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Audi : Wow!! superb all round cars

BMW : Fast & Furious

Chevrolet : Lost identity

Fiat : Fun cars, but bad service

Ford : Never bothored, doesn't appeal with looks and the after service.

HM : Is it there?

Honda : Aerogance

Hyundai : VFM

Mahindra: Poor quality

Maruti : Made for Indian, reliable with great resale

Mercedes : Used for Show off in Indian market

Mitsubishi : BMW of Middle class

Nissan : Best looking cars

Skoda : Solid cars, but horror these days

Tata : Only think of Tata INDICA CAB

Toyota : Good cars, definetly better than Honda
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Below are my perceptions on the brands.

Audi : The one which gives engines to skoda.

BMW : Driver's car.

Chevrolet : has the best ride quality

Fiat :Makes great cars and gives no support

Ford :Makes some great driver's car. But bad After Sales and high cost of spares

HM :License Raj remnant

Honda :Makes great engines and gearboxes. Then build a car around it.

Hyundai :VFM. The company that makes Sandro.

Mahindra: Makes very tough and reliable vehicles with little handling

Maini :Who are they?

Maruti : Makes the most practical vehicles at affordable prices. Excellent management and you cant go wrong with a maruti.

Mercedes :Bade Saab ki Gaadi.

Mitsubishi :Racing brand made terrible by HM

Nissan : Makes great cars which are not sold in India. Keeps ultra low profile

Skoda : Makes car over Audi and Volkswagen parts and cares a hoot for the customer.

Tata : The most promising car manufacturer which is headed by an enthusiast.

Toyota :Makes the most reliable cars. But a bit boring though.
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Audi : Status, Reliability

BMW : Performance, Status value

Chevrolet : Good After sales committment

Fiat : Strongly Built, Excellent Engines, Poor After sales, Cheap Plastic Interiors

Honda : RELIABILITY, Prestige

Hyundai : Good cars, Excellent After sales service, Reliable

Maruti : Aam Aadmi ki car, Excellent ***, Totally Reliable, Poorly built with cheap plastics.

Mercedes : Status Symbol

Tata : Strongly Built, Reliable, Negative After Sales
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Audi : Good designed cars

BMW : Enjoy sitting behind,when some one drives..

Chevy : good Interiors, low resale value

Fiat : Great cars, trying to come back in Indian market

Ford : Driver's car. Poor mans merc. Understand *** now improving

HM : Nowhere in the competition

Honda : Strong cars - but overpriced.

Hyundai : Good cars- trying to be in competition always.

Maruti : Indian's car, VFM, Good service - too many models?

Mercedes : Rich men's car - ophasticated car - Good for corporate Heads.

Skoda : Nice car always - but failing to solve customer complaints?

Tata : Another Indian's Car - VFM - coming with new models and
giving a very tight competition..

Toyota : Stylish car - making so many cars worldwide

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Audi : Well made but low on brand image in the Indian Market Exception being the Q7. Low visibility on roads & advertisements further keeps the buyer away. But I love the A4 3.0 diesel.

BMW : Well made driver's cars. Good warranty. Good quality too, but no spare tyre in some models is just apalling, at least a space saver is a must on our roads.

Chevrolet : Older models were thorough Korean but Newer models like Cruze & the new small car Beat promise a much better future for this manufacturer in our market

Fiat :Okay sorts. Current engines are not too much fun, neither is the ill fitting interior quality or the okay kinda service from Tata dealerships. But I am yet to see a Fiat car with a small turning radius besides the 500.

Ford : Suspension is weak (personal expirence from both Ikon & Fiesta) & they need to work on those brakes & some After sales too.

HM : Would love to see the HM renamed to Hamara Mitsubishi , or it should just shut shop as without any proper new models or decent support from Mitsubishi, they are as good as dead in the indian car market. Nowadays even Babus & politicos even don't like the Amby.

Honda : Great Cars, Very good engines, everything besides the engine in the cars are comparatively low tech . Decent after sales but going downhill.
Need them to be more VFM esp. Interior equipment wise and Tire width wise too. I find all Honda cars in India are Under Tyred.

Hyundai :Good brand to own, Great After Sales, Good Warranty. But Unlike the small car segment, where Hyundai excels, they cant Sell any of their products like Sonata or Elantra unless they price it below their japanese competition . Plus no premium car image like Honda.

Mahindra: No Idea. Did not like the scorpio or the Xylo.

Maini :Reva is a Joke , waiting for some future models , they seem to be very promising.

Maruti : Great Small cars, Economical, Very very good after sales & warranty, esp. given the sales volume. but they can't sell any premium car like Vitara due to their small car legacy. Period.

