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Default My safari

I drove a sparingly used but very good verna for an year and half.At 60k, it looked shaky. The suspension and clutch work was evident and the tyre replacement though i maintained the car well without any abuse on bad roads. I decided to go for used <15k driven 2.2 safari.Reason- i need a muscular boy who never complains of bad roads. I searched all corners of city for 6 months. no safaris. I was searching for it so hard that any safari which comes to dealers in bangalore would call me up first. And i found a 13k driven black 1 yr ex variant in immaculate condition for 7.2L. The loan did not go though besides 14% interest.
out of no where i brought a brand new face lift safari of 09 pearl white.That closely 3L above my budget. The tipping point in my story is Loan offered for used safaris or any TATA. (They have such reputation) and offcourse the hype on team-bhp.com. I am extremely happy and the joy of driving a new car is unmatchable.
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My signature would say it all. It was about year ago, our Qualis was getting old after being with us for 7 years and 1.65 lac kms. Dint like any SUV/MUV that was in the market at that time, Safari dint carry 8 ppl in comfort, same with Scorpio, I dunno why but i alway had a grudge against Innova., I guess, it was because deep inside i hated Innova because it was the car that toyota replaced Qualis with, my dear Qualis. So, dint know what car to choose, having not many options we choose to hang on to Qualis. Then came the announcement for Xylo, it was perfect for us - 8 seater, Comfortable seats, well within our budget, looks were ok for me. Then came the trips to the dealership, again I choose to follow my heart and dint go to India Garage because of bad experience with VST group. MPL was on the other side of the city, TD was given on time, everything was perfect and we made the Booking. Promised delivery 30 days from booking. 30th day came and went no call from MPL. Called the Saleperson, no response, called the team leader, again same. Went in person and met the manager of showroom, who promised delivery in 2 weeks. Asked us to get our finances ready. Believing him we sold our Qualis in a weeks time and got the loan amount and downpayment amount ready. 2 weeks later another postponement, another 2 weeks. Now, we are with no car, I feel guilty as hell when dad and mom take call taxi and auto to business meetings and family functions. Throw in some money and get a used Siena for some respite. Another 2 weeks on, no Xylo in sight, I call it quits. Take the booking amount back, make couple of calls to bank and toyota dealers then in 3 days there is a Innova G4 parked in out car park.

Tipping Point: No clear date of delivery being given. Booked on Feb.10th, waited till April 25th, but no Xylo.
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I had a bad tipping point when i went to maruti true value to exchange my estilo for a ritz. I was quoted 2.35L for my 2 year and 17k odo and mint condition. It was less than my expectation, so i walked away. After 2 days, one morning i saw an add for ritz, offered 15k exchange bonus and another 15k cash discount. So immediately i went to true value, it was early morning opening time.

The boss was late to arrive, i saw 2 guys at the desk (one guy was a car inspector and the other was valuer). I asked them about the offer of 15k exchange bonus. He replied "sir there is no such offer on ritz and its impossible to give any cash discount". Then i pulled out the paper cut add to show him. Again "sir, this must be a mistake form our add agency there is absolutely on question of discount or exchange bonus on ritz". I told him to ask his boss. Meanwhile i saw the boss coming to parking side, the valuer immediately ran outside to the boss and explained the situation.

I knew they were fishing me. In a few seconds the boss arrived in the showroom and greeted me and to have a seat on his desk. I showed him the add and even he refused of such kind of offer. I told him to ring up their add agency and find out if this a mistake. After a few minutes he picked up the phone made a few calls. (i think they were fake). He accepts the offer is there. Then the fishing starts. The boss asks the valuer to take out the valuation file which they received yesterday. The valuer gives the file and the boss after a few seconds, "we offered u 2.35L, right " i said right. ". "but sir, as per today's calculation we can offer you only 2.20L and the exchange bonus of 15k total goes to again 2.35L". I was like shocked to lose 15k in just 2 days. Lost my temper but could not do anything. I just told them to stop this fishing business and again walked away.
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It was 2008, and the need for a car (first in India) suddenly kept growing on me .

I was set on M800. Cheap car, no electronic frills, everyone's recommendation for a first car. I wasn't impressed by the build quality when I experienced it first hand, the A/C reviews weren't impressive and so on..I kept brushing everthing under the carpet of low price & maintenance. Finally, when one evening, my mother sat at the back seat she almost shrieked when her toe hit a sharp unfinished metal edge from the railing that holds the drrivers seat. This was it.

Next was the Alto. The tipping point was rather too easy. Same engine as M800 notwithstanding, pathetic rear seat space and low height blues(carryovers from M800) meant it was out of reckoning right away.

