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Old 27th January 2010, 13:34   #16
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odd but true - not seen any Qualises nor even Innovas which have died by the road side!

I did see a Scorpio around 4-5 months ago which had died near HSR Layout in Bangalore - the vehicle looked to be extremely badly maintained so I guess there was a clear reason.

also saw a Tata Safari 3 litre Dicor which had died on the Sigur Ghats in Ooty - about mid 2008 or thereabouts.

but the largest number of cars that have died and that i have seen remains as per my earlier post - main reason is probably the sheer lack of proper care and maintenance.

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
I have the same observations as Shankar above.
I dont read too much into it, since its a fact that these vehicles are highly abused, and pampered the least in terms of maintenance. Finally, they give up sometime.

Its a different story that we dont find Qualises broken down by the roadside.
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Old 27th January 2010, 13:36   #17
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Apart from the usual, I have seen some Fiat UNO, Opel Astra, Cielo/Nexia. Most often seen is a maruti esteem/1000 Old gen with people running around for water.

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Old 27th January 2010, 13:47   #18
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Omni specially during rains and 800 every second day blocking ring road and last the Matiz. i have not seen The indicabs blocking the road cause they know what to do most of the times..
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Old 27th January 2010, 14:00   #19
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I have seen all kinds of usual Taxis broken down except for the Toyotas. I must admit Toyotas are very reliable in this regard.

Private vehicles seen broken down: M800 (Mine), Swifts (almost new ones), Indicas, Laura (1) , Ikon (looked abused).
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Old 27th January 2010, 14:05   #20
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Indicab, Due to poor maintainence and lots of abuses.

Last monday - saw one Qualis broke down on new Electronics city elevated road blocking 1 lane out of 2
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Old 27th January 2010, 15:13   #21
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Maruti Zens and Esteems/1000s, which finally seem to be getting old, parked on roads, waiting for assistance is quite a familiar sight nowadays. Among the in production cars Indicas, Sumos and Ikons seem to be the most visible dead cars on road.
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Old 27th January 2010, 15:18   #22
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I have seen more M800/Omni/Mahindra Jeeps broken down during my highway trips or during my City drives.
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Old 27th January 2010, 15:33   #23
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I don't understand the point of this thread. In general, Taxis and other public transport vehicles are the most abused and poorly maintained ones. So naturally the odds of spotting these ones stranded on the roads are very high.

What do we want to conlude in this?

For the record: As far as I have seen the highest number of vehicles stranded on the road are buses owned and operated by the Govt!
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Old 27th January 2010, 15:50   #24
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Tata Indicas and of late seen a few Palio 1.2 ELs(old model) as well.
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Old 27th January 2010, 15:54   #25
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I too am unable to see the point of the thread, most stranded cars, like 1960-1990 fiats premier padmini, 1980-2000 amby, old cielos, overused sumo and indica taxi are expected to be seen stranded.


A new car stranded is a cause to worry, an old car stranded is not a cause to worry.
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Old 27th January 2010, 16:18   #26
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In Blore, ive seen mostly the Indicabs & Sumo's broken down for various reasons, flat tires, water logging, accidents, etc

One car which i almost never see broken down nowadays is the Ambassador
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Old 27th January 2010, 16:30   #27
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Indicas .... certainly
Maruti 800s...
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Old 27th January 2010, 20:53   #28
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Cars I have seen broken down most are Maruti 800, even very New Swift, Scorpio and Omni in that order. Somehow, I don't see that many broken Indicas as others see, maybe we don't have that many cabs!

How about a poll on this? Would be good to exclude Taxis/Cabs. This could be an excellent database for people wanting to buy new cars, can give an indication of "actual quality" of cars on road and not "perceived quality".
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Old 27th January 2010, 21:00   #29
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Originally Posted by shankar.balan View Post
maximum broken down cars I ve seen over the last few years in and around Bangalore have been Tata Indica Taxis and BPO Sumos - I guess it is because generically, these taxi drivers/ fleet owners tend to over-use all their cars and not service them or take appropriate preventive maintenance measures.
I agree with this too. BPO Indicas especially are used and abused to great limits. There is this road in Whitefield, parallel to the Karnataka Trade Expo Centre. That road has crater sized pot holes, and i have seen plenty of Indicas and Sumos zipping past them at high speeds. They definitely do not care for those vehicles and end up breaking down on the road side. Moreover apart from Tata vehicles Marutis too have a fair share of breakdowns among private cars. Especially 800s.
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Old 27th January 2010, 23:22   #30
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Blaming Indicas/Sumos is very childish. Nine out of ten cabs are Indicas and 99 out of 100 are abused. So no wonder we see so many on roads.

But what about this? I saw two Swifts ( less than 4 months old ) being towed and another with its hood up by the sidewalk. And yes, contrary to some Toyota fans' beliefs, I have seen many Qualises and even Innovas with their hood up. Two Octys broken down. One with its rear wheel bent.

A Merc sedan, too. Now, this is an interesting story. This 2 year old Merc ( I don't know the series,E/C or S ) followed an Indica through a 6-inch deep puddle in Hyderabad. Indica ( a battered cab ) drove away but the Merc stalled and it refused to start. It was 6 in the evening. A call to dealer elicited this response. Please do not raise the hood. We don't want our cars to be seen with their hoods raised by the roadside. We will tow your car to our service centre but not now. It will be done late night when the city goes to sleep. we don't want people to see our cars being towed. This story was narrated by a friend to me whose boss owns this car in Hyd'bad. The morale of the story is, any car or machine can break down. Jetliners and space shuttle break down too; that is when they crash. unless it is pilot error.

No wonder with this kinda precaution being taken by these super car dealers, we don't see many elite cars by the roadside. Plus small number of these cars to start with.

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