Mercedes :Expensive! And even more over the top Spares Price list. Prefer BMW any day.

Mitsubishi :Please come to India directly.

Nissan : Need to get more dealers, lower the very high cost of spares. Have driven both the earlier Teana & X-trail. both are amazingly good vehicles .

Skoda :After owning Octavia for 5 years since 2002-2007, I do not reccomend Skoda to any one.

Tata :Has Come a looong way since it made the Sierra. I test drove the manza & was very impressed to say the least. But they need to improve their dealer's Chalta Hai Attitude & need to focus away from the taxi Segment.

Toyota :Ultra Reliable cars, Tinny Build quality but very robust cars, Perfectly suit our Roads, Great warranty & Service but they need more dealers very very badly as dealerships are always crowded with Innovas waiting for service & it takes upto 4 days waiting to get a service appointment.

VW :Passat is good, Jetta is expensive for what is same as Laura. But if they are able to cope up with their small car plans , remains to be seen.

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Originally Posted by Guna View Post
@GTO, I really suspect if 'Look' is one of the topmost deciding factors. I think it is 'utility' along with perception and price. Look at the success of Santro (pre Xing) and the Wagon-R to some extent (.. and now Xylo).
Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I am quoting some emminent market research dudes. And I agree with them.

Of course, looks is not the only criteria; other factors also count (sales of the Dzire, NHC, Santro are proof enough). But for a majority of the Indian market, its perception + Looks + price. FE, trust in brand, low cost of ownership etc. all make up the perception factor. Truth is, some cars that the market considers as the most fuel efficient aren't actually so.

Originally Posted by gomzi View Post
Wow! fantastic thread, GTO.

Perception is reality.
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Default To add to what GTO said...

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
BMW : D-R-I-V-E, youthful, 5 year maintenance packages, sport + luxury combo, quirky styling
YOU think they're quirky

Hyundai : A+ interior quality, VFM, long feature list, excellent after sales, great small cars
Surely not all of them? Infact, hardly any according to me (ex/owner of three different Hyundais).

Maruti : VFM, all-rounded albeit cheap cars, excellent after-sales, can't go wrong, brilliant management
...aur average achcha deta hai.

Tata : VFM, diesels, spacious, average quality
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Brands keep changing (my perception of Tata /Chevy has changed significantly in last few years). That said here's my take:

BMW : sport, luxury,style

Chevrolet : expensive spares/A.S.S, great diesels, poor resale

Fiat :build quality, tough, good handlers, underpowered engines (except Palio 1.6)

Ford : performance(petrols), handling , expensive spares/A.S.S, unreliable

HM : outdated

Honda : performance, reliability, looks, FE, overpriced

Hyundai : reliability, performance diesels, bad handlers, overpriced

Mahindra: rugged, SUV, Indian

Maruti : poor brand value, age old cars, rattles

Mercedes : comfort and luxury, costly to maintain, unreliable over the years

Mitsubishi : FTD cars, but relatively low performance engines, Dead brand value , poor resale

Skoda : expensive spares/A.S.S, unreliable, bad dealers, poorly managed brand

Tata : VFM, niggles, space, diesels

Toyota : Solid, no nonsense brand, great service, best quality for the price

VW : lethargic!

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NOTE-: Opinion given below is generally what I hear from my family, relatives and friends who aren't enthusiasts. I'm giving a general perception in Kerala.

Audi : Whats it famous for? Is it as good as Mercedes

BMW : Mercedes Competitor. For youngsters. Its sporty

Chevrolet : Spark is good. Tavera is Taxi. Aveo and Optra has no resale. Keep Away

Fiat : No spares. Good cars and strong build. No resale.

Ford : Expensive car and spares. Wonderful mileage on diesel

HM : Is it still there?

Honda : Status Symbol (for Upper middle class). Reliable. Good mileage. Very comfortable

Hyundai : Nice quality small cars. Good service. Second to Maruti in everything

Mahindra: Jeeps, Jeeps, Jeeps. Scorpio is handsome but for goons

Maini : WHAT IS THAT??

Maruti : THE BEST. It'll never let you down.

Mercedes : The ultimate status symbol. If you own a Merc, everyone respects you.

Mitsubishi : Lancer was good. Pajero looks Macho. Are they still in India

Skoda : Status symbol. Octavia is very good. Bit expensive.

Tata : Cheap cars with very bad quality. Always in workshop. But very comfortable. Best for Taxi

Toyota : Superb cars and very reliable. Never has to see the service station.

VW : Quirky looking cars. Skoda is better.

