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Old 27th April 2010, 10:14   #181
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Seems like a really good proposition at that speculated price. The diesel can be a winner.

How does this 1.6 diesel compare with Fiat's MJD engine in terms of technology? Is it a new engine or old one rehashed?
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FYI Vento is the original name given to the euro jetta 3. It was succeeded by the Bora (jetta 4) The Jetta name was still popular in US and sells the best there so they reverted to the Jetta globally since
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I have the Polo's global service guide and it shows 3 Tdi engines in the 1600cc range with power 55,66 and 77kW (74,88 and 103bhp). According to it, there is no 1.5 or 1.6 petrol. I find a 1.2L TSI with 103bhp and a 1.4L with 85bhp. There is a 1.2 Petrol with 59bhp and 68bhp.

So, the Vento might get bigger engines and IMHO, the 1.6 Tdi makes perfect sense and a 1.6 petrol from the Jetta would get the job done well. I somehow feel that the rear of the Vento lacks any flair. It looks like just any normal car.
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Old 27th April 2010, 11:23   #184
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Doesn't it feel like a mini Skoda Laura from the rear? (Although thats not necessarily a bad thing!)

IMHO, it feels somewhat old and dated compared to the hatch! Even the Indian version hatch in silver and other such colours look plain. (Red and black is another matter altogether!)

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The Vento looks good, the rear also looks proportionate IMO when compared to the DZire and the Manza. And the 1.6 oil burner if priced well would definitely work wonders for VW.
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Doesn't it feel like a mini Skoda Laura from the rear? (Although thats not necessarily a bad thing!)

Interesting.... but i dont think so. I think the rear headlights are the same as that of the polo hatchback. IMO its not a great looking car, its ok. It might not be as bad as the dzire/manza but its not even close to the ANHC or Linea. The only way I see this car doing well is if it gets the rumoured 1.6 lt diesel engine and top class interior quality.
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Old 29th April 2010, 13:54   #187
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Are the updates by Autocar accurate? The last I read about the 1.6 TDi (Common Rail) was 90 bhp. (before this news broke out).

I more or less like the looks of the car sans for the slightly straightforward rear. Although I believe that it will be well integrated. Frankly speaking, Euros don't believe in the 'stick up' job executed in DZire and Manza. Eg. 'Punto--> Linea' 'Golf --> Jetta' etc. What this car gives you is what, IMHO, no other car in the segment gives today. 'GOOD AND CONSISTENT QUALITY- INSIDE AND OUT'.

1) HONDA CITY- Decent build :Outside;Average Plastics: Inside (Actually the 'pre- beige' model had atrocious plastic s and texture. The smaller Jazz has better interiors)

2) FIAT LINEA- Great build : Outside; Average Plastics: Inside (My opinion: Better in quality than City sans for the fit and finish, which is horrible- thanks to TATA connection)

3) MARUTI SX4- Okaish build: Outside. Poor Quality: Inside.

4) FORD FIESTA: Decent build: Outside; Decent build: Inside.

5) HYUNDAI VERNA: Decent build outside; Poor Quality ( and even worse design): Inside.

Where is the word 'Quality' as used for this segment. 10 lakhs is a BIG amount!

Awaiting replies..
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Old 29th April 2010, 18:37   #188
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Somewhere somehow I have a feel that there is some link between VW and Ford. For example check the attached pic of Polo. The headlight switch is same as in Fiesta. Also mark the GC its 168 mm. Why on earth it is to be 168 - they cd have made 170 or 165 or whtsoever. (I have not seen 168 in any other indian car except Fiesta).

God knows who is copying whom.
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The Vento and the Etios is going to take the fight to the Dezire.At last we can have some options in the sedan market,all the attention was taken up in the hatchback scene.
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from my sources,sx4 would for now come in cng version only.
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For VW to get decent volumes on the Vento, they need to take on the Dzire and Manza - both of which are selling 7k+ every month head to head in terms of price and features. Which means VW would have to equip the Vento with stuff like Climate Control, Power everything - Steering, Locks, Windows, Mirrors, all lugged around by 2 very good engines (Petrol and Diesel) at almost the same price point as the Dzire/Manza - maybe 20-30k more at most.

If VW do manage to take the Dzire/Manza head on, then we have a fight on our hands. What is the likelihood of VW managing the impossible - pretty weak IMHO, considering the cost structure and desire to maintain VW brand superiority.
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Came across this news article stating July launch for Vento.

Source : New 2012 VW Polo / Vento sedan sketches surface

Article :

New design sketches of the 2012 Volkswagen Vento (aka Polo sedan) have surfaced on the web.

Essentially a Polo with a trunk instead of a hatch, the Vento will likely ride on a 50mm longer wheelbase (than the Polo). While this is a minor change, the additional length will allow for increased rear seat head and legroom.

Engine options will likely include a 1.2-liter TSI, a 1.6-liter TDI, and naturally-aspirated 1.2- and 1.4-liter units. They will be backed up by a five-speed manual, a six-speed manual, and a 7-speed DSG.

The Vento will go on sale in India in July, so expect an unveiling shortly.
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Vento will be priced at Rs 9-10 lakh

VW Vento a Honda City rival

Pricing of the sedan is being kept under wraps by the company. However, industry sources say the Vento will be priced at Rs 9-10 lakh. Prices of the Honda City start at Rs 8.59 lakh for the base variant, with the fully loaded automatic variant costing Rs 11.04 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai).
“Volkswagen has clearly targeted the City segment as there is least competition there, with the Honda car managing to gain the maximum from this void. The drive, handling, interiors and exteriors of the Vento have been developed keeping in mind the City,” said the source.
If this costs the same as city, why would someone buy the Vento over the proven City? beats me...

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Originally Posted by smartindboy View Post
If this costs the same as city, why would someone buy the Vento over the proven City? beats me...
If this costs the same as the City, why would anyone buy the antiquated City over the new Vento?

Different people want different things, and some may prefer one, and some the other. Let the Vento become available, and the picture will become clearer once we get GTO's review.
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Old 5th May 2010, 11:21   #195
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Originally Posted by johnjacob View Post
Different people want different things, and some may prefer one, and some the other.
I didn't mean no one buys Venta, all I am saying is this would not a groundbreaking success, if it is priced the same as City. (Not sure if it can sell better than Linea either...)

I am closing following this thread as I am waiting for the release of Vento (and new Fiesta's release which is not going to be in the near future :-( ).

If there is no price difference, I would put my money on City.
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