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UPDATE : The full Team-BHP review of the Tata Aria is now online here : LINK - spotted the Aria undisguised...

Last edited by Rehaan : 12th October 2010 at 18:27. Reason: Adding link to official review in this post, since this page shows up first on google.
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I too spotted a grey-metallic colored Aria today in MC Road, near Kadakkal. It was coming from Trivandrum, driven pretty fast. No disguises or anything other than a red number plate.

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There's full review of the Aria in March AutoCar India. I am impressed with this vehicle. Of late, TATA's have started impressing Maruti Loyalists as well.
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Any idea about the pricing as yet?
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Originally Posted by fiat_tarun View Post
The guys there say its releasing only in September..! This is in Nasik by the way. I thought it was coming in April..?
Most likely just in time for the the next festive season..
Originally Posted by raj_5004 View Post
huge feature list at a much lesser price be considered?
That could be the reason the launch date is not announced yet, lot of these features are new to TM and fine tuning these will take time. From the no of test vehicles spotted by many T-Bhpians, TM is really serious about the quality this time.
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Originally Posted by amtak View Post
There's full review of the Aria in March AutoCar India. I am impressed with this vehicle. Of late, TATA's have started impressing Maruti Loyalists as well.
Yes, this is one of the most desirable cars from TATA. According ACI the quality/fit and finish of the interior is among the best eventhough the design lacs flair. I see ispiration drwan fro mmany sources but finally it seem to be a cohesive design.
With IDEA being invloved in the initial design and Lotus engineering supposed to have a look in to the suspension set up, it is going to be 'state of art' car.
The pricing is going to be 'above' Innova, so at that price it better be really good to succed.

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Also, according to the Autocar India review -

- Aria is 200 kgs lighter than Safari.
- Gearbox/engine lifted from the Safari, but with refinement additions
- 4x4 version uses a full-time AWD system
- Middle seat is comfortable but not as good as Safari.
- Ride & Handling fine-tuned by Lotus Engineering.
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Sid +1 to you, Yep the Aria deserves a chance, atleast the attempt is a quality, customer satifaction, pampering the needs and wants of the customers and finally possibly VMF in it's own unique way.
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smartcat I too feel auto must be an option but this being india most auto companies being slow IDIOTS won't happen till they are kicked at the enth hour
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Originally Posted by thalavoy View Post
I have seen many posts regarding high cost won't work for TATA brand or some other brand. Why do we have a bias? If the product is good, why not pay for it. Is it the hidden 'snob' gene that is at work here?
Well, if Tata Safari can be sold for 12+ why not Aria for 14+, if TATA positions Aria above Safari. Hey! TATA now owns Jaguar and Land Rover, two of the premium luxury brands of the world.
May be, people won't mind the 14+ price, if the same TATA Aria is badged as 'Jaguar Aria'
No offense meant to any one, just something that was bothering me for quite some time. (Stereotyping one and all)
My thoughts almost to the point. Now, just because Tata owns Jaguar and Land Rover, do you think that these (Jaguar and Land Rover) will not sell anymore, as it is a Tata product and hence not worth the price?
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one thing unique now with all TATA models: the Indica back is a signature design for TATA like "Walrus" tooth in the front for M&M!!

Man, these guys are obsessive about their designs!!
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Aloksriva - TATA should have hired you in their strategy team or atleast the team that looks at acquistions.

Last year almost all Car companies have been in the read with a whole lot of them being on the verge of closure or even going through Bankrupcy procedures (ala GM cryst..)

Yes TATA timed the JLR acquistion bad - yet who in the world had predicted the recession well enough in advance for something to be done about it? - Possibly Aloksriva?

JLR vehciles are not known for the best quality but then it did manage a 3rd position in the ratings for luxuary large SUV's - the segment that they dominate.

Top Ranked SUVs - Best Cars & Trucks - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews

The Jags too are doing well for themselves at this point of time and getting rave reviews since the latest models have been launched.

Indica, sumo, Safari were all leading vehicles that set standards at the time they came to the indian market. the buyers were not all fools.

Yes the Indica had major issues prior to V2 but it was the first attempt by the company.

The Safari stying has a major fan following even after 12 years since the launch, the Vista, Manza and Nano have proven TATA to be a force to recon with and the soon to come Aria will in most probablity take it global.

Lets appreciate how hard it is to work in India in envonments filled with Mamta's and yet to manage to come up trums. If the WB relocation to Gujarat had not happened to TATA for the NANO it would have already had 100,000 plus units on the ground by now.

JLR will also give returns, TATA is attempting to do what Ford failed to do with JLR it is a major challenge but they are better equiped to do it - especally going the cost down route, with the added advantage of the tech access and global reach that they get through JLR.

At times to make an impact one needs to make a move that may be iffy interms of financials, but then Ford tried to do the same so why not TATA.
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After seeing lots of recalls by Toyota/Ford/BMW/Maruti where some of the issues are life threatening. I can live with the small niggling issues in the TATA vehicles.:-)

My next vehicle is surely from TATA's table. They are catching up fast.

Let's come back to ARIA discussion now. When can we see the GTO trade mark ARIA review?

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Woah.. lots of real and not so interesting discussions on this thread off late

However, Aria costs TML 10.xx to make so now we all can wait and watch the prices we would pay

One thing is confirmed that the quality is going to be top notch

EDIT: Top notch meaning that vast improvements over prev generation plastics used and the QC would be tighter. Only god can save us from getting a ARIA not well assembled on the assembly line. You know what I mean

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Yep, you bet, but they had the guts (whether out of legal obligation or otherwise) to admit the defects/flaws, recall and rectify rather than letting users fend for themselves day in and day out and making their ownership experiece a harrowing one with visits to workshops every now and then.[/quote]

They had the gut in US and Europe not in countries like India(that itself says it's because of legal obligation not gut). Can you explain why. And look at Prius recall issue. They only recalled when the government warned them.

And the saying goes, if you support a foreign company you think fair. If you support a indian company it's because of patriotism.
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