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Default Aston Martin building an SUV only for INDIAN MARKET!

Dont believe me? Think I'm going insane?

Well, it's not me, but some so-called journalist high on some toxic chemical at rediff.com

Aston Martin in talks with Indian dealers: Rediff.com Business
The luxury car segment is driven mostly by exclusivity. Customers buying cars that sometimes cost a couple of crores, look for uniqueness as much as they look for performance and high-end features.

Luxury car makers BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz make up for most of the luxury car market in India. Indian customers have the moolah to spend and no car maker is ready to leave the opportunity to capitalise on it.
Rumours are on that the luxury car maker Aston Martin based in Britain is all set to foray into the Indian market. Everything is very hushed at the moment and no body is coming on-record to confirm or dismiss these rumours.

It is believed that the planning is still in the most native stages and Aston Martin has not yet decided on the models the company plans to launch in India. The company is also learnt to be in discussion with dealers but no final choice has been made yet.

However, if rumours are to be believed then Aston Martin might enter India with either a SUV (sports utility vehicle) model or a luxury sedan.

The financially strong upper class of India and the good results posted by the existing luxury car makers in the country are the biggest pull for any car manufacturer across the globe.

Also, the industry observers feel that the brand loyalty in India is not as strong as it is in the west.

Buyers here switch brands quickly and this can be beneficial for late entrants. Brands like Aston Martin can gain traction in the Indian market relatively quickly by capitalizing on the underdeveloped sense of loyalty among Indian buyers towards luxury cars.
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Do they mean the Lagonda SUV which appeared at the 2009 Geneva Motor show?

Aston Martin Lagonda SUV development indefinitely suspended
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Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post one-liners that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the overall quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further.

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take this with a pinch of salt. aston martin will cost crores to own. . my fav is V12 vantage

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The 'only for indian market' bit sounds rather far fetched. The investment required for a developement programme of this scale would run into a few hundred million pounds for Aston, making this project financially unfeasible.

In 2009 Aston sold only about 4000-5000 cars worldwide. They wouldn't expect their volumes in india to run even into 3 figures annually.

In any case, Astons cost about £90,000 (Vantage V8) to £180,000 (DBS V12 Volante) in the UK depending on the model, which means they will easily cost well over a Crore for a Vantage if sold in India as a CKU.
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Bleh.... you guys are lame!

I was being sarcastic. Someone at rediff.com said that Aston will be bringing in their SUV into India.

I was just trying to show how some people simply shouldnt be in "automotive journalism".

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Ok then what abou this link:-
Car News India | Aston Martin To Drive in SUV in India
It states that Aston is launching a SUV in India. Do they even have any SUV models?
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Aston Martin was earlier, a part of Ford Motor Co. Ltd and worked together till 2007 after which it was sold to a company co-owned by businessmen David Richards and John Sinders and Investment Dar and Adeem Investment of Kuwait for nearly $850 million. The company is heading towards the developing economies, under the new management and is adding dealers in Russia, China and West- Asia
For more details checkout Aston Martin Will Sell Luxury Cars In India
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is this going to be a competition to Q7 or this is something upwards of Land Cruiser ? I mean the plans ?

OR is it just a joke ?
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This news is clear exaggerated statement from a journal.
I think there are many days for left for April 1st.
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"However, if rumours are to be believed then Aston Martin might enter India with either a SUV (sports utility vehicle) model or a luxury sedan."

It clearly says that if Aston ever enters the Indian market it will do so with a SUV(yet to come) or the Rapide(luxury sedan).
This doesn't mean that Aston is building a SUV specifically for the Indian market.

If that ugly Lagonda concept ever goes to production(God forbid!),or Aston builds a SUV from grounds up,obviously they won't ignore the Indian market.But that's a long time to go,and IMO these SUV rumors are hogwash.

But its great news if AM's foray into India(except the SUV part) holds any truth.Imagine a Rapide on Indian roads!What a beaut!

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Aston Martin was always a "Bespoke" car for the "Gentleman Racer" fraternity - right from their earlier roots with Lagonda. (a bit like Bentley in that sense.)

Today it is true that the Brand, to an extent has become commoditized, something like the way perhaps the Rolls Royces, Bentleys and even Iconic brands like Louis Vuitton in other categories have.

Basically a lot more people have access to brands like these today, which is also part of their "net-widening" strategy, which they must adopt in order to stay alive.

Some of the best "growth markets" such brands are likely to have, over the next decade are Developing Economies like India and China plus other Semi Developed Economies where the Bling factor rules - e.g Russia.

With the rise of the "nouveau riche", owning and showing off such brands are probably the loudest talking outward manifestations of the "arriviste" - literally from lurking in the boondocks to ruling the business district in one easy generation leap or "from nothing to everything in no time at all" to paraphrase Pierce Brosnan / 007 in "Die Another Day".

Whatever it is, it makes for good sales for the brands and allows lesser mortals to gape, gawk and click when such a fantastic vehicle passes by on the roads.
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