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Audi : Powerful Engines, young and appealing design, good VFM (A6, A8,etc.), new 'snob' brand, the brand for those who find Mercs too boring and BMWs too exciting, suspect reliability, 'special feeling'.

BMW : Fun to drive, good snob value, good reliability, harsh ride, good VFM, YOUNG brand! 'special feeling'.

Chevrolet : Good cars, poor snob value, reliable, too many price revisions to keep track of, competent, poor A.S.S., cost cutting.

Fiat : heart over head buy, good ride and handling, fun to drive, good lookers, ok-ok plastic quality, poor A.S.S, 'special feeling'.

Ford : Good build quality, TOUGH, fun to drive, ok A.S.S., reliable, 'special feeling'

HM : Outdated cars, lost potential, poor A.S.S, easy to maintain, poor reliability

Honda : Outstanding reliability, decently fun to drive, low maintainance, 'special feeling' on some cars, most innovative.

Hyundai : good interiors, reliable, unsettled ride and handling, not a pocket rocket, expensive to buy,low maintainance

Maruti : suspect quality, good A.S.S.

Mercedes : Poor reliability, comfortable, SNOB car, not exciting, superb A.S.S.

Mitsubishi : Poor A.S.S., old models, fun to drive, reliable vehicles, 'special feeling'.

Skoda : Poor A.S.S., superb engines, fun to drive, expensive to maintain, fully loaded.

Tata : Amazing VFM, improving quality, outstanding space, good ride and handling, Poor A.S.S.

Toyota : Amazing A.S.S, good reliability, boring to drive, tough.

Whatever I have mentioned here are according to my experience with a particular brand.
Special feeling - refers to the feeling I get when I drive a vehicle of that particular brand. Like I never want to part with that car, etc. You'll know what I mean.
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Audi : Alternative to BMW.

BMW : Sportier, driver's car. Would love to drive if can afford it.

Chevrolet : VFM Cars, but!!!

Fiat : Good cars specially new ones. Service quality leaves a question mark in mind?

Ford : Good engines, but model line up has become old. Needs to introduce newer models.

HM : For Government babus

Honda : All rounder, bit overpriced.

Hyundai : VFM cars in A & B segment, service is good. Quality is catching up.

Mahindra: Good in SUV/MUV.

Maruti : King of small cars. Knows the pulse of average India buyer.

Mercedes : Car for being driven into work, in the comfort of back seat. Three point star is somewhat symbol for power.

Mitsubishi : Cars with good engine, but with avg. marketing.

Nissan : Too small presence in India

Skoda : Good VFM cars above 10 lakhs. But after reading T-Bhp stoires, it seems they are getting carried away with brand value.

Tata : Good diesel cars. Must impove fit + finish and service quality. With Manza Tata is moving in right direction.

Toyota : No hassels. Quality and relaibility.

VW : Started with wrong line-up. Case of too late to react to Indian market demand.
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Tata: work horse, solid, 'not the prettiest', reliable mechanicals

HM: Heart of the indian government

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Audi : Great looking cars. good diesels, and i love tat A4

BMW : Driver oriented. Powerful diesels and good image

Chevrolet :

Fiat : Good Build, bad A**

Ford : Good looking cars, Sporty, High on maintenance.

HM : Wish they made an all new amby,

Honda : Reliable, but takes Indian market for granted as no diesels and very pricey

Hyundai : inexpensive, easy to maintain

Mahindra: Rugged,

Maini : I hate them for the design of the Reva, if its going to be so pricey, atleast make it better looking

Maruti : Dependable, cheap to maintain, Fuel efficient

Mercedes : Classy, good looking but boring cars

Mitsubishi : Ruined a great following they had

Nissan :--

Skoda : Good cars, bad A**

Tata : VFM, not good image (except for safari), diesels, inexpensive

Toyota : Relaible,

VW : Boring cars, very expensive
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I am following GTOs advice, posting without reading other posts

Fiat : Loaded, VFM, Stylish, pedigree

Ford : Amazing handling

Honda : Very high premium, fooling customers with their perceived brand value. very low depreciation