The next is the REAL tipping point. While in the Maruti showroom, my eyes hit upon a new beauty with beige interiors and a mini-MUV design. Yes, I'm talking about the Estilo. It was love at first sight and for the next 1 month, I possibly read every review there was on the internet, knew every specification by heart. The interiors were fabulous, especially compared to Santro, M800 & Alto, the engine was the one from the Wagon R. It was a tall boy, between Santro and Wagon R, it was new and it was a Maruti. My mother & brother hated it all along , the way it looked and had their heart set on a Santro. Then there was the revelation that this was actually a reincarnation of the extinct Jap car MR Wagon. I pulled along as much as I could, but the final undoing was the lack of colors on Estilo. The red was non metallic, the shade of beige was too dull and blue was too gaudy. I wish it had a berry red or alto's wine red. The color finally weighed enough to tilt scales, and for the last 18 months, a Dynasty Red Santro serves as the family's steed
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Excellent topic.....Often heart(emotion) takes a ride over the head(rational thoughts) and then the tipping point ....

I have been running on the same topic for almost 5 years to upgrade my 1995 esteem to a new car. Every new car, that could be evaluated as an upgrade to Esteem was evaluated. The initial evaluation started with Honda City -2nd Generation. Eventhough I never liked the looks, i went for a test drive and did not find any thing better than my Esteem. Similarly, I tried Baleno, Verna, Optra, SX4, Aveo, Fiesta, Fusion, Safari, Scorpio, (upto 10 lac budget) even though my actual budget was around 7-8 lac which I beleived was decent for an Esteem upgrade.

Let me come back to what I liked in Esteem and expected some thing better in the new car.

1. The acceleration and pickup that I get in the first 2 gears. I could really touch 100kmph with my unmodified and natural carburettor engine. It was one of the best kicks I enjoy in my esteem. Pull to second gear and pump the accelerator and I was always any winner out of a traffic jam and then cruize along as on a free-way. True adrenalin rush.

2. The fuel mileage that I used to get for this car. I used to get 12+ kmpl in Bangalore city and 15+ over the highways.

3. The near zero maintaince and trouble free feeling. It never let me down in the previous years.

The other new features that I looked in the new car that I never had in Esteem eventhough most of them are considered as basic now.

1. Better safety - braking, ABS, EBD, airbags
2. Power steering
3. Other interiors such as power windows, better A/C

I really did not find any of better features in other cars until the ANHC arrived. However, even though it started ruling over my head by the heart, I did not want to buy a new model until it was tested in the market for atleast 6-8 months. The reason is that I had a real bad experience with my KB-125 which was a pretty new to market with lot of defects in it.

So I went ahead and streached my budget beyond 20% to get what my heart liked and I am always proud about. (just like my old esteem).

My suggestion is go with the heart than the head, you will never feel regretful ever.
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Default my tipping point!!

well, it happened in 2003, dad wanted to change his trysty 1998 santro as " he was bored and wanted an upgrade". being very satisfied with santro & hyundai, we seriously considered accent viva(1.6 DOHC) at that point.
went for a TD felt it was good,but was not all that impressed with the pick up,handling, AC etc.etc......still had almost booked the car .

one the way home, stopped to have a tender coconut at a roadside vendor.....andthere, right across the road was the fiat showroom.
had heard a lot about palio and went to TD it. tested an old 1.2(pre NV) model...was amazed at drivability,handling, big car feel and the solid feel of the car......decided to buy it............

But....another twist in the tale......the same dealer had a 1.6 S10 on display
fell in love with the car....brought it home after 2 days
and we are happy about it till date(a record for us, nor bored of if/ fed up of it even after close to 7 years )

this is my dads ride


P.S. my dad and me still test drive every new car launched, but have not found a single one which is a worthy upgrade to our S10
probably 1.4 T-Jet Punto will tempt us ??
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Excellent topic. i would like to tell my story about the same.

Last year, in May 2008, I was looking for a used car to replace my 2000 model MPFI esteem and shortlisted the following cars:

1> Baleno - adv: good performance car, disadv: car already out of production
2> Honda city Vtec - adv: good performance car, disadv: overpriced in Bangalore
3> Lancer - adv: good looks, disadv: performance not good in stock version

Out of the above 3, was inclined towards the Baleno. I saw and test drove some cars. One of my colleagues was about to sell his Baleno and was almost about to buy it when he decided that he was not goin to sell :(

In my search, went to Popular Automatch to check a new honda city 2004 model, but did not like the performance. Felt my esteem had more performance. Then the used car dealer suggested, why dont u test drive the Corolla?

Test drove the Corolla, loved the performance, the interiors and the comfort

The whole equation changed, increased my budget and started looking around for a used Corolla. Got a good one 2003 model in August 2008 and well, driving that since then..

Eventhough Corolla is not a high revving car like Esteem, it has good low end and is a very comfortable car for cruising.
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Here's my story, happened in 2008.
Wanted to upgrade from my 95 Zen as I had been driving it since 2001. Wanted to pick up the Octavia, didn't mind the price of the car. That's when I decided to do some research on the Octi, remembered an old friend sending me a write up on team-bhp & became a member.

