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New Skoda Superb 2009 Breakdown. EDIT : Car being replaced by Skoda

Hi Folks

I am Rohit from Delhi . I had bought a black color, Skoda Superb from Arshia Motors, Faridabad, Haryana on 16th march 2009.

I have a feeling this whole lot was defective and they should recall these cars.

Skoda has given me a defective car.

Right since the day I have bought this car it has been giving me problems. The aircon has not been working right since day one.

The car went to the workshop 4 times before they changed some parts. But the AC is still not working properly.

The quality of the car sold in India is sub standard. The service levels are really poor. Within 6 months of my purchase of the Superb 2009 model, I have visited the service centre almost every month for one problem or the other.

On 11th September 2009, while going to the airport the gear box damaged and the car went out of control. I escaped a major accident as the car become non functional. I also missed the flight. I paid Rs.3000/- and had to get the car towed. No one from the Skoda helpline was available.

Later got to know that it was a mechatronic unit failure.

A correspondence from them –

From: "Agrawal, Shrivatsa " <>
Date: 16 September 2009 1:03:45 PM GMT+05:30
To: "Rohit Agarwal" <>
Cc: "Sudhir, Srinivas" <>, "Syed, Yaser" <>
Subject: RE: Bad decision of buying a superb

Dear Sir,

At the very outset we would like to thank you for patronizing our product and apologise for the inconvenience caused to your good selves due to concern in your vehicle.

Please be apprised that the control unit of gear box i.e. mechatronic unit needs to be replaced as the same has developed fault. Please note that the mechatronic unit is an intelligent part specific to particular car and needs to be procured from our parent company in Czech Republic. The same has been ordered and will take about two weeks in procurement.

You are requested to kindly bear with us till such time.

Look forward to your understanding and co-operation and assure you of our best services at all times.

Thanks and regards
S.K. Agrawal | After Sales
ŠKODA AUTO India Pvt. Ltd.
5th Floor, Tower ‘A’, Signature Towers, South City-1, NH-8, Gurgaon-122001. India | ?koda Auto - Homepage | ?koda Auto - Homepage

Got my car back on 1st October after 2 weeks of repair.

From 2nd October to 5th October I drove the car for 250 kms and realised that there is a problem in the gearbox, which was agreed to by their engineer. Sent the car back to their dealer workshop at Sai Automobiles on 5th October

Infact on 5th October they had refused to take my car and said that there is no problem. Only after I took the video and spoke with Mr. Agarwal that I will go to media. They accepeted my car and later agreed that there was a problem in the gear shift paddle.

They again opened up the job card and kept the car for review. I had even mailed Skoda a video clip of the problem.

On 12th October they came and dumped the car at my office.

The liar Karthik Ramesh has the audacity to send me the below mail.

Dear Mr.Rohit Agarwal,

Apropos to your concern with us, kindly be apprised that we take utmost care to ensure complete road worthiness of all our products and all our products are ARAI certified. The vehicle reported for the concern of a/c poor cooling/ ineffective twice i.e. first on 18th May 2009 and then on 16th June 2009, at both the occasions it was the refrigerant gas which was recycled and no major repair was carried out. It was ensured that the vehicle was performing with the specifications before delivery.

There after the vehicle reported on 12th Sept 2009 for the concern of gear shifting and problem was diagnosed with the faulty transmission control unit (mechatronics). The part being intelligent item, i.e. specific to a particular VIN, same needs to be procured from our parent company. To ensure complete mobility for your good selves and avoid any kind of inconvenience in want of vehicle we have arranged for a hired taxi from 18th September 2009 till the time your subject car was at the dealership.

Please appreciate the fact that to have your complete satisfaction on the product Mr.Santosh Kulkarni- Manager After Sales himself took a joint road trial along with your good selves and only then the car was delivered. We regret to bring to your kind notice that as per our warranty terms and conditions replacement of the vehicle will not be possible. However, we would like to assure your good selves that in case of any kind of future concern in your subject vehicle we will attend the same promptly in line with our warranty policy.

You are requested not to have any kind of apprehensions about the product and we look forward to your trust and understanding on the same.

Thanks & Regards,

This is a total lie. I did not take any joint road trial with anybody. They had dumped the vehicle on my doorstep. In fact after their delivery I found out that the headlamps were not working. Also there was a sound coming from the cabin.

They have now refused to accept my vehicle at both their dealers for rectification on 13th at Sai Automobiles. The same thing happened earlier on 5th October , but that time after threatening they took the car for service.

