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View Poll Results: Which car would you wanna be seen in?
VW Polo (Petrol) 277 62.53%
Ford Figo (Petrol) 166 37.47%
Voters: 443. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 16th April 2010, 10:26   #181
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Old 6th May 2010, 23:27   #182
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Talking Polo for looks and tag name. Figo for the package/VFM

I would like to be seen in a VW Polo (White/Red colour) but I have booked a Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium (TDCi) in Diamond White with Red Dashboard on 12th April. Eagerly awaiting it.

For me the reason is simple. Figo is bang for my hard earned buck. Polo has the tag name of VW hence robust German engineering, contemporary styling but it cannot match the value proposition of Figo.


I voted for Ford Figo
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Old 20th May 2010, 14:19   #183
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I voted for Figo.

Blore Onroad Prices - Polo Petrol Base (5.3) and Figo Petrol Exi (4.6).

WHOPPING 60k man. Its not a petrol vs diesel comparison where we can cover the 60k in the form of running cost.

Agree VW means quality, durability etc. But then remember they are coming down to a lower segment in India for the first time. They might have had their own strategy to keep costing in control. So dont say a European quality standard will be met here. I don't buy that. And service n/w is nowhere in sight. What about parts availability in case of a breakdown? Polo can win over Figo, not now may be 2-3 yrs later.

As of now, Guys, go for the Figo. At this point of time considering price, VFM and service n/w Figo is far ahead of Polo. VW reminds of only of Skoda.

For other factors such as snob value etc people might go for Polo but then team-bhp.com stands for the majority, the real general public for whom VFM and 'sensible buying' is the main thing. Remember:- Even if this thread states 99% Figo, those people who want snob value will go for Polo only. Who cares for them!

Things I love best in Figo:-
1) A/c chilling, CHILLING a/c. Simply best in class. After alto Iam finding such an a/c first time. I haven't traveled in Benz ok!
2) Space
3) Drive and Handling
4) Comfort levels.
5) Sedan like feel within
6) 280ltr boot
7) reasonably good interiors. Don't compare figo to polo. compare figo with Swift, now tell. By the way even Swift is 50k costlier than Figo!
8) Ford has come a long way in customer satisfaction. I know a few Ikon friends who are feeling better off in the last year or so wrt maintenance charges.
9) More Figos out means the more safer you are wrt spares/service. Sales nos of Figo are positive.
10) Agree that 3.6 lac is the publics view of Figo. But I see it the other way round too. 6+ also we have a Figo TDCi Titanium.

Iam all set to take Figo Exi 1.2. Thought slightly confused with its TDCi sibbling.
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@ sam_sant2005

Simply go for FIGO Petrol EXi. The smile will always remain on your face. The steering is so precise that it will take you exactly where u want. A boon while parking in tight space. Gurgaon OTR was just Rs. 418K, that too for Sea grey-Metalic

Go Figo-ing. Cheers!

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I voted for the Figo. Although Polo beats it hollow in terms of looks, Figo "clean sweeps" it by the sheer VFM on offer. Heck, even the base diesel of Figo is cheaper than Base Polo Petrol. And as far as looks are concerned, IMO it does not look bad. Not an attention grabber, but not bad. The design will surely age well (a la Fiesta). Also, I feel that criticism for the red dash is not warranted since its optional. That said, the interiors look practical and well put together, but again does not have the "x" factor to it.

Originally Posted by xingamazon View Post
As pointed out, I guess there must be some gross mistake in the figures/facts here. Dont think VW or for that matter any company would be sending off a lemon that too in the initial batches. Knowing the quality standards of these companies.

Guess we should stop discussing this (to avoid undue bad publicity) until we have any confirmed news about this vehicle.
Why stop? If my memory serves me right, GTO bought a lemon merc. Are we saying that Mercedes does not focus on quality? Initial batch or latter, no company wants lemons rolling off into the showrooms, but they still do, dont they. Such feedbacks would only help the prospective buyer make an informed decision and IMO, this forum does serve that purpose too (quite well if I might add. Helped a lot when I was in the market for a new car).

Originally Posted by Gilead View Post
Going by this incredible logic, anyone who has been in an i20 would commit suicide or spontaneously combust the moment they step into a Polo.

The Polo is a good car in its own right. There is no need to bash a competitor to make it look better. Especially when the competitor has outsold it by 10 times.