Horror stories on the Skoda *** shocked me & I realised that I would have to look at some other car. TD the Honda City, was quite impressed with the interiors, but my brother compelled me to TD the Verna, never did quite like the looks of the Verna but remembered driving a friend's Accent CRDI, so asked for a CRDI Verna TD.

Must say that I was blown away by the performance & am now a proud owner. Getting used to the looks of the car slowly, have had the car since May 2008, love leaving the traffic behind at times. Cost analysis showed that the Honda City would have worked out atleast 2000 rupees less every month, but I don't think I could put a rupee value to the thrill that I get driving the Verna!
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My story is a little similar to SantoshPV. My younger brother was visiting us from London a few months ago, and we were in the market for a sedan (petrol or diesel). After TD'ing the Honda City (too expensive, no frills), the Linea Diesel (underpowered, cramped rear), Dzire (my brother absolutely hated the looks and forbid me to touch it with a barge pole!), we had almost decided on the Maruti SX4. The SX4 met my basic criteria of a 100+ BHP sedan, good after-sales and service and it came loaded with ABS, Climate control, Alloys and all other bells and whistles.

But destiny had something else in store for me. The Hyundai showroom was just next to Maruti and on a whim, I asked my brother to check out the Hyundai Verna Diesel too, while we were there and before we put finally our money down on the SX4. The Hyundai dealer had a Verna SX CRDI for TD. I drove and my brother was on the passenger seat. By the time the TD was over, both me and my brother were speechless. We were simply blown away by the performance (read 110 BHP, 240 Nm Torque) of the Verna CRDI. To put it in my brother's words, "This is the only car so far that has the X factor!".

That exciting Test Drive was the "Tipping Point" for me.

The next day I booked the Verna SX CRDI (ABS), and took delivery on 28th September 2009. It has been a very satisfying experience. I am glad I did not book the SX4, as just a month later it was discontinued and the new SX4 has taken its place. I am simply loving having the power to leave behind every sedan on city roads, and to top it all, smile all the way to the bank doing it with the Verna's Diesel's 18 kmpl FE!

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The Second hand Cileo GLX top model Automatic proposition at 1/3rd the new price in a less than 3 year old car vs the other options like new santro tipped the scales in preference for the Cielo investment,

Then later the joy of a new TATA Safari as a Company Scheme car being a true 7 seater vs the Sienna Weekender and Beleno Altura plus the looks simply made the decision on what car to gift myself for my marriage easy.

The Fuel effeciency of a Diesel Laura L&K AT - the freshness of a current design vs the Fuel effecienty of an aged Accord V6 AT Petrol, made me plonk an extra Rs. 4L for the Laura.
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Was considering replacing our aging ambassador for long time, but because of the emotional attachment, we were never able to sell it - until the day the car broke down last September because of a faulty oil switch. We almost got stranded nowhere, but somehow took the car to the workshop to get it fixed, and while me dad and the workshop guy were talking about the best cost effective way to fix it, comes this guy looking for a old ambassador. He saw our car, took a good look and asked us, whether we want to sell it. On an impulse, we said yes, and 10 minutes later, the car was sold, without even a TD.
Now the question was which car? Having had our fair share of Jeeps and 4X4, our first choice was Bolero CRDe, but mom was against getting another big car, that too an SUV. One day, we saw the Vista Safire ad in paper, and dad went and took a TD. He was not really enthusiastic, partly because it is Petrol and partly because of the attitude of showroom guys but he loved the car. I asked him to check out the TDi - he went to another showroom next day and well, to cut a long story short - we have our black Vista TDi Aqua @ our garage now.
For me, the first tipping point was the emotional decision to sell our Ambassador, and the next one was TD of Vista TDi. I still miss the bolero, and we might be adding another jeep/bolero soon, if everything goes as planned.
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Default my palio

It was mid 2004, we sold our old amby and was looking for a car.
Dad wanted to keep the car atleast for 5 years, within 5 lakhs
Mom wanted a heavy&safe hatchback, having an amby like feel. That ruled out Maruthi (baleno was costly)
And I wanted an unique eye candy with sharp handling & decent power.
after 3 months or market study & TDs, I told my choice to dad. either Palio GTX or Hyundai Getz. Both steeds were not common in town.

We went to TVS showroom and asked for GTX. Fiat was no longer producing GTX. only Petra had the 1.6 dohc mill. We wanted a hatch & petra crossed our budget. Dad left the choice to me. He said that I can stretch the budget limit a little.
The Formula red palio sport on the sales brochure was luring me anything & without a second though I opted for that. ( It suited our budget)
that was my T.P
though it took 2 months & considerable no of mails to Fiat H.Q. i got it delivered on a fine January morning.

Even now, 5yrs, 60k kms old, she is a head turner in my town.
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