Fresh drama ensued today (15th October), when after repeated persuasion a couple of Skoda officials visited my residence.
They took my car for an hour, come back and say they will send me a detail email by today evening . They did not give any comment on the issue till now.

I lost my cool and I refused to take the keys back.

I have written to everybody possible in India and the Czech Republic. Nobody responds. The company officials are just too arrogant and unresponsive.

I feel I have lost my entire 20 lakhs. Skoda is taking the Indian customer for a ride. I think I made a wrong decision by buying the Skoda Superb. The car has not even run for 7500kms. It has not even done its first service.

What should I do? Any suggestions?
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I am not surprised Rohit. I am not surprised.
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Hope you have documented proof of all the workshop visits till date with you. I suggest you take this up with Consumer forums if Skoda doesnt respond with a proper resolution in couple of days.

I use to have great respect for this brand, sorry but now i think this company is really going to the pits! Its high time they clean up their act in Indian market or just move out instead of cheating poor customers!
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There is an uncanny similarity here:

I suspect that the march production batch as problematic. The problems seem to have existed from day one, I wish people refrain from taking delivery in such cases.

Can you please upload the video link via YouTube here for us to see?

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Originally Posted by Sahil View Post
There is an uncanny similarity here:

I suspect that the march production batch as problematic. The problems seem to have existed from day one, I wish people refrain from
taking delivery in such cases.

You are quite right Sahil. I thought so too. He has bought it from the same dealer as well.
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Which model is it? 1.8 TSi or 2.0 TDi?

The whole VW group's small TSi petrols with DSGs are problematic and premature transmission failures are a major cause of concern worldwide.
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This is very depressing! In other thread, hearing that Gagan got a new replaced superb was a relief. But now another notorious incident with Skoda! Better try approaching AutoCar and other media outlets for more publicity to this case! Very sad to see and do nothing when such automaker/dealers lose ethics and responsibilities! Hope you get some solution soon!
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Sorry to hear this Rohit.
However whoever is a member here for sometime wont be surprised reading this as forum is full of skoda car issues and the inefficiency of Skoda service people.

I believe as this is your first post you are a recent member and if you had read the forum earlier may not have made the mistake of buying it.

Kindly go through the link posted by Sahil. It will help you against Skoda.

Edit- And ya dont lose heart. Its your hard earned money so fight it out!

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So sorry to hear about this. I wish Skoda would grow up and replace defective cars rather than hiding and waiting for their cars to kill people.

@Sahil- Which batch did your car come from? Lucky you did not get this early batch. Have you had any kind of issues at all?
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Rohit-: I just hope that you had read all the threads going around here before you invested your money on a SKODA product. SKODA products are like SODA which loses its fizz soon as its opened. Then you are left with nothing but water.

I can't even say "HARD LUCK" to anyone who buys a Skoda.
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such a big car bought with hard earned money. Heart pains! What do we do! I would suggest we open a website dedicated to pouring in SKODA illness!
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We're thinking of buying a Superb (2.0 TDI) in the near future. It's really scary to read so many complaints (On a Skoda brand).

Is the 2.0 TDI in the Superb a Pump duse engine? I've been hearing that VW might discontinue that engine soon...

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Hi Rohit, welcome to the world of Skoda's cleverness, they are out to fool the Indian Customer.

The best part is we have the same common bunch of _ _ _ _ _ liars from Skoda, try and read my thread on the Fabia.

The replies are standard and all that is edited is the customers name and the model.

Ramesh Karthik, as what I understand has been hired is only due to his good conversational skills, that is the reason he thinks he is smart and the company is using him as a shield. He behaves as though is on the front desk of a 7 star hotel, from the silicon city.

This smart guy tells me that "the problem is of operational nature" and for his info the character Yogesh Vaidya who came to inspect my car cannot even shift gears, forget about he understanding the problems.

We are very strong on this and we will get these guys to their knees.

There is a very strong case of Gagananand from Delhi, whose car the company has replaced.
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Refer to Gagananand's thread. He had to pay a good amount unfortunately, but he managed to get his car replaced. I think Sahil has already linked the thread in his post. All the best.
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Originally Posted by krreddy View Post
We're thinking of buying a Superb (2.0 TDI) in the near future. It's really scary to read so many complaints (On a Skoda brand).
You should be! these are not just some minor hicups or complaints posted by some disgruntled joe, but real life (sometimes life threatening) experience. If i were you i would look at some other brand instead. Especially since Skoda has such brilliant dealership, service and customer service department.
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