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View Poll Results: Hyundai or Ford? Which has a better future in india and which is a better choice?
Hyundai 44 63.77%
Ford 25 36.23%
Voters: 69. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31st July 2005, 18:45   #46
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I voted for Ford.

I would say Hyundai might have a better future in India than Ford going by the sales numbers and service centers.

But for a better choice car, i would prefer Ford.
In the Mid segmant as compared to the Accent- Ikon rocks! I still find Ikon as one of the most responsive cars in the C segmant.

I think Ford might get many more models in India in the future and also they are definitely looking at price rationalization.
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Old 31st July 2005, 22:34   #47
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Thank you, but no thank you. As mentioned elsewhere, those posts are spreading on this site like an outbreak of the pox and its becoming rather difficult and painful to search this forum for other relevent posts.
Steer, You missed the point completely.
1) I only said, do not bring Fiat in this thread since it is off topic when the discussion is about Hyundai and Ford.
2) I am LEAST interested in creating another thread for such discussion, but I suggested it, so as to keep the discussion in this thread aligned with current topic.
3) Last but not the least, long before you got upset with Fiat threads, I had suggested to admin/mods (more than once) to keep only one thread for all Fiat related misc. posts. Since they have not done it, there must be good reason behind it.
The very fact that the mere mention of the word Fiat is the only reason you posted on this thread is a symptom of this blinkered approach.
I had to reply since bashing up Fiat in non-relevant topic does not make sense. I don't mind being called "person with blinkered approach" if that is what it amounts to.

Dont bother replying to this post - if you want to, start another thread quoting this reply.
I am not interested in spawning another thread to justify why I replied to your post.

Note for Mods: I apologize for straying off topic here, but it required a reply from my side. I am closing the discussion from my side, since it is going skew to the current topic.

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Old 31st July 2005, 22:48   #48
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i think that hyundai is and will do well but i can assure you that ford will do much better when THE FORD FOCUS is launched !!!!!
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Old 1st August 2005, 19:35   #49
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[quote=Steeroid]This one's a no-brainer. As things stand, Hyundai has a much better future in this country. They have a presence in almost every segment and plans for those segments that they dont have a presence in. They make good, reliable cars that give the buyer a bit of everything without being overwhelmingly biased towards one or the other (power/fuel economy). The build quality of their cars is excellent - they last quite a long time without a squeak or rattle.

Hyundai have also taken pains to launch contemporary models instead of palming off older models on us. They have also proactively improved upon their models instead of de-speccing them as other manufacturers have been known to do. The recent move to replace the Sonata with a newer model shows a distinct change from the mentality of others such as Skoda who continue to sell the old model and even plan to bring in the new model at a higher price point and sell it alongside.

They have also been singularly responsible for the introduction of common rail diesels - if the CRDi Accent hadnt been introduced by Hyundai we wouldnt have seen so many of the other manufacturers falling over themselves to try and bring this relatively new technology to India and it would still have remained in the realm of the E and S class Mercs.

To top it off, the Hyundai ownership experience is excellent. The customer is truly the king at a Hyundai outlet. I have had experiences with several manufacturers around the world, but the experience with Hyundai in India remains the best of them all. Today, I know I need a bigger car or SUV but I still have reservations about the kind of experience I will have with another manufacturer. If only the Tucson was better priced....

Ford, on the other hand have continued to rely on the Ikon, and even plan to bring the new Ikon at a higher price point after selling the same vehicle for over 7 years. They still make cars with an antiquated 1.8 litre diesel and till recently sold the Ikon with a petrol engine of similar vintage. They have preferred to de-spec and downgrade the cars they sell in an attempt to keep their marketshare, instead of improving on them. They make decent cars, but their future in India may not be so great if they continue in the same vein. They need to step up their act and bring in newer models. They should also stop disguising trucks as SUVs...[/QUOTE

I agree with you steeroid,Hyundai in India...all the way.Also,In the US,Hyundai was always laughed at until a poll proved that Sonata was the least problematic vehicle in it's class...What say Ford ??
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Old 1st August 2005, 19:55   #50
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well,it's hyundai which will do quality/overall model selection and dealer network,everything is much better than Ford India.

