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Old 8th August 2005, 23:44   #1
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Default Innova Vs Safari Vs Scorpio

Hello TBHPians,

Now that the new Safari is out, do you think that TATA will steal some of the mattress under Toyota's feet.. I know when the Innova was launched in March this year, there were loads of articles about the quality of the vehicle, its fit and finish and ergonomics, etc.. Well, now our very own TATA has entered the race with a well-known yet newer and better Safari.. How do you think that the Safari will fare against the likes of Toyota Innova and Mahindra Scorpio..

My two cents, TOYOTA is unable to match the production of Innova with the market demand.. In such a situation, it is an absolutely intelligent move by TATA to bring in the new improved Safari to capture some of Innova's market. How far will TATA succeed in making inroads into the TOYOTA territory?? I believe that the Scorpio is not quite in the same league as the Innova or the Safari..

Opinions invited..

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Old 9th August 2005, 00:14   #2
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just test drive teh new safari...i think it should be a cracker....i find it better looking than both the scorpio or the innova.....and with teh crdi engine its finally got teh go with the show......somehow i find the innova out of place here not teh scorpio as u mentioned.....
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Old 9th August 2005, 01:10   #3
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don't think scorpio is really in the hunt here. it doesn't match up on comfort, space, refinement or pedigree.
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Old 9th August 2005, 01:52   #4
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M rating would be

1. Safari

2. Innova

3. Scorpio

However I would like manufacturers do also outline a model at abt 6-7 lakhs on road which allows the owners to build on as they go along that would allow youngesters to go for SUVs not just neo rich or older ppl.
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Old 9th August 2005, 03:52   #5
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Its very difficult to choose the best of the lot as none of these total up to a 10/10.

As of today, it has to be

1.Scorpio: Still not a bad option considering the price. I rather spend a lac jazzing it up than spending 2-3 lacs more on the Safari at the moment. The big positive over the Safari is that its proved itself wonderfully well over these years and my mind will be far more peaceful if I happen to purchase a Scorpio against the new Safari. Mahindra needs to get on the newer version sooner and get that handling improved. It will be a killer IMO.

2.Safari: It seems to beat the competition overall and it looks to be very good to me, but personally I would be afraid to buy a newly launched TATA. I simply don't want be a part of their trial n' test team. Would wait atleast a couple of months before judging it as good (hopefully so).

3. Innova: Alien in the league. The whole comparion is out of place. It's never meant to be used as the other two are. I need not comment and personally I find nothing special in it apart from the CRDi engine and the "T" factor.

Would like to mention that Toyota have an oppurtunity here to work sensibly on the Fortuner and price it within the striking distance of the Safari buyers. Nothing like it, if the keep it under 11-12 lacs.

Originally Posted by vivek.singh.73
However I would like manufacturers do also outline a model at abt 6-7 lakhs on road which allows the owners to build on as they go along that would allow youngesters to go for SUVs not just neo rich or older ppl.
The Innova and the Scorpio are available for these prices and so was the old Safari.

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Old 9th August 2005, 06:40   #6
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I think there is absolutely no comparison between the three cars as they appeal to different type of customers. It is imperative for us to compare apples with apples.

- Innova today has no competition as it is the only vehicle with the Van look. Safari may eat into its sales but that would be for those who just want and SUV.
- Scorpio on the other hand had always been a Qualis and Tavvera competitor it doesn't come into the Safari league and did not damage Safari sales too much at its launch.
- Safari has more comparison with the Ford and Hyundai SUV's and has been placed as an option with more goodies. But yes it is expected to cannibalize the sales of other SUVs touching its price line
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Old 9th August 2005, 18:44   #7
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These three can't be compared to each other, at least Innova is in a completely different category i.e MUV. Scorpio and Safari can be compared as they both are SUVs, but really Scorpio is no match for Safari in space and comfort levels.

