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Default Bombay road scene

since we pay heavy taxes and dont have proper roads to walk, leave alone to drive our cars, that to for many years now.

Is it possible that we as a Team Bhp community can file a lawsuit against BMC and other agencies who are responsible to maintain the city roads.

This has been on my mind for quite sometime now. The sight of potholes as become a part of the citys landscape for over 15 years. Can we do something about this???

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i like the filmi nature dude...keep it up
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Default 2 copies

Please make two copies of the PIL that will be filed.
I need one for Chennai too.

I have finally reached the grand Coclusion that Political leaders here in Chenna are the most corrupt and they have made Politicsa a great art of Looting. Lalu is Crass but the Dravidsian parties here take the Cake.

It feels so shameful to be part of this crowd
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I don't think you can file a case against government !!!!

Better, you should talk to an attorney about it. But IMO just stay away from it.

Yes, but we can protest for bad road by rallying 100's Team BHP's cars on azad madian and blocking some traffic and getting some media coverage to heat whole issue up

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Originally Posted by Max
Yes, but we can protest for bad road by rallying 100's Team BHP's cars on azad madian and blocking some traffic and getting some media coverage to heat whole issue up
Must think of something that causes incovenience to the politicians than the common man.

Sometimes the whole situation seems so inane, the working class consitute a pretty large portion of the population of the city, and even a bigger chunk amogst the tax payers and yet we are so helpless against the upper levels of administration. Have any of you seen any sort of relief happening? The concerns have drained away sooner than the water. The state government keeps sending bigger bills to Delhi only so that they can pocket more. I am totally for the PILs being filed against the government, but how far do you guys think they can take us? Even if the court does reach a decision, guess who has to implement the directives, the politicians. Status quo?
Everybody is too busy making money these days, nobody has the time to stop, look back and ponder, and before we know it the crap will have hit the fan. Only thing that can get us out is probably a revolution, and I don't see that happening. Where are the good 'ole days? This always gets me worked up.
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Hey Guys,

Why do we have to go to the courts ?

Why dont we instead look inwards and try o make ourselves better ....i mean as drivers on the road and as responsible citizens when voting for our candidates !

Has anyone ever analysed why we drive like we do on the roads ? look inwards - you should get the answer !

There is no system , no patience , no discipline - nothing and even im involved in this mess.

if we just drive with a little bit of common sense and understanding all problems mite diminish ......over a period of time !

Same when we go and vote these politicians - a bit of common sense , understanding ....thats all
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Default my experience on MOON

i agree with NC when he mentions about looking inwards before blaming coz when u point one finger at someone there are three other fingers of your own hand pointing to you. but then on further thinking, i feel that something drastic needs to be done in order to make the govenrment understand that it is answerable to us. but they rarely have answers for any of our problems. pot hole ridden roads are everywhere be it mumbai, new mumbai or thane. try travelling from vashi to thane in rains on thane belapur road. it represents a moon with potholes which are size of craters literally. try to avoid one and you would land up in another which is equally bad or even worse.

thks to this thread, i dont have to open another thread, where in i wanted to relate my experience on drving on the moon today. and i have discovered that moon is full of water in its craters. bhpians who live in new bombay specially would be able to understand the name of the places i m gonna explain here in my report. NC called me in the morning when i was leaving for office that there is a major jam at road which i take everyday to my office, so i decided to avoid going to my office on thane belapur road near reliance silicones via palm beach road which is my normal route from nerul. i decided to take the highway via LP and turbhe and then take a right from turbhe which goes towards kalyan. right from Lp my nightmare of Potholes started and here i was trying to avoid them as much as possible and literally driving at 30 kmph on a highway. when i reached the turbhe circle i saw that the traffic jam had reached there too and the size of potholes scared me a bit. thinking that the interior road would be better option i took the road next to Sharayu Motors, a dealer of hyundai. the worst was yet to come. as soon as i crossed around a kilometre i could only see potholes around filled with water or just water at some places and i could not even see where could be the possible potholes. i relied on the truck or trailers or any car driving ahead of me or coming from opposite direction to get an idea of where could there be place without a pot hole. all the time praying to god that pls let me not land in a pot hole and get stuck. i saw a trailer also almost turned its chassis to 45 degree as one of the tyres had got stuck in a pothole. the whole strech from sharayu motors which can be covered in around 5 to 7mins to the everready circle may be a distance of around 2 to 2.5 kms took me a cool ( or hot) 25 mins. when ultimately i reached the end of the road i thanked god for saving me thru this and giving me the courage to land safely back on earth ( my office ) after my adventure on moon with my good little m800. the total time to cover a distance which would on normal roads take me around 15 mins took be a good 45 mins becoz of the roads. such sheer waste of time, energy and money.

i felt the urge to put my experience down just becoz it was getting too much for me to see the convinient ignorance of the government and so called politicians who never bother to think about the people who pay their salaries with their hard earned money.

so much so for city of 21st century as claimed CIDCO and other related parties.

i passed sharayu motors and there were atleast 250 cars parked there with no idea anybody has when will they be able to deliver all the remaining cars.

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okay - you can surely file a case against the government or the authorities for negligence or whatever -

you need, a lot of money, time - preferably, you should be able to motivate a group of people to form some kind of NGO, so that the case becomes a crusade rather than 1 man's lonesome fight.

also, as far as traffic and rules are concerned, here's my thoughts that i had posted on some other thread which i started regarding the same issue.

think, if someone defines and starts an issue, that a great first step - things will follow, hopefully.
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