Hyundai : nice small cars, not a high value brand

Mahindra: ugly (now), solid-built, reliable, fully-loaded

Skoda : Amazing build and feel. Disgusting after sales

Toyota : Reliable, amazing A.S.S
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Audi : The underdog in the category

BMW : Fast, Young

Chevrolet : Cheap,No image

Fiat : The company trying the hardest to please

Ford : Plain Jane

HM : You never die twice

Honda : Reliable, Good resale value

Hyundai : Strong in the Small car segment, copy cat designs.Korean

Mahindra: Ride it to the himalayas, but dont expect to be seated in one place

Maini : Nice thot, but crappy design

Maruti : King of marketing

Mercedes : Car to arrive in in India

Mitsubishi : We will get there eventually.

Skoda : Will make you a millionaire , if you are a billionaire

Tata : With an eye on the customer.

Toyota : Mr. Dependable.
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Originally Posted by safari_lover View Post
Porsche: Fast, Super cool!
Intentionally left out, alongwith Jaguar, Land Rover and Rolls Royce as they are niche brands having very selective sales. The mass market really doesn't have a perception of them.
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Chevrolet : Great pricing

Fiat : Good engines, poor after sales, low mileage

Ford : Powerful engines, poor interior quality

HM : Old fashioned

Honda : Good overall quality vehicles

Hyundai : Good interiors, care for detail

Mahindra: Rugged

Maruti : Value for money

Tata : Poor quality

Toyota : Reliability, high quality vehicles
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Audi : Quattro. Audi has a great brand value for me

BMW : Sporty, fast and luxurious. Has better cars than Merc these days.

Chevrolet : Decent brand. Good small cars and the US downturn has actually helped the Indian arm IMO

Fiat : Punto has really revived it. But it has some way to go before it regains the customer trust. Atleast a year of consistent service and product quality needed for that.

Ford : Seems to be on the revival path. Figo shows their commitment and interest to the Indian market.

Honda : Had great brand value. But their pricing strategy has made it lose a little sheen in my mind. Great products all the same.

Hyundai : Reliable, VFM, great A.S.S and very India focused. A brand that can be trusted

Mahindra: Trusted brand in the rural markets. Doing well now but some good competitive products can knock them off their perch pretty easily

Maruti : RELIABLE. But their recent product range tells that they seem to be losing it a bit. Need to pull up their socks and improve on the overall product quality,styling and interior space.

Mercedes : My favourite brand but not by a mile anymore. The three pointed star has lost its sheen with its outdated products and lack of pace with the changing market. BMW has really changed the rules of the game.

Mitsubishi : Mitsubishi has a great brand value due to the Pajero and its racing heritage. I still recall those races with the Mitsubishi Gallant Turbo flying fast and high across the roads. But highly underutilized with poor marketing and support strategy.

Nissan : Seem to have started focusing on India a little too late. But still good to see some competition. But they will find the going tough and will have to show some real commitment.

Skoda : Stay away!!

Tata : Great VFM products. But the Indica taxi image will keep me away from a Tata product for a while.

Toyota : Customer is king. I am yet to meet a customer who was disappointed with their service. If only they added some flair to their products. But still ranks very high in my choice if I were to buy a product where Toyota has an alternative.

VW : At an interesting stage. Seem to have a good product in the small car market. But it will be interesting to see their overall strategy for the market.
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Fiat : VFM, Strong, Heavy, Doubtful A.S.S

Ford : Dated, Driver cars

Honda : Expensive, Refined, Status symbol

Hyundai : Emerging, Good A.S.S, Discontinues good cars, Automatics in every model (almost)

Maruti: Confused product lines, VFM, Readily available spare parts

Skoda : Solid, Expensive, Doubtful A.S.S

Tata : VFM, Crude, Spacious
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Audi : wants to be the jack of all trades between the german trio, Great built, Balanced and composed design, definitely a competitor to the merc and beemers.

