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they are going about taking their sweet time in 'brand-building' since if they have any intention to price the Aria close to the fortuner then they need to be seen to be making rigorous efforts in improving the 'quality perception' about their products amongst general public. And hence the 'visible testing' done in full public glare and without any cover. Also the question is not whether they are ready for launch, they may have been ready eons ago but it is another matter that they may only launch this vehicle only when they sense a change in public perception towards their products.

It is very important for Tata to be seen doing all the 'rigorous testing' till the public is convinced that there is justification in paying 'fortuner prices' for a TATA product.
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The Aria is going to be priced close to the Fortuner?

You're kidding, right?
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I talked with a dealer in Andhra about Aria. He said that the Price range is 11 to 14 lakhs, and there is no way the base variant would be cheaper than 11 lakhs. He didn't divulge further but confirmed that it will come with the 2.2 dicor mill tuned to churn out 170 horses. The launch would be late September.

He also said that Tata is very serious with this vehicle and ordered all the dealerships to recruit special marketing team with highly knowledgeable personnel to handle Aria sales. And the most important thing that he said: That TATA wants to get this vehicle 100% glitch free right from the launch and hence the delay.

My Dad's Nano (he applied for it on the first day of bookings) is ready for delivery in a few days and thats the reason I went to the dealership. Though its his third car, him a I are very eager to bring that little thing home.
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Originally Posted by suman View Post
The Aria is going to be priced close to the Fortuner?

You're kidding, right?
No i was serious. Some people on this thread were talking of pricing close to 17L for the fully loaded varient.
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imo, the biggest challange for tata with aria is the common man's perception. tata for 15 lakh just does not make the cut, while a toyota at 20 is superb vfm!!

even tml is aware of this and that is exactly why they are taking this long to launch aria.

they have already burnt their fingers once with the indica, and am sure they don't want to repeat that.

so what we get will be a top class product, likely to present stiff competition to the other players, provided we give it a chance.

This would set the ball rolling for other high end products from tml, a sedan to counter the accord, laura, camry maybe?

I seriously want this car to do well.
Fingers crossed.
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Tata Aria is being closely watched and a very much awaited vehicle. TATA has been smart in pricing their vehicles very well. One good example is Tata Manza. Indian mentality is driven by brand value. People may go ahead with closed eyes for a Toyota/Honda etc but will think twice before buying a TATA (read Indian Brands) vehicle for a 15L or so value. It is just because of the mentality.

IMO for the success of this vehicle the key is the pricing. Even if its a troublefree fully loaded vehicle its not likely to find many buyers at 15L price tag. A price tag of 10-12L will give many brands a run for their survival. But thats the price range of Safari. So ultimately, it leads to how close will it be priced to Safari. A very close pricing may kill Safari.

Is it a replacement for Safari or does Tata want both of them to survive together? If the case is second one then IMO in no way it can be priced near Safari price range. May be the lowest variant of Aria is priced at highest/mid variant of Safari.
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Originally Posted by MihirC View Post
Are you sure that its gonna be launched in dec 2011, I guess its a typo error and you actually mean Jan 2011.
Sorry it was tping mistake... Please read 2010 instead of 2011.

It will be going to launch in Dec 2010 and will be available properly from Jan 2011.

Sorry for mistake

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Originally Posted by ak_12001 View Post
Sorry it was tping mistake... Please read 2010 instead of 2011.

It will be going to launch in Dec 2010 and will be available properly from Jan 2011.

Sorry for mistake

Since there is still a lot of confusion over the launch date from August 1st week to third week to september to december, lets try to go back and re-confirm few things posted already in this thread.

1) Can any one confirm if the limited production as in ~100 each has been started since last week of June?
2) Can any one confirm about the salesman / technician training for the dealerships?

If I should, I'll put my money on TATA launching before diwali so that it is easier to make the downpayment
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Aria pricing at Fortuner levels?

If aria is priced at fortuner levels I would be disappointed with Tata. Pricing should be done based on cost+margin basis not on what the competition is selling for. Price has always been the USP for Tata's and they should maintain it with Aria also. Ofcourse it is also important to see what features are being offered for that price.
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Its really futile to worry about the Aria's pricing till:
  • The pricing is actually announced by Tata
  • We know what features each variant will come loaded with
There have been rumors ranging from 8-20 lacs..etc..etc...
Some have inside information while others heard it from their service guy. Then some of us have declared our own price bands.

I dont think Tata has given away any hints about its pricing, they are playing their cards close to their chest.

Its best we comment on the pricing when we really know something concrete.
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spotted the Aria near my home, luckily got a comparison pic with the innova, very sorry for bad quality pic, clicked from a cell fone and the cars were moving.
Attached Thumbnails
Pics: Tata Motors unveil the Aria (Indicruze) at the Auto Expo 2010. Video: Pg 52-090820101164.jpg  

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Thats a very useful snap fx45,the aria looks a bit shorter than the innova,although breadth and hieght looks same.
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Dear fx-45 where do you stay ? I was test driving the Aria yesterday, but not in the dark for sure.
Yes, it looks like a bigger innova but thats only on the outside inside its more for creature comforts, leather interiors Tata, they are leagues ahead in the quality of the material used, its a MUV Jazz for storage bins.
Plus it has got all the bells and whistles like 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, even rainsensing wipers.
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So the Aria has got better quality of materials?
How did you find the ride and handling of Aria compared to Innova?
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