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Old 20th January 2010, 20:38   #16
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This car is a stunner! Though I may not be able to buy it, will feel great to see a few of these beauties gracing our roads.

Thanks Nissan for bringing it to us, you are making all the right moves, all the best for your soon to be launched volume cars!
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Old 20th January 2010, 20:47   #17
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Awesome pictures and coverage! The Nissan 370Z has superb sportscar credentials and is big VFM in the US. But here, Nissan has spoiled the party by pricing it insanely. Even if the 110% duty is to go by, the car should have not costed above 40L ($30,000 MSRP).

But then again, Nissan very well knows that the 370Z is not here to sell. The sole purpose of the 54 lakh 370Z is to raise the value of the 'Nissan' brand in the market. Something that is very important for Nissan's upcoming small car in 2011.

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There is no direct competition and thus Nissan would like to earn till such time they have rivalry.

Nice car but not to my taste, some how I too like the 350Z. Though the alloys are to die for. Wont the 19s make ride more stiff.

People who will buy will always be happy Its time to see more grins on road then ever before.

Nice coverage guys, we are waiting for the twists and turns
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Old 20th January 2010, 21:06   #19
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Fantastic Report Guys

The 370Z is more radical than the 350Z which I liked more but heck its good to see these cars getting officially launched here in India
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Old 20th January 2010, 21:29   #20
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Seriously fast car, but ridiculous pricing thanks to the GOI's import duties. Oh well, it is good news for the very rich, at least
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Old 20th January 2010, 21:37   #21
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as far as the looks are concerned me also prefer the old 350, this doesn't look bad, but i prefer the 350.

the car looks pretty damn good in red, waiting for the videos guys!
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Old 20th January 2010, 21:45   #22
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Fantastic report! Thanks!

The 370z looks great and is probably a hoot to drive! Looks like Nissan have brought it in in time for some brand building before the micra launch.

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Old 20th January 2010, 22:23   #23
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A great report, thanks a lot for the same. Cool way to launch the car too.

Awaiting the 'kahani main twist'.
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Old 20th January 2010, 22:31   #24
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Nice report there, congrats.I think it will find few buyers here at that price point, but then Nissan wants raise its Brand value.Whatever i liked the car , those radical looks are appealing.
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Old 20th January 2010, 23:22   #25
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Drop dead gorgeous. Unique way to launch the car. Nice! But, what's with the price. A 30k$ car priced more than 200% over it. Add the rto and insurance and it enters the porshce cayman territory I guess.
Complete drool!
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Old 21st January 2010, 02:58   #26
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A new post has just been added to the first page of this thread : DIRECT LINK to post #4
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Old 21st January 2010, 05:02   #27
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Oh yes !!
Let the sport coupe`s come in.
Awesome coverage, Thanks Rehaan and Dippy !

Though I highly doubt this but will they ever start production in India itself? If so then we may see a decrease in price?
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Old 21st January 2010, 05:52   #28
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The report was highly drool maal, great going guys, My neighbour has a bright yellow and every morning he spends atleast an hour to clean the car, its a absolute beauty.
Me too thinks its pricing is a bit on the higher side though.

OT: How can i apply for the job Rehaan does @ team bhp?
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Old 21st January 2010, 06:33   #29
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Car looks stunning!

But overpriced by 10 L. Audi V6 quattro and TT both look like a steal.
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Old 21st January 2010, 08:34   #30
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Man! Some guys get all the fun. Did you guys ask Narain to do his next car launch in Bangalore ?!
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