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Old 15th January 2010, 23:14   #16
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Good Move, this might just entice the Premium car-rental services to offer an Honda City option too. If I'm gonna be chauffeured in a car I dont own, these are the exact same features I wouldn't care about.
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Old 15th January 2010, 23:25   #17
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Originally Posted by StarVegabond View Post
With no offence to nickatnite (i am just using his question to state my view)

I see this re-launch by Honda as just a positioning exercise by Honda trying to justify the price of ANHC 1.5 SMT & VMT.

There are lot of people who wanted options in the ICE (Honda had none in SMT/VMT), Few wanted improved security (again honda had only one option integrated security in SMT/VMT), a lot of people did not like the beige interiors and anyway upgraded with seat covers etc.

So the marketing guys at Honda seems to thought of this re-launch where they can hit two birds with one stone, present a low end option as well as justify the SMT/VMT positioning.

Whether to buy this option or not, is left to the buyer.
Anyway Honda knows that Indians want their vehicles with all bells and whistles.
I agree. More options the better for the customer. It would have been even better if they had a smaller capacity engine option (or the previous i-Dsi) sold for a lakh lesser.
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Old 15th January 2010, 23:40   #18
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Smell competition here - a serious one.

More of a psychological game , to attract customers who might have given a faint thought of getting a Linea T-Jet. Will give a second thought for sure whether to get a loaded Linea or a reliable city as VFM ( I really said VFM )
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Old 16th January 2010, 00:01   #19
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From what it seems all the safety features (ABS, Airbags, EBD) will be retained. This makes it a decent deal as all other stuff can be retrofitted. Kudos to honda for prioritising the right features, though things like mudflaps should be given...

another 50k off the price tag and it'll be a fantastic deal.

BTW, what was the price range of the NHC? Just wondering...

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Old 16th January 2010, 00:57   #20
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Certainly will help sell some more numbers.

Wonder if the Civic E will also make a re-entry now.
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Old 16th January 2010, 01:46   #21
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It seems the Honda web site is not updated about the "E" variant.

What I have noticed in the web site is that the prices of (Kolkata) S and V variant have been increased by INR 30,000/-.

Has anyone noticed it for other cities ?
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Old 16th January 2010, 08:26   #22
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This is atrocious. The new City never had any redeeming features for a Rs 10-lakh car in the first place, and now more of the same.
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Old 16th January 2010, 08:31   #23
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Originally Posted by nickatnite View Post
Buying this car minus
  • stereo
  • driver's seat height adjust
  • keyless entry
  • body coloured door handles and mirrors
  • beige interiors (E has grey interiors)
  • mudflaps
is a pointless exercise. Why bother?. The two Japanese auto majors and the Japanese in general can never understand the market here and their 'paisa vasool' local partners don't give a damn either. The very fact that these companies have chosen the local partners they have is proof of extreme bad judgement and lack of understanding of the Indian auto market. Further proof?. How about Mitsubishi's tie up with HM?.
Mitus' tie up with HM is a disaster. Same as FIAT with TATA (earlier).
Specially Japs have not learnt the art of wooing the general public, or it is really not in their agenda. That what makes it a premium brand I guess.

I'm not sure of this latest stunt but why would anyone with that loads of cash bog down for ~50K less to get these installed aftermarket and void all warranties ? I remember, they tried this to the Civic too and got a very mild response.
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Old 16th January 2010, 08:59   #24
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Oh come on Honda, You are doing away with mudflaps. Is this what the PD and Finanace managers came up with to being a version of E?? Is that all they can think about?

And BTW they are almost now leading the market in thier segment, why make such a move I dont understand.
All they have in this segment is :
Ford not being able to match them in terms of number despite reducing prices.
SX4 who even Maruti doesnt know how to do it better.
@ Jaggu can you explain the competition pressure that you had mentioned
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Old 16th January 2010, 10:25   #25
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Nice to see people getting a new option to consider in one of the leading models of its segment..
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Old 16th January 2010, 10:54   #26
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Originally Posted by theMAG View Post
This is atrocious. The new City never had any redeeming features for a Rs 10-lakh car in the first place, and now more of the same.

Oh come on! they have the "i-vtec' engine, a-la the "magic seats" of Jazz.

Civi has the dash board; wonder what's the USP of Accord - is it the countless number of buttons on the dash
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Old 16th January 2010, 12:36   #27
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I feel this is a good move by Honda. There are a lot of people who just want a honda badge. My dad always wanted a honda from the time of the OHC, he actually convinced himself that the NHC was good looking and was ready to buy it. Thankfully i convinced him against it and then the ZX came and he finally got a honda home.
Another thing is there were lot of mixed views for the no cd stereo.
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Old 16th January 2010, 15:07   #28
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It seems that HOnda is feeling the competition after Auto Expo-10, Inspite of their brave postures, Honda has smelt the pressure building against their premium pricing. With the impending Toyata, Polo and Ford and T-Jet, they are offering choice.
They are offering discounts up to 40 k on Jazz. So it shows that Honda can also relent and hopefully listen.
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Old 16th January 2010, 15:52   #29
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City E was never a fast seller. I guess Honda just wanted to show that they do have a version below 8 lacs ex showroom. I just wish that E version should have had features of 'S' variant and 'S' had features of 'V' and 'V' of' SV'( internationally available)
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Old 16th January 2010, 17:25   #30
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IMO, this is a calculated risk. Can work either way.

1) The competition will have more features for given price, so they will adopt agressive marketing to prove G3HC is not good and their product has better features. This can act negative for many. A middle class person updating from B segment hatch to C segment sedan will surely be facinated by features and some of them are quite practical too, like ACC.

Depends upon buyer.

2) The badge. Despite the high pricing, G3HC is selling in enviable numbers and note that this car has single engine option. Now bring in Verna, Fiesta and Linea. All have diesel engine options but still cant match G3HC for sheer sales. The badge can do wonders in India as Honda = luxury in Indian unlike developed markets.

But this variant further proves that G3HC is not good value. The only positive point is engine, but others are also not bad at this.

I think that rather than coming out with cheaper variant, it would be nice to have an updated car with higher GC and a body that does not scrap when loaded.
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