I do find a lot of opinions wierd, but I've given it here for T-bhpians to know the perceptions of a common man.
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Plain ugly, quirky or mediocre looks combined with space and fuel efficiency are the main factors that motivate sales of cars in India. The mass market doesn't like flashy or conspicuous. The Indica could have been designed as a smaller version of the Golf or SEAT Ibiza. Alas, not so. TATA Motors has studied the market well. Ditto, Hyundai. As for the wealthy , their purchases are motivated by the price paid combined with status symbolism which is amplified by statements like "he paid 80lacs for this car" etc., for example. Most of the convertibles imported by luxury car dealers are picking up dust at their lots and what sells are the status symbol sedans. This is the state of the Indian car market dominated by a sea of dreary little econoboxes and ludicrously overpriced status symbol sedans driven by chauffers.

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Audi : Why

BMW : A Drivers car,

Chevrolet : Average cars, zero brand image, nothing noteworthy

Fiat : Underachiever

Ford : Average, nothing remarkable, decent build quality

HM : Dinosaur

Honda : Reliable

Hyundai : Good value

Mahindra : Rustic

Maruti : Cheap interiors and build, generic, vfm

Mercedes : Elegant, old school, quiet refinement

Mitsubishi : Outdated, not a player

Nissan : Quirky designs in India so far, not mainstream

Skoda : Solidly built, arrogant

Tata : Stagnant, tired, not exciting

Toyota : Reliable but boring, lacks excitement

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Maruti: VFM, reliable, solid service network, rattle boxes, cheap interiors.
Volvo: Total safety, simple looks, average performance.
BMW: Driving pleasure, brand, looks.
Merc: Engineering, brand.
Tata: Indicabs, tilted wheels.
Toyota: Should-own-one , reliability.
Skoda: Build quality, bad service.
Honda: Futuristic design, reliability, refinement.
Fiat: Try hard in 2nd inning, Italian looks.
Ford: Typical american
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Chevrolet : Outdated, cheap, uninspiring.
Fiat : Built like a tank and moves like a tank! Great handling, killer looks, good diesel engines.
Ford : Great to drive, expensive to maintain.
Honda : Overpriced, high brand value than it deserves.
Hyundai : Koreans still cannot make good cars. Dull, boring, noisy diesel.
Mahindra: Built tough and even more tough to drive.
Maruti : Cramped, cheap, unsafe, “definitely female” kind of stuff.
Mercedes : Expensive, robust, good engineering, refined, classy, rich.

Mitsubishi : Sporty, fast, love to own one.

Skoda : Safe to drive, worst after sales service, high quality interiors, well equipped.
Tata : Frugal, bad resale value, reliability issues, no class, cheap.
Toyota : Reliable, good resale value, build quality, average looking.
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Maruti: Hero Honda of Cars!
Tata: Inspired indian. VFM to the core
Mahindra: Somebody that should build a passenger car
Marcedes: For the corporate honchos!
BMW: Luxurious sporty sedan
Honda: Reliable at a price
Fiat: Beautiful. Period.

And I think everybody forgot about this:

Porsche: Fast, Super cool!

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Audi : Third in the top 3 luxury brands in India

BMW : Second in the top 3 luxury brands in India, adds a sports angle to luxury

Chevrolet : Stay away brand so far, but steadily making progress.

Fiat : Brand in the Damage recovery mode. Any car with Fiat DDIS engine (Swift, Dzire..etc ) sells like hot cakes, except Fiat cars themselves.

Ford : VFM cars, very conservative designs, not many options in their portfolio

HM/Mitsubishi : : Lancer was their Magnum opus, Can't understand how it can sell a decade+ old Pajero and their latest technology SUV Outlander at the same price. Absolutely Stay away.

Honda : Good petrol cars, come at a premium. Until Petrol and diesel prices are same, I will not consider a petrol car, so no Honda for me.

Hyundai : Wide range of cars under their stable. Now here is a brand which has a potential to be Maruti beater.

Mahindra: Rock is not the word. Inconsistent build quality.

Maini : Makes expensive Toy electric cars, can do a better job.

Maruti : #1, Excellent resale. shoddy build quality, cars age fast with rattles and niggles. Cannot not come up with a indigenious built Efficient Diesel engine.

Mercedes :#1 in Luxury.

Nissan : Quirky design (Xtrail), Competent diesel engines, No proper sales network, poor resale value, atrocious pricing

Skoda : Sexy looking cars, built like a tank, very competent engine ranges, poor A.S.S

Tata : Our country's biggest indigenious car manufacturer, VFM cars, more car per car. Big on space, FE. Poor build quality and A.S.S

Toyota : Quality revolution, cars outlive the owner, most of their models are super hit.

VW : Toureg, jetta ......nah ! not good enough commitment.
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