BMW : Performance, engineering, un-german design (Bangle), one of the best names in our country

Chevrolet : Good strong cars, very good styling, good suspension, inconsistent after sales and bad reputation from astra days.

Fiat : Design oriented cars, bullet proof engines, italian touch, built quality of mechanicals is excellent, prone to niggles, notorious electricals.

Ford : Brilliantly engineered, great dynamics and fun to drive. Uncertain company support, service inconsistent and doubtful quality control.

HM : Still stuck in amby days, outdated, inactive existence, has great potential with Mitsubishi on their side though

Honda : Performance from vtecs, problem free nature, superb built quality (10+ years of hassle free ownership is easy), overrated in india, pricey in india.

Hyundai : Has come a long long way, great VFM cars, rattle free built, strong diesel engines, service is one of the best in the market.

Mahindra: Rugged and tough, newer engines and cars are definitely very refined, feature packed cars, still have a little more to compete with the best but this is one of the stronger indian brands.

Maruti : Cheap to run, flimsy cars, good engines, VFM, prone to rattles, lack lustre cars, over rated service support(it is really not as good as people perceive it to be)

Mercedes : Luxury, engineering, performance, deteriorated service support compared to older days, one of the best money can buy.

Mitsubishi : Great potential, handling, engines, lazy management, archaic models in India and no support from the company.

Nissan : Not dedicated enough, very pricey CBUs, strong engines, suspension and built.

Skoda : feature packed cheaper vw's, great engines, premium feel, unethical dealers, poor after sales.

Tata : Is getting better every day, VFM, space, comfort and engines(fiat)

Toyota : Bullet proof, engines, built quality, boring design and overall lack of enthusiasm from the company as well as service

VW : Built quality, ride and handling, TSI engines, needs more commitment towards India
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Audi : Elitist brand, offers the exclusivity that Mercs and BMW's cannot, at least in India.

BMW : Driver's car, but comes second to Benz in the Indian luxury car ladder.

Chevrolet : Neither here nor there. Perceived to neither have the brand equity of the Germans or the reliability of the Japs. Poor resale value is a put off. A.S.S packages may still redeem it in the eco category, but does not have the snob value to sell high end cars in India.

Fiat : Sane people tend to stay away from this brand. Fanatics follow ardently. A.S.S is what has killed the brand. Once bitten, twice shy works against this brand, as all the wronged people give bad word of mouth publicity. Slowly clawing back into the market, can be a winner if the company persists and provides good A.S.S

Ford : Fun to drive cars. Not overly fuel efficient and has higher than average maintenance costs. Looks of the cars are staid at best.

HM : Who's that?

Honda : Sells cars purely on snob value to the uninformed. Extracts most pound of flesh from customer for what it provides. Indifferent attitude to customers.

Hyundai : Good small cars, can give Maruti a run for it's money. Perceived to have good A.S.S and cars are generally economical to run and they retain their value as well.

Mahindra: Looking to abandon the agrarian image and raise brand equity by promoting it's X gen models. IMO, this company has been fleecing Indian customers by selling that WWII design for over 5 decades, and still ask unearthly prices for the same. Since they sell vehicles in a niche segment, still able to call the shots.

Maruti : Flimsy build quality, but fuel efficient cars. Appeals both to the family(Alto/Wagon R/Estilo) and the yuppie(Swift/SX4/Vitara). Cars retain their value, can be serviced in Khajuraho as well as Sriharikota.

Mercedes : For snob value and snob value alone, number 1. The car to drive to say that you have arrived. 3 pointed star is unmatched, to the average layman,

Mitsubishi : Lost the plot early, time to pull out, don't you think?

Nissan : Where? What?

Skoda : Beautiful looking cars, but stay away. Company without ethics.

Tata : The Indian R&D company. Given another 50 years, will be a force to reckon with, outside India. No Indian would buy another Tata product then, as each of them would have got a lemon from this company. Ona serious note, the company is trying hard to improve, and with new technology filtering in from it's acquisitions, should be able to metamorphosize into a good car company.

