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The look of the car, in its entirety is disappointing. The design is Old-fashioned (reminds of the Lancer/Baleno of the late 90's). I feel VW is trying hard to help its pathetic Jetta keep in competition from its own Vento...Jetta is for sure the most pathetic car in Indian market, hugely overpriced & underpowered.

Sure, the Vento is better than Manza & DZire, but it is nowhere near the elegance & contemporary styling done by Fiat for the Linea (which doesn't give you a clue that it is coming from Punto platform - such is its design). IMHO, it is a competitor for the Dzires, Fiestas, Vernas & the Manzas. But ANHC is in a different league altogether, whatever parameters you may put in: Engine/Style/Resale/AT...(except the high price). And I believe Linea, with its upcoming TJet engine makes a stronger claim in its fight with ANHC. The only hope for VW is to bring in an Diesel AT option, load it with features and price it less than ANHC & bank on the customers in India to accept the VW logo as a cult!
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I guess the brand image may help as people tend to be pretty emotional while buying cars, especially 10L cars. We can see it happening in India all the time as Honda continues to sell its over priced City and do well. VW being German and being the parent of another luxury brand in India 'Skoda', will not find too much of a problem in acquiring brand appeal. The service part may however be a little dicey and so would the overall maintenance cost where it may have a tough time in beating the Japs or the Koreans.
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I think there will be certain amount of uncertainty about the VW brand. It might get to build it over time. Just being German might not do it.

I would like if VW thinks the Honda way in pricing Vento where it would be close to Polos price. Just like Jazz and City are close.
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Please hold the prejudiced opinions

I see a lot of PREJUDICED opinions here, which is disappointing. In India (and mostly around the world), there are two clear stables.

1) EURO Supporters: Regard German engineering supreme and for them VW stand for 'quality'. Mostly follow VW (Audi,BMW and Merc are Luxury so out of reach for most). FIAT is mostly an 'emotional' buy. RENAULT etc. don't command any kind of following in India.

I think that Euros have the best 'quality' cars (compare build quality of Passat and Camry to feel the difference). But what about their 'bland' styling and overpriced values!

2) JAP Supporters: Harp for Jap reliability and now 'style' too. Honda is life for these guys. Toyota is bigger more reliable but also 'boring'.

I agree with the reliability part but am not so sure about 'quality' content. Some cars like CIVIC reek of quality but others are so-so. Is ANHC interiors really that good; I think even the Jazz has better interiors.Also, since when did Honda become a luxury brand to command a premium??

I guess all I want to say is that lets treat cars on what they are and not for the brand they carry. That does not mean brand is not important ( Sonata transform is decent car not selling because Hyundai for luxury car= Cheapo!) but lets not deviate from the crux: THE CAR!
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Originally Posted by crackingride View Post
Russia prices listed at USD 12,800 (i guess for base versions) which works out to 5.96 Lakhs.
What are we going to get it at, given our hatch itself tops out at around 8 in some parts of the country??

At the end of the day, this is still an obsolete engine that is getting pensioned off in all other markets except for our developing ones. Assume this engine does duty for another 5-7 years, and it will be badly out of syn with contemporary offerings by then, especially since VW ALREADY have a 1.2 that gives the same power as this lump!!

Again, we are treated like ignorant dolts (the press release for India says the car was designed for India; the Russians are told it was designed for them), and are expected to pay a premium as a result.
Just to add to this, the Russians themselves are asking (** based on translated documents) how the sedan is priced under the current hatch.

Good question, and a lot of it is cost cutting. They complain of cheap brand tyres for example.

In the basic configuration, there seems to be no radio, no ABS, no carpeting in the cabin, no "protection" of the crankcase, and in contrast to the Dunlop tyres installed on the hatchback, the sedan comes with cheap Kama Euro tires.

You will get, however, a 1.6-liter engine producing 105 horsepower and two transmissions to choose from : 5-step manual or 6-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. Trunk volume in the sedan is 460 liters, compared with the hatchback's 280 liters. The increase is due to the extended wheelbase.

A "starter kit" for some additional money includes 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps, two airbags, 3 rear headrests, power windows on all doors, driver's seat with adjustable height, steering wheel, one-piece folding rear seat back, a trip computer, 4 speakers and immobilizer.