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Old 8th August 2005, 12:02   #51
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Its ford for the enthusiast and hyundai for the more sensible buyer. I buy from heart so I will but a mondeo or ikon anyday over hyundai.
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Old 12th October 2005, 05:48   #52
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Had a Santro for five years, 62000 km. Still had the original Bridgestones, with decent tread left. The service at Hyundai was always spot on - no surprise charges, delivery on time, and never had a speck of trouble with the car. It was so reliable, it was boring !

I also had a Ford Escort at the same time, and while I loved the car, Ford service in Goa at least, gave me the exact opposite experience as Hyundai. I cannot remember the number of times I returned the car , after it was delivered later than promised, because they had not bothered to do some job I had asked for. The bills were always approached with trepidation and almost always were more than the original estimate. This was the main reason I did not replace the Escort with another Ford.
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Old 12th October 2005, 11:21   #53
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Originally Posted by Buffetfan
Do you know that Santro holds the maximum value after 5 years in its segment....would it be so if it fell apart after of my friends has a 5 year 50k old santro and the only thing he has replaced is a rusty silencer...
mine was 1.1lac kms . no rust. mileage 14.5 with ac @ 70-80kmph on highway. mine was 3rd booking in trivandrum when it ws launched
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Old 12th October 2005, 12:39   #54
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have narrated my experiences with hyundai here and there on the forum, have owned a santro zip drive and the accent for quite a while and own a ford now.
dunno if i'll go with ford all the way, but never again will i willingly buy a hyundai, they are pure commuters and i need something that i can enjoy driving.

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Old 12th October 2005, 13:52   #55
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Originally Posted by varun_patra
i think that hyundai is and will do well but i can assure you that ford will do much better when THE FORD FOCUS is launched !!!!!
ford would definitely need more than one model to change all that perception.... on the other hand... hyundai have been building their customer base slowly (not so slowly) and steadily, which given ford's present state of just one bread winner in the family, and expecting more bread winners in the future... [which doesn't promise much]
from here on how much ever ford brings out newer models, hyundai would do one better, coz they already have a firm footing, unless they become complacent of their competitors (read - competitors purely, not the customers).
so i would just say, hyundai has a better overall performance figures, money speaks.... ain't it..

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Old 14th October 2005, 17:52   #56
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I have a Hyundai Santro and I must say it has been a gem of a car for 4 years now. The car never promised much oomph or power-but just good daily driving experience and reliability, and I must say it has delivered on both. Their ASS is good too-I have never had a problem with repairs or the quality of these repairs. The spares are readily available and they are not costly. I have been in accidents where the entire engine had to be remounted but that never burnt a hole my pocket.

But I am beginning to get second thoughts about Hyundai now. I am trying to buy a 1.6 L car and have finally narrowed down to Accent GLS and Ikon 1.6 zxi. I started off with being favorably inclined to Hyundai but was turned off big time by the dealers' attitude-one dealer told me they have only one GLE and no GLS available and if I test drive it-I will have to buy that one too! The other told me he will call me back and I am still waiting.

People from Ford on the other hand were service personified-I was told the test drive car could be sent to my home if I wanted, the delivery period is practically immediate. In general I am most impressed. Add to all of this the fact that Accent GLS has the same sort of features as a 1.6 ZXI but is about 1 L more expensive after all the discounts. Still working it out in my mind-seems like Ikon could be phased out soon, and that makes me worried. Also heard some scary stories about maintenance costs and low fuel efficiency.

If I were a first time buyer and didn't have issues with Ikon's longevity, I'd have gone for an Ikon right away. Hyundai deserve to be kicked out of the market for their attitude.

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Old 14th October 2005, 18:07   #57
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I'd choose the Ford cars but the Hyundai aftersales service and support.
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Old 15th October 2005, 06:09   #58
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i choose ford for the simple reason tht i have one and am pretty happy wid it.i choose hyundai as it has established itself as a very reputed manufacturer in india and has actually started eating off marutis sales which is no easy job for any manufacturer which came 15yrs later.also appreciate the fact that hyundai is treatingindian customers wid the same level of respect as in the other markets.they r following a good policy of keeping their car models updated and fresh.also they have positioned themselves in every segment and actually becoming the market leaders in many of them.look at the range and its astonishing how many models they have and they r planning to bring even more...santro,getz,accent,elantra,sonata,tuscon,te rracan and many more to come .even greater respect for hyundai when n if they launch the hyundai coupe.
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