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Understand this bro, the thread stater who posted the link to the article published, clearly states that this was the opinion of Honda motors. So for me and you, its not to decide who is superior or inferior. All that is besides the point.

The point here is Honda acknowledges that Hyundai is a threat. Period.
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The point here is Honda acknowledges that Hyundai is a threat. Period.
True, and this is actually good for Honda. To solve a problem you first need to accept you've got one.

Now that Honda considers Hyundai to be a threat, they will be forced to make changes, required to take they quality to the next level.


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Competition is always a good thing - atleast for the consumers. Honda and Toyota's quality had been steadily going downhill as they knew they had a captive market share. With Hyundai in their rear view mirror, they'll have to pick up the pace once more.
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I am not a Hyundai fan, but they have definitely come a long way. The latest cars from Hyundai are very good and fit and finish ar at par with other companies. But engine and handling wise they are still poor compared to others. Here in USA people still get disgusted when they receive a Kia or a Hyundai from car rental companies. But IMO the new Sonata (Sonata Embera) is a very capable car and it shows in the numbers Hyundai are selling them.
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At least in India, Hyundai can try to do an LG, which the 'public' percieves is at par with Sony and panasonic. Hyundai can keep on improving their brand perception and one day hope to be compared with Honda in brand value. But they somewhat missed the bus at the begining.

Maybe car buyers are smarter than white goods buyers
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Default Hyundai Says " Thank you critics , you made us what we are today ! "

Hyundai says “thank you critics,you made us !”
Being a hardcore ‘hyundai’ hater eversince I started knowing about this brand back in 1994 wherein the only way to read about auto world is getting some imported mag’s from secondhand book market . All I could gather from the magazines was that they produced one of the most unreliable cars and that they are ‘korean trash’ and nothing more. This attitude towards the brand continued in my mindset even when they started launching cars in India starting with Santro .
In 2000 I had a chance to see their Grandeur XG and Tiburon and I was confused. I thought they just made trash but those didn’t seem like trash . I was taken back . Then they released the sonata . I was totally against its copy cat styling and all my beliefs came back with full force that they are just a ‘wanna be ‘ car maker trying to mimic other successful german/american/british products in the market and then came in the new Sonata Embrera . This is one car that made me think that maybe they are something original . Bits and pieces may have been copied but that happens in the industry . Even Merc has done a BMW with the new S class interiors to some extent.
The point is I was impressed (just a normal person).Then came in the i10 and i20 both of which felt like a good product though the latter looks much better in comparison. Then I stumbled upon their latest Sonata . That’s when I said “ Oh my God ! that’s sexy !” . This one car made me sure that I was wrong. This manufacturer is soon going to be among the big league players in the world and hence I thought as an automobile fanatic , I should learn a bit more about this company and This is what I came to learn about the marque.
In 1947, Chung Ju Yung founded the Hyundai Civil Engineering Company. Mere months later, the outfit was bombed in the Korean War. However, the company regained its footing to distinguish itself as one of Korea's leading construction enterprises during the 1950s.

By the late 1960s, Chung had turned his attention to the automobile industry. The Korean government at that time believed that it made more sense to import vehicles than produce them domestically, and had made its opinion known. Still, Chung opted to follow his own convictions, and in 1967, he founded the Hyundai Motor Company.

The company quickly established an alliance with one of the industry's oldest automakers, signing a two-year contract with Ford in 1968 to share assembly technology. Hyundai's first car, the Cortina, was created from that partnership. The manufacturer's first car to be built and designed in Korea was the compact Pony (although the car was based on Japanese technology courtesy of Mitsubishi). The vehicle made its debut in 1974, and the following year, Hyundai began exporting it to overseas markets.