The Comfortline variant gets 15 inch steel wheels, ABS, heated front seats, split rear seat, metallic colours additionally.

The Highline variant will get alloy wheels, foglights, air conditioning, radio with MP3, center armrest, automatic windows and higher-quality cloth upholstery.

ONLY IF YOU BUY A PREMIUM PACKAGE (available for the Highline variant only) that you get the leather steering wheel with audio control buttons, climate control, additional airbags, rear parking sensors and USB-in for audio. (** based on translated documentation)

So, let's see with what clothes the "specially designed for India" Vento shows up to the party with here, and at what price.
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@crackingride - That is only for the Russian market. European and Indian models will definitely be better equipped.
The Press Release says that it will cost updards of Euros 10,000 (Rs 5.8 lakhs at today's exchange rate). So expect it to be max of a lakh more than the hatchback.
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Looks like the Polo got Dzired or Indigoed . Well I wish they would change the front grille a bit to make it look different from a Polo at least. All said and done it is a Polo with a boot attached.
Well clean lines yes and way better looking than the plain looking Jetta.
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Volkswagen to launch new sedan Vento in Autumn 2010

This news item came in ET about a few hours ago. A pleasant surprise is that they will also launch the Automatic. ET says it is in the petrol version while BSM says it's in both petrol and diesel.

Further BSM says the Petrol will be the same as in the Jetta and Diesel will be 1.4 liter.

Links below:

Volkswagen to launch new sedan Vento in Autumn 2010-Automobiles-Auto-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

Volkswagen Vento revealed!

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I like what I see. Now if only VW kits it out properly (airbags, ABS, climate control, power windows, locks, alloys are top of my list) and prices it sensibly (read 10 L OTR blr for the Diesel), count me in as a buyer in December 10/Jan 11.
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Originally Posted by prashanthyr View Post
I like what I see. Now if only VW kits it out properly (airbags, ABS, climate control, power windows, locks, alloys are top of my list) and prices it sensibly (read 10 L OTR blr for the Diesel), count me in as a buyer in December 10/Jan 11.
That is never gonna happen pal. The highline polo diesel costs around 7.5 lacs or more. IMO the highline vento diesel would cost somewhere btw the 11 - 12 lacs region.
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Quite honestly, I like the looks of the Vento sedan!

From their official press release:
Name:  Volkswagen Vento Final.JPG
Views: 3521
Size:  224.7 KB

Mumbai, June 3, 2010 – Volkswagen, today announced that it will launch its all new Sedan, the New Vento in the Indian market in autumn this year.
It will be the brand’s second volume model after its successful launch of the new Polo and will be coming as a premium entry level Sedan in the country.

The New Vento will be manufactured at Volkswagen’s plant in Chakan, Pune and has been completely designed to the needs and expectations of the Indian consumer.

The New Vento will be available in diesel and petrol variants, both which will be powered by 1.6 L engines and will be available in manual and automatic (petrol version with AT) transmissions in the market.

Its timeless, pure and authentic design clubbed with the quality engineering, sturdiness and driving dynamics which is a characteristic of the Brand Volkswagen will set a benchmark in its class.

Commenting on the New Volkswagen Vento, Mr. Neeraj Garg, Member of Board and Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. said “The new Vento is a major milestone for the Volkswagen Brand in India. We have taken into consideration all the preferences and requirements of our customers in India for this vehicle. It will meet the premium demands of our future customers.”

Volkswagen has ensured that the New Vento is equipped with features like excellent suspension to provide great drivability on Indian roads, strong air conditioning to take care of extreme Indian weather, convenient legroom including comfortable rear seats, high ground clearance, safety features like Anti Braking Systems (ABS) and airbags and even a strong horn, necessary for safe driving in India.

The New Vento will be the seventh model from the Brand Volkswagen for the Indian market.
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Looks brilliant! Love the lines on this car. Interiors as expected are very upmarket and better than most cars in the segment. If VW prices the petrol in the 7-9L bracket, expect even longer waiting lists than the Polo
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This one is the last wake up call for Honda!!
Looks great!! I'm already in love with 'Vento'. By the way what does 'vento' means?
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It means wind in italian.
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I Love the clean proportionate looks of the Vento. VW please give us an AT with diesel too.
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