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The Innova aint in this group mate....the Scorpio and the Safari..well yes..and I dont think the Safari is going to steal Innova's thunder.
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Old 9th August 2005, 19:06   #9
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Had a look at the Dicor at Manipal Motors today.At 14 lacs,this vehicle is the king of luxury.But,the fit & finish are something not worth 14 lacs.At this price,you can look at Tucson & CRV too (pretty Close). We should not even compare it with Innova & I don't think sales of Innova & Scorpio will get affected..no way.
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Old 9th August 2005, 20:52   #10
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I don't think the Safari is going to get anywhere. It's not got the quality feel of the Toyota or the low price and good looks of the Scorpio. Ofcourse, the Safari is more comfortable, but 14 lakhs for a Tata? You gotta be kidding! Innova and Scorpio will show it the door.
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Old 9th August 2005, 21:43   #11
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guys we cannot compare da innova to the safari....the innova is a cross between a car and a mini van......

between safari and scorpio its pretty close as both have the same spec engine except the awesomwe torque of the safari...and the space provided.....

asking me personally me go for da safari..........
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Old 10th August 2005, 01:07   #12
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For a person looking for a big diesel vehicle, that too with Common Rail induction, this is a very real dilemma. I've been through this, so I know that its a fact despite the Innova being a different animal in terms of behaviour.

There are three main reasons for going for the Big Diesel Vehicle *BHV FOR SHORT*

1. Big Vehicles offer greater comfort on our roads. This is a fact, and after driving various saloons on our roads I have come to the conclusion that one needs a large vehicle with large wheels and decent ground clearance to isolate oneself from the road. All three vehicles fall into this category. Mind you, we're not talking about off-roading here, but travelling on our uneven roads in comfort - the Innova fits the bill despite not being an SUV. Winner: Safari, followed by Scorpio and Innova.

2. Space. Neednt say more. Winner: Safari, followed by Innova. The Scorpio is as cramped in the rear seats as a C segment car.

3. Diesel Engines. Frugal, and makes the possibility of renting it out occassionally very feasible. The latter is what I have in mind, though it will be rented out very selectively since I dont use the vehicle when I'm abroad - this will also ensure that vehicle is run occassionally. Tentative Winner: Safari, though the DiCOR engine is unproven it is the most powerful (not talking BHP here) and is expected to be frugal. The engine is also highly detuned, which should result in phenomenal engine life. This engine is closely followed by the Scorpio's and then the Innova.

So the Safari is a winner on all three counts. However, it is the most expensive of the lot and comes with the baggage of being a Tata. What tilts things in its favour comprehensively is APPEAL, which it has more of than either of the competitors. It also has enough appeal to make prospective buyers of more expesive suvs like the Tucson and Endeavour waver, though the plastic quality is a huge let down. If not for that, it would have a much wider appeal.

Another point in the Safari's favour is the intelligent use of space. Neither the Innova or the Scorpio have a proper "boot" or loading area. The Safari's loading area is well planned out, with the two jump seats folding neatly out of the way into the plastic panels to liberate a huge amount of space, which is aided by rear seats that turn down and over (60:40, if you dont want it all) to give you enough space to move house in it.

For me, the Safari is the winner all the way. If only deliveries were as quick as the vehicle is on the road. Tata Motors, are you listening?
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Question Innova or Others?

I am considering Innova as my second family car. We have booked Swift Zxi as our first car. Given 7-8 seater and around 10 lakhs budget? What do you folks recommend? Any other contender?
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Old 10th August 2005, 09:39   #14
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There are contenders in its league no dbout ..
- the DICOR Safari
- Fully Loaded Scorpio CRDe (9.5L)
but then Innova beat both in terms of build quiality ,refinement, ride comfort and toyota badging ..
only thing you cant do is take it off road ..

I'd say stick to the Innova ...you wont regret it !
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turbo_lover: Thanks for your note. I am going test drive both Innova and new Safari DICOR.
- SKumar
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