Toyota : One word. QUALI(S)TY. Does wonders to your trust. No nonsense vehicles, priced at slight premium. No vehicle for the enthusiast. Perceived to have good A.S.S

VW : Still in it's infancy. Technical niggles in high end cars may not be all that well recieved.
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Very Interesting Thread .
As stated in the second post have replied without reading any further .
All views are in the Indian context only .

Audi : Safe , Boring ,Luxurious , Understated .

BMW : Exciting , Powerful , Controversial , Luxurious , Technology

Chevrolet : Great Backseat , Solid Build , Expensive to maintain , Low Resale , Powerful Diesels , image problems .

Fiat : Italian design , gorgeous , diesel , low resale , availaibilty of parts ? ,solid build.

Ford : Drivers car , josh , rev happy , peppy , powerful , low resale , decent looks.

HM : Nostalgia , Politics , Taxi , Retro .

Honda : Engine , Powerful , Fuel Efficient , Comfortable , Mods , Vtec ,Resale

Hyundai : Korean , Reliable , Cheap , Crdi ,Good Resale ,VFM.

Mahindra: Rugged , 4*4 , lately ugly .

Maini : Electric , Small , Impractical , Expensive .

Maruti : Reliable , Peppy , great service , VFM , rattles .

Mercedes : Luxury , aspirational , technology , safety .

Mitsubishi : Lets just say : What could have been ?

Nissan : Ugly SUV , Luxury Hotel Taxi , Expensive , Rare .

Skoda : Noisy Diesel (Tractor Like), Bad aftersales , Ugly ,Expensive ,Solid ,Safe ,Diesel

Tata : Indian , Diesel , Spacious , VFM , Build Quality issue , niggles .

Toyota : Japanese , Safe , Reliable , Good Image, Resale, Comfy .

VW : Solid Build , German ,Service and Spares ? , Expensive ,Diesel , Safe.

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BMW : Best Sporty and luxury car

Chevrolet : bankruptcy, good cars, poor resale, VFM.

Fiat : very well built cars, supplier of the NATIONAL engine for many other brands, nice ride and handling, bad resale, bad after sales service.

Ford : driver oriented cars, Limited edition blunders (read frequent price cuts), bad resale, fairly good after sales service.

HM : No where in the competition.

Honda : arrogance (take itor leave it kind of attitude), reliability, super cool engine and gear box, good FE, knows how to maintain the resale value (which shows they do not put down the existing customers and their cars by frequent price cuts), slightly over priced. Can be the unbeatable leader for decades if they offer the same quality cars with a little reduced price tags.

Hyundai : reliable, good CRDi engines, class leading interiors, low maintainance, excellent after sales service, good resale, priced. A sure shot threat to other manufacturers in near future.

Maruti : affordable cars, middle class image, best SMALL manufacturer, good after sales service, good resale, well priced cars, easy to maintain.

Mitsubishi : Poor A.S.S., old models, fun to drive, great and reliable vehicles,

Skoda : overpriced cars, taking people for granted, excellent cars, costly spares, very bad after sales service.

Tata : work horse, cab image, vfm, niggling issues.

Toyota : Undisputed leader in cars, bullet proof reliability, very good cars, good after sales service, wish it would be a little cheaper.

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I haven't driven most brands mentioned here but would like to describe it in my own way.
Audi- a mix of bmw and merc.
Bmw-drive me crazy.
Chevrolet- thanks to daewoo.
Fiat- just to remenber old days.
Ford- looks like nothing to fida.
Hm- dosen't know india's got independence.
Honda- give us more money if u want "H".
Hyundai- atleast the door shut sounds "dhabb" rather than maruti's "thung".
Mahindra- dudhwala's favourite.
Maruti- come to us on 2wheeler and we won't let u go without a 4wheeler.
Merc- a car to which every gatekeeper "salute's".
Mitshubishi- i don't know if their marketing department exists.
Nissan- no comments.
Tata- can't design a new front grill.
Toyoto- think's india need's second independence.
VW- i've heard people pronouncing it as foxwagon.
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