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Originally Posted by vasudeva View Post
Even if you expand the definition of manufacturers to include all vehicles (incl. two wheelers, commercial vehicles), this seems unlikely. Consider this, Suzuki's car sales at 2 million in 2008, Tata's at 238,000. Huge difference between those figs and >5 million for the top 5 makers. To achieve those figs seems impossible, and to get into the top 5 would also assume that the others will just stand by and watch the show.

The two makers mentioned-Suzuki and Tata, not likely. What the thread ignored was Hyundai/Kia which is already the sixth largest.

Bottomline: the article was written by a headline seeking journo.
Is Hyundai/Kia an Indian company?
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Originally Posted by ivar1951 View Post
Is Hyundai/Kia an Indian company?
But Suzuki is also not an Indian Company.

As you mentioned Tata and Suzuki. I think Vasudeva replied in that context only that Hyundai/Kia is at 6 (or may be 4th) position in the world.

And I think Vasudeva mentioned to depict how fast auto markets are changing worldwide and many people from Indian automobile scene would not have expected to see Hyundai in the top 5.

Although I feel that within 5 to 10 years India will be a major automobile hub and every 5th car in the world may be coming out of India irrespective of the brand.

As it felt to good to hear that Honda city in Singapore is coming from India instead of Thailand.

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Well said smooth more than ownership and origin things are changing very fast in the world Hyundai is # 4 , Big 3 are unrecognizable it is tough to say what will happen after 5 years . One may see Fiat - Tata - Chrysler alliance thru cross holding emerge on top sooner than later
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Maruti Suzuki isn't really an Indian company - it's the Indian-only subsidiary of Suzuki, which is already a global manufacturer.
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global manufacturer would include commercial as well as passenger vehicles?
and seeing the rate at which tatas are acquiring other companies i think it will be tata. already its 7th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.
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I would not classify Maruti-Suzuki as India nor people's suggestion of Hyundai. These two companies operate in India with respective partners but are essentially based in different countries.

That would leave us only with
1. Tata Motors
2. Mahindra and Mahindra
3. Bajaj
4. Hindustan Motors, et al

And of the lot, i would bet my best buck on Tata Motors to be the most probable considering it is already a major player in commercial vehicles and with Nano, it is most likely to reach the top in coming years.

But why so much fuss about someone's forecast few years in future.
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I doubt if Suzuki would be an independent company 10 years down the line. It will most probably be assimilated by the VW empire.
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Default Re: Tata Motors or Maruti Suzuki -- Which will be in 1st five of global manufactuers?

Reviving an old thread - See how India sales puts Suzuki on the global map,

Tata Motors or Maruti Suzuki -- Which will be in 1st five of global manufactuers?-1.jpg
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Default Re: Tata Motors or Maruti Suzuki -- Which will be in 1st five of global manufactuers?

Wow. Didn't expect to see this.

But the answer to the original 2009 thread title is "NONE".

No Indian manufacturer made the top 5, nor top 10 and in neither 5 nor 10 years.

Suzuki is Jap. Yes Indian sales contributed significantly to number count.

By value the difference would be magnified a lot more.

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Default Re: Tata Motors or Maruti Suzuki -- Which will be in 1st five of global manufactuers?

None. It was an impossible target to achieve anyway.

Having said that, both Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki have made giant strides in the past 10 years. That needs to be recognised and appreciated.

Tata Motors has been consistently improving their quality and brand perception. Compare the products offered in 2009 and 2019. HUGE difference.

Maruti Suzuki has cemented their numero uno position in India and basically no one even talks about taking the fight to their doorsteps any more. And their product refresh cycles have shortened. Compare the number of generation changes the Dzire and it's competitors went through.

BUT I don't know see either of them becoming a global automaker in terms of volumes.
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