Originally Posted by kage9091 View Post
I would like to be seen in a VW Polo (White/Red colour) but I have booked a Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium (TDCi) in Diamond White with Red Dashboard on 12th April. Eagerly awaiting it.

For me the reason is simple. Figo is bang for my hard earned buck. Polo has the tag name of VW hence robust German engineering, contemporary styling but it cannot match the value proposition of Figo.


I voted for Ford Figo
Said it like it is. Again as far as looks are concerned, I believe Polo looks as good as (if not better) than Punto, a looker in its own right. Many congratulations on the purchase.
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Default The quest for a new hatch or used saloon

With my better half soon getting back to work, we are looking for another car. Our current possessions: i10 A/T and Civic 1.8V Manual of which the latter is reserved for weekends and drives of longer duration.

The considerations:
- New/Used hatch
- Used saloon
- Depending on what we end up with, we will decided who drives what
- My wife is inclined towards the i10 Auto for its convenience

What has been test driven so far

1. Ford Figo Diesel.

After going through all the post on our in house Figo's I decided diesel was better. It was arranged pretty quickly as we had an Ikon previously from the same dealer.

The Good

a. It looks so refreshing
b. When it drove off it looked just like my Corsa Sail from the back.
c. Nice seat position. Adjustable seat height; Very good!
d. Well appointed cabin. I was at home with the controls.
e. Nice to see electrically adjusted mirrors in the non ABS version also
e. Good space in the boot
f. Just like a Ford: Responsive, excellent road manners

The not so good

a. No dead pedal or perhaps no place for it. Sure could have used one
b. Very tall 1st gear
c. Non existant 2nd gear. It was a chore to climb up the hill with the car wanting to be in 1st all the time and when put into second she would just become non responsive.
d. No Alloys on any version! Can be pardoned actually
e. A lot of gear shifting for city driving. But then it was a diesel so will not complain too much.


I liked the overall package a lot. But will not consider as drivability in the city is an issue.

2. Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Petrol
Went to VW downtown to be greeted by throngs of people waiting for a test drive of the Polo. I added to that. Waited 45 mins and got a drive.

The Good

a. I was blown away by the build, fit and finish of this automobile. Superlative!
b. Though the engine is funny sounding and underpowered, it did not feel as labored as I had expected it to be. Drove it spiritedly from the corner of the passport office to the signal at Siddhivinayak. Did a quick 90 Km/hr.
c. Ride, Handling all top notch.
d. Drivable in high gear low speed city conditions
e. Short shift gear box felt nice and quick when going up the gears and while checking down
f. Diesel test drive in a week to 2 weeks time
g. 1.6 to be launched July. I would love to see what a 1.6 can do to this really nice car

The not so good

a. When I started the engine of the test drive car, I asked if it was a diesel. The 3 pot sounded noisy, uncomfortable and labored
b. I went through the gears in mild traffic. Not as bad as I expected but it does not suit the cars build. It is simply very mismatched
c. Though they quoted 5 to 6 months of wait, I understand from reliable sources in VW that production is close to 100% capacity of the plant and over the next month, this wait period would reduce considerably.
d. No place to rest my foot off the clutch. My shoe would not fit


No fun to drive. Need all the power of the motor to have a nice drive and none to spare. Fantastic fit, finish and road presence. It looks brilliant! Reasonably good sized boot. Has some nice accessory packages from the dealer.

Next drive: The Grande Punto 1.4. I also went to see the Nissan Micra but the car was taken away for a press shoot. Bookings open at 50K. Delivery starting July for all variants
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How about the comparison of Ford Figo Diesel(EXI) and Polo Diesel(Trendline)??

The difference in the price is around 60-70K(ex-showroom)(Polo is costlier), but most of the features of these 2 versions are more or less similar. I am thinking to go on corporate leased finance option. So the diff of price may not make big diff in EMI.

I have taken TD of Ford Figo EXI, the drive,comfort,style, mileage(as uoted by sales person) was satisfactory and i almost decided to go for it , but a friend of mine suggested me to even look at POLO Diesel(trendline). I am planning to take TD of this diesel version somewhere in the 1st week of July(as for TD only petrol version is available).

