO tata could have given new name excluding indica from vista.
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Interesting thread. Well the engine is the best. I can say this as I have done over a lakh Km in my Swift VDi. Now the Vista is much better. I took a TD and I was quite impressed. The Swift interiors look good when new but after 60K Km it's a whole new story. Here I think the Indica Vista will be better. I had almost decided to replace the Swift with the Vista but then the Punto came along. Now I'm confused. Not to mention the Linea is alo there if i stretch my budget. But between the Swift and Vista, I'd pick the Vista. Please note that you have to consider that I've used the Swift for over a Lakh Km and it is but natural that I am quite fed up of seeing and driving this car. Not that the car is bad, but you do get fed up of good things too.

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June ACI reports sales of 10,210 Indica's compared to 6,666 Swifts. Do note that Maruti did sell 6,214 Ritz's too so overall Ritz + Swift are outselling Vista's but specifically between Swift and Vista, its the Indica that's easily outselling the Swift.

PS: Indica sales must be Indica + Indica Vista. Question is how many old Indica's are Tata managing to sell?
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
its not so rare. I think its vivek.singh.73 who had to run around from TASC to TASC because for some reason, his vehicle did not show up in their CRM...
I heard that Tata Motors (including Fiat) IT has been outsourced to IBM now. Hopefully they can fix such issues.
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Originally Posted by vista_qjd View Post
@Naj -
I wonder what car you drive and whether it has these features.
Such remarks are quite unpleasant .Your opinion as to why the Vista is not outselling the Swift diesel will be much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Bazius View Post
My wife and I were thinking of buying a hatchback among other options I went into Tata Showroom to actually look at the Xenon and saw the Vista; it looks much better (My opinion) and is a better VFM proposition. I was really admiring the vehicle when my wife walks by and says "What are you looking at a taxi for?". Not many want to be the "cabbie"
So was I, looking to buy it actually, and my wife said, I will not sit in it! And because the only people that the TATA folks deal with are the CV segment, they never learn how to deal with private users. And because they do not deal with them, they do not get to know their expectations well enough, so it is a little bit of chicken and egg. It will take a huge amount of time and effort - maybe the Nano will do the trick of this breaking the cycle. If Tata sees that as the chance to.
I also guess that of the total Indica sales, just 20% would be Vista. The taxi trade is happy buying the old Indica in large numbers. And that perpetuates the cabbie image. it also keeps the organization locked into satisfy the cabbie mode level of sales and service behaviour.
Starting Concorde was to break out of this rut, but Tata infected Concorde and brought it down to its sorry level. Maybe the thing to have done was to route the taxi business through the old Tata CV organization, and build Concorde from ground up for private buyer sales and service.
And now Fiat has gotten itself tangled into this situation.

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Sawyer, I'm sure the Nano won't make a difference as standards will definitely be low for such a cheap car. However, Tata does sell the Safari and should know what private owners expect.
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I think Vista sales are slowly but steadyly picking up, can it outsell the Swift, I don't know, but can it give Swift stiff competition, definitely yes.
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Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
Are you serious ?
Unfortunately yes...

Another point to consider is that the Swift is a driver centric car. And it is absolutely a delight to drive ... (Driving position, Steering, the mental turbo etc.)

On the other hand, even though the Vista is more practical, it simply is not a fun to drive car.
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I think Vista will pick up over time and outsell Swift D.

The initial quality problems of Indica - way back in 1999 has got a bad First Impression. All these have been sorted out when they launched V2. But still there are some quality issues with switches, electricals etc., which are not related to performance of the Car. So, some people overlook these minor issues. But for a few these are the most important, even though they constitute to only less than 5% of the Cost of the Vehicle.

For, TATA - they've to understand that these 5% issues are affecting their 100% image. Even though Vista is a great product and a good package, TATA should concentrate on finishing (What the Customer sees with his eyes and feels). As somebody had mentioned earlier, many customers are least bothered what is underlying in the bonnet, or whether the Suspension is of good quality and whether the body is Monocoque type etc.,

Many Indians buy a Car as per their budget and which is the highest selling Model in that Category. They donot mind adjusting to the size, performance etc., So, Vista's sales will grow as the Customers see more and more Models on the Road.

The *** of TATA is not very bad, but compared to Suzuki, it comes Second.

And also there are still people who think the Vista is Indian Car and Suzuki is a Japanese - so naturally superior.
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i will be frank here - no offense to any indica owners, all i can think of is taxi image. And no i haven't got past the taxi image to even think of after sales service, resale value, etc. The cab selling model worked and tata made good money on the indica. who knows if it would have sold in those many numbers if it was not for the taxi wallahs.
Having said above, i dont think of all tata vehicles as taxis, only indica. So all tata has to do is have a car which is not the indica, but competes against swift and things will be good for sure.

Edit - mahindra logan has gone in same direction and they have sold many many more logans than they could have as a non-taxi.

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Originally Posted by amit View Post
June ACI reports sales of 10,210 Indica's compared to 6,666 Swifts. Do note that Maruti did sell 6,214 Ritz's too so overall Ritz + Swift are outselling Vista's but specifically between Swift and Vista, its the Indica that's easily outselling the Swift.

PS: Indica sales must be Indica + Indica Vista. Question is how many old Indica's are Tata managing to sell?
Total Indica sales include: Indica (cab segment), Indica Xeta, Indica Vista SAFFIRE and Indica Vista Quadra Jet. Of these Indicab segment would be atleast 50% which means 5105 in June. Of the remaining 5105, Indica Vista quadra might be 50%, i.e. 2550. Swift DDiS sales is aound 50% i.e. 3333 and Ritz diesel is 30%, i.e. around 1860 (Source ACI). So total DDiS sales in June for Maruti is around 5000. So clearly Swift DDiS outsells Indica Vista and if we combine Ritz and Swift that number far exceeds Indica Vista
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Default give tata a break

it seems that many people like to treat tata vehicles like a punching bag,
tata single handedly is responsible for the livelihood of many familes, who have benefited from the reasonably priced and durable products from them
also they are a new entrant in the passenger car segment compared to the japanese and korean competitors who have been in this business for decades
if we have this same argument after some years, I dont think that tata will get any such comments
we indians are proud of tata because they achieved the impossible with nano, and we appreciate that they have given practically good alternatives to all bestsellers
but none of us want to buy a tata car
when some of us change our mindset the vista will definetely outsell the swift
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If Vista has taxi "image" it is not the fault of the car or the company. It is the fault in your head. Bang it it will be fine. Because Vista was never a taxi.

All kinds of cars are used as a taxi, will this stop you from buying a Prius?

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My 1st car is maruti 800 and 2nd/present one is indica xeta.
I never had any problem with my car(indica) nor their service for the last 3 years.

We hear bad things about maruti,ford and hyundai services as well,but when it comes to fiat and indica..everything is hyped and exaggerated IMHO.so people will start having "See i told you about this" kinda attitude towards tata cars and their service centres.

Before the bajaj pulsar days,everybody was buying only HH splendor. I wanted to buy Yamaha RXZ but my father insisted that i buy Splendor or else no bike..so i opted for it.
My father knows splendor because one of his colleagues told him splendor is the best so he wants me to buy it and nothing else.He does not know why splendor is the best bike.Most of the people know only splendor even though they had other good bikes around.They don't do much research.They just wanted to buy what all others buy or the best selling model.

Vista and swift's case is somewhat similar to this.
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