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All the while the showroom guys were telling that Jazz sales is picking up now. Now we know what is the reality. The only offer as of now is still a free insurance. Maybe some goodies in terms of accessories or some 10k cash discount.

I really dont think Honda suffered much because of the failure of Jazz as much as we think. In most cases, the prospective customers have moved to ANHC instead. That is clear from the robust 5k+ sales of that car, in spite of it being labeled as "overpriced" and "underspecced". And it is also interesting to see that there is a market for premium hatch backs, considering the sales of Hyundai i20, hovering near 4k every month. I dont think Punto is yet anywhere near.

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City A/T is clearly a 8 lakh product yet is outrageously charged in India above 10L.

More than fan following driving sales for Honda badge, in reality Honda City has no proper competitive Sedan yet in its range from other competitors hence it sells.

Perhaps at showe room Jazz aspirants gets converted and ends up buying a City contributes additioanl volumes for City. Honda can only be happy.

Civic face competition from Cruze and Corolla and hence sells in moderation.

Jazz is lost opportunity for Honda to get a foot hold in Hatch segment. Price recorrection cannot do much.

Only an All new economic -quality Hatch at a price band of 5-6L with 3 variants at different price points can help Honda.
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Old 4th March 2010, 19:34   #33
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Honda should quickly accept the screw up of Jazz, and as GTO said the vouchers should go too. When they can sell the Civic Hybrid for 13 lacs after 22 lacs in a matter of months, they sure can give some vouchers around to the Jazz customers.

Heavily localize the Jazz and price it at 7 lacs which will actually spell trouble for a lot of cars. Introduce the new little Honda (displayed in Delhi 2010) quick and position it at 5 lacs. Diesels too need to come becuase the way Cruze is going, you know you need a diesel in that category.
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Old 4th March 2010, 19:43   #34
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Jazz is overpriced even by Honda lover standards. Period.

If this discussion is going to go on, it will only lead to Honda bashing. I'd love to join that though
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Considering the fact that manufacturing Jazz costs more and that Honda is not really in the volumes business, I seriously doubt they will reduce its price. Knowing Honda, they are not going to user cheaper material, modify structure or "Indianize" Jazz to reduce prices. They might just wait out till the market for Jazz like hatches matures or may just take Jazz away from India. The latter would be a shame because Jazz is an excellent product killed by its price.
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Originally Posted by Nilesh5417 View Post
The Jazz simply does not rake up in points against I20 nor does Honda hold the de-facto premium tag all alone! Further, quite a few buyers of say an i10 or Getz, will atleast consider stretching to reach the I20 Magna which itself is quite loaded. Honda does not have this advantage. Their hatch isn't even considered as an option by the "real" hatch buyers. Its sitting plum in the sedan category with no real features to tempt a sedan buyer.
I think the car could get quite a few sales if it had the same features as the i20, and the 1.5VTEC from the City. A lot of wealthy folks who already have a large luxury saloon want a 2nd or 3rd car for short trips or dropping the kids to school etc etc. I know quite a few such folks, and most of them picked the top-of-the-line automatic i20 only because it was the most "loaded" car that isn't too large. If Honda had offered the same features as the i20 and a better engine, that would justify a premium of up to 50k ~ 1.0L.

Originally Posted by A350XWB View Post
In the thread, http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...hback-10l.html , 60% of the people voted against buying a hatchback for 10L. In India, you cannot sell a car, in it's hatchback version, even if it offers more space, features, and all the bells & whistles than a similarly priced sedan, if the price is beyond a point (~8L).
If the Honda Jazz actually tempted sedan buyers with a decent engine and segment-topping features then a lot of city dwellers who don't need a boot (for carrying luggage or boosting egos?) might pick the Jazz over a similarly priced sedan. After all, 40% of respondents in the above-mentioned survey said that they would buy a 10L hatch. 40% is still a pretty big market.
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i don't think their is any mystery in Jazz scenario. If Honda is unhappy with the numbers, they have only one option - reduce prices, and significantly. If they are happy with exclusivity (should I say unnoticeability) then do not do anything, and enjoy the status. Plonking a 1.5 would not solve the problem, if at all Honda acknowledges there is one.
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Old 5th March 2010, 07:35   #38
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Default What's the way forward ?

Now it is getting obvious that most (rather all) of us are unanimous on the cause of "Jazz" fiasco. The next step automatically become how to correct it ?
GTO and others have suggested

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The problem with the Jazz is simple : Its 1.25 - 1.50 lakhs too overpriced. Couple that with a premium hatch like the i20, whose fully loaded variant is cheaper than the Jazz by over a lakh. A Jazz that is sold without alloy wheels or even a parcel tray.

Ajmat had posted in another thread of how a brand in the UK corrected its pricing by:

- Bringing it down to more realistic levels
will it not hit the brand value of Honda in a way city has become " buy-with-eyes-closed" type of product. Despite the damage control by following suggestion

- Sending existing owners vouchers, of the difference between the old & new price.

Honda should just admit its mistake and move on.

Just thinking aloud: should providing AT and other goodies will not help to all existing and future customers.

Any other ways of corrections?

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I don't see any jazz around here, I don't think people are buying it. Its a flop product.
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everyone likes to say ' i told you so'. so here i am saying i told you so that this car will sell 500 pieces for the first few months and then will stagnate at around 300 - 250.

The way forward for honda is to stop selling the jazz

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Old 5th March 2010, 11:23   #41
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Originally Posted by Max View Post
I don't see any jazz around here, I don't think people are buying it. Its a flop product.
Till date I have only spotted 3 jazz in Kolkata. Taking into account the situation that I have seen far more bimmers and mercs, I don't really see this as anything Honda can really be 'proud' of (exclusivity factor).
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I have seen considerable number of Jazz here in Bangalore. I think what is missing in Jazz at the same price is

1. Alloy wheels
2. USB input for IPOD
3. Slightly more powerful Engine
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People do not mind paying 1 to 2 lakh extra for a 20 lakh car but not for a 7-8 lakh purchase. Ultimately if Honda does not correct the price, then Jazz will find its natural death..
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And we forgot - the Jazz isn't a diesel!
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I remember reading an article where Honda said that they are not targeting a mass sales here. They also said that this is a car for a person who already owns a premium car but wants a Hatch for comfort in heavy traffic. - Now with such a target market I think Jazz is actually doing not bad. For sure it would had ruled out many cars if the price was around 1L-1.5L lesser.
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