Hyundai entered the U.S. market in 1986 with the introduction of its subcompact Excel. The car was an immediate hit, with its supreme affordability being a primary selling point; more than 100,000 Excels were sold stateside in the first seven months. By 1988, Hyundai had begun to produce cars using its own technology. The midsize Sonata was the first fruit borne of this endeavor.
First Generation
The vehicle was unveiled in South Korea in July, 1985. Engine choices include 1.8L or 2.0L engine. The body was based on the Hyundai Stellar.

Second Generation

The Y2 Sonata was part of Hyundai's expansion in North America after the success of the Excel. It was introduced in South Korea on June 1, 1987.[1] It was then introduced in Canada in September 1987 as a 1988 model, and in 1988, as a 1989 model in the United States. The exterior was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign. The vehicle received a mid-term facelift in 1992. It replaced the Stellar as Hyundai's large family car. Sonatas were built in Asan, Korea, and in Bromont, Quebec.

The Sonata was designed by Hyundai and featured Mitsubishi's engineering, including its 2.4 L 110 hp (82 kW) Sirius I4 engine as used in American-market models. A 3.0 L V6 based on the Mitsubishi 6G72 arrived in 1990. The U.S. model received the 2.0 L engine for the 1992, replacing the original 2.4 L engine.

Third Generation

The Y3 Sonata debuted in 1993, as a 1995 model. The base engine in most markets was a 2.0 L 126 hp (94 kW) Sirius I4, but there was a 3.0 L, 142 hp (106 kW) Mitsubishi V6 option in some markets. This generation continued after the demise of the Bromont, Quebec plant in September 1993. After that, all Sonatas would be built in Korea, until the opening of the Beijing Hyundai plant in December 2002.

A facelift for the Sonata (Y3 facelift) in 1996 saw modifications front and rear. Sales were up 25% that first year. The four-cylinder engine was up to 137 bhp (102 kW) that year as well.

Fourth generation

A new model arrived in 1998 (1999 for North America), launching the (EF) series. Engines were 2.4 L 138 hp (103 kW) Hyundai Sirius and a 2.5 L 170 hp (127 kW) Hyundai Delta V6. A special 10-year warranty was available.
Sonata EF
The 2002 model featured the all-aluminum, DOHC 2.7L Hyundai Delta V6 powered the Sonata with 173 bhp (129 kW). It also featured the same Sirius II 4 cylinder which at the time made 138 hp (111 kW), 157 ft·lbf (213 N·m) of torque. Sales reached 104,000 for 2004.

The Kia Optima (called the Magentis outside of the United States) was based on the same automobile platform of this generation of Sonata and shared the same doors and some other panels.

This Sonata also shared a platform with the first-generation Hyundai Santa Fe, a compact crossover SUV.
This generation of Sonata is still being built (since 2002) and sold in China as of September, 2006, by Beijing Hyundai Co. and in Russia by TagAZ.

Fifth Generation

The NF Sonata was launched in August 2004 in Korea, based on a new platform created from the project NF. The company's first all-aluminum I4 engine, dubbed Theta, debuted in the new Sonata. Engine choices at launch were a 2.4L I4 rated 164 bhp (122 kW)@5800rpm and a 3.3L V6 rated 237 bhp (177 kW) V6. The diesel version was used as a taxicab in Singapore. Diesel versions are available in Germany and New Zealand.

The U.S. May 2005 launch of the new Sonata coincided with the production commencement at the company's first U.S. assembly plant — in Montgomery, Alabama. Classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‎ as a large car, the fourth generation was 2 in (50.8 mm) longer and taller and 1 in (25.4 mm) wider than the previous generation. Standard features included anti-lock braking system/electronic stability control/traction control system as well as six airbags (driver/front passenger front and side, and side curtain).

Sonata Transform
The redesigned vehicle was unveiled at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show as a 2009 model year vehicle.The production version was sold as the Hyundai Sonata Transform in Korea, and the model debuted elsewhere as an 'early' 2009 model.

The styling was done primarily at HATCI (Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc) in Superior Township, MI.The redesign features revised engines, front fascia and grill, taillights (turn signals became red), headlights, wheel cover designs and an extensively revised IP (Instrument Panel). Hyundai adopted "slush molding,” a production technique that enables a much higher grade of texturing and shaping of the IP surface.

Sixth Generation

The YF models were originally developed in 2005, with a development cost of ₩450 billion (US$ 372 million*). Sales of the vehicle in South Korea began on 2 September 2009, before the production vehicle's South Korean launch.

The production South Korean model was unveiled in South Korea. Launch model engine choices include Theta II 2.0 MPI gasoline engine or Theta 2.0 LPI engine, with 6-speed automatic transmission. MSRPs were between ₩21.3 million to ₩25.95 million (US$17,600 to US$21,450).

From a Korean trash to the current Sonata , I think Hyundai has had a tough journey filled with criticisms and market failures . The bad news for the other car makers is that , they are here to stay !

PS : IF the thread seems irrelevant by the users,please request the mods to delete the thread.
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Honda acknowledges Hyundai....at last!-latest-sonata.jpg  

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Default Hope this is relevant

Another article where Hyundai has come 8th in the US quality survey, but only behind the Japanese and ahead of the Germans/Europeans. And Suzuki is at No. 13.

Asian carmakers shine in big US quality survey
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As most of you would know that I am a Hyundai Loyalist since a long time.

I also know the amount of Hyundai Bashing that goes on here

I try not to participate in such debates as the number of Hyundai Haters would outnumber the Hyundai Lovers.

But this said - I just quitely sit and watch the fun. I know this for a fact that Hyundai makes cars that are top notch in quality, their after sales are excellent and their cars are absolutely trouble free ( well almost ! )

I have owned a lot of cars in the past ( including Honda's, Toyota's & Maruti's )

Every single car has given me one problem or the other ( nothing major ! ) - be it spare parts issue, delay in giving the car back, expensive or overcharged spares, problems in the car, not easy to resell - these to name a few. I faced the least problems in Hyundai's cars.

In fact when I resell my car ( every 3-4 years ), the Hyundai is the one car which is easiest to sell and gets me maximum resale value. Everyone would agree that the resale of a vehicle is one of the most important things to be considered when buying a car. Although Honda City, Toyota Innova and most Maruti's also have excellent resale value.

Wait and watch the Hyundai Stall at Auto Expo this time. I am sure it will have a few surprises for all of us.

Hyundai has earned itself a very good reputation in India and is now doing so worldwide. No wonder Honda is sweating !
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Originally Posted by 1-Testosterone View Post
I think at the end of the day what matters is Highest Possible Quality at most competitive price. Whosoever does that, wins it all.
Latest Hyundai offerings prove that quality is affordable. It high time that Japanese stop resting on their laurels/brand image and bring in "Value for Money" factor in order to stay in hunt in next 5-10 years.
+1. Exactly! Brand image based cost can only exist for a few car makers, say BMW, Merc etc. Toyota and Honda are car makers for the mass. Yet they are posing as premium car makers. If Honda/Toyota really acknowledge Hyundai's success, then they should follow their success formula - quality at affordable price - vfm, to remain competitive.

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All I can say is, I'm happy to know I was on the verge of going anti-Hyundai at the end of the Accent's 9 years, but now that the i20 is finally with me, I have nothing to complain about !
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I have never owned or driven a Hyundai but it seems to have carved a place of pride for itself under the Rs 10 lakh category.
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This is the first thread in teambhp where in people are praising Hyundai!!!! I couldn't believe what I am reading!!!
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believe it or not
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honda around the world is just a honda, over here in india it is considered a premium brand, anywhere else it considered as just a honda, a college kids first ride will be a secondhand civic or accord, so they are not much difference in honda & hyundai to me, but are almost the same in built quality i feel, hyundai has upped the game bigtime, their quality is very similar to honda now..
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That is unfair to Honda.

The UK view would put them as a higher-end family car, whereas Hyundai is yet to really escape the "cheap Korean" stigma
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