My inclination is towards Ford cars as i already own josh machine from them and extremely happy with its performance, safety, mileage, reliability and durabiility. So far, no major breakdowns and repair, its been almost 5 years now. I also agree that the cost of spare parts and service is on higher side as compared to other vehicles. I will be planning to keep Ikon for another 2 years and sell it for whatever price. As of now i am planning for 2nd car in hatch diesel. Your opinions/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

POLO diesel came to consideration as i know German engineering is superior as compared to other manufacturers. So far what i heard about POLO is that its build quality, engine refinement, interior and exterior style is good..but nothing more than that. I am still searching for good enough info so that i can decide better.

The real challenge to make a decision between the two is that i am unaware of POLO's Maintenance cost, mileage, overall cost of ownership, spare parts availability and costs, Service intervals etc. If the POLO diesel owners shares their experience on these aspects, it would be greatly appreciated.

Moderators: Please let me know if you think i need to start another thread on this. I feel this is relevant here. thanks
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Originally Posted by mayukh View Post
- Ritz wouldn't have been selling at all if people follow my opinion about it. I will not buy it unless offered in less than a lakh (just because of its looks). I even know a friend of mine who is a fan of Ritz's looks (an arrow shaped design according to him)
Originally Posted by CARDEEP View Post
PS : Did not go for test rides as I had lied to my wifey about my venture in morning on Sunday, especially after I had promised her that I won't waste Sunday on cars. Managed to save my head back at home.
Amidst all the stuff flying around between the Figo and Polo, you guys made me

I just saw the Polo today with my wife who test drove it, and now she wants me to book it right away.

What a ride it has been for me... First the Innova, then the Xylo and now the Polo. My head is spinning.

Didn't check out the Figo and looks like I may never will, so no 2 cents about that.

Sorry for the interruption folks. Continue where you left off.
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Since the choice is between the petrol models, definitely its Polo all the way. But for diesels, Figo would have scored more for me just because its a VFM package with a good engine and great dynamics.
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Originally Posted by Daewood View Post
I used to do the same many many years back. Simply look at and admire my Matiz from my terrace. I drove it like a precious piece of luxury.

But today if i buy a goodlooking car will i be able to protect that beauty from scratches and dents in this mad traffic.

That is the only question preventing me from going and booking a Polo.
I had similar thoughts - but then, any car would be similar. Might as well own something we like - and enjoy when we can, than keep fretting about the possible problems. And as they say - the first scratch hurts the worst - after that, its all the same

Hope to see you convert your dream into reality!
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Originally Posted by NevGin View Post

1. Ford Figo Diesel.

2. Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Petrol

Next drive: The Grande Punto 1.4. I also went to see the Nissan Micra but the car was taken away for a press shoot. Bookings open at 50K. Delivery starting July for all variants
nice observation, same is what i am thinking of too, either to go for figo diesel ZXI or to have a look on micra as well.
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If looks, more well built feeling(and it is!) and image is the priority, then it is the Polo. If it is pure performance and ownership costs, the figo it is.

Polo is my next flat executive lady, and i am all grinning if i have access to her.
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Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : One-liners that add ZERO value to the thread are strictly prohibited on Team-BHP. In fact, they are considered as SPAM. Please do not hit the post submit button unless you have something of value to add to the thread.

We advise you to visit our board rules before proceeding any further.

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Default Polo sells 100/month/dealership v/s 50 for Figo

Its been almost 6 months since ASEEM did this fantastic Polo v/s Figo comparison. Some one had summarized it quite well, if you do a lot of math then you will go for Figo else its Polo.

Now I was looking at the sales figure of 2010-august for Polo (about 4000) and Figo (about 6000).

Looks like Figo is selling more.

But now taking into consideration that VW has about 40 dealership and Ford has about 120. The avg sales/month/dealership for Polor is 100/month/dealership and for the Figo its 50/month/dealership.

Figo starts at 4.2 lacs OTR bangalore and Polo starts at 5.3 lacs OTR, Polo selling 100 against Figo selling 50 is amazing news for VW.

Looks like more indians are going by their hearts rather than their minds

If VW matches the Ford dealership network in the next year, and if the sales per dealership remains similar than VW can expect to sell 12000 cars/month and assuming Polo takes away some Figo customers where VW earlier didn't have dealerships, then we might be looking at Figo selling at 4000 or 5000/month.

I think that Polo has all the strengths to become the next Swift. The only challenger might be the Swift 2011.

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This is a good debate and very well & honestly compared.

That said, the poll could be a little misleading IMHO. I feel it should be renamed from "Which car would you wanna be seen in?" to "Which car would you wanna spend your money on after looking at all aspects?". There is a pretty good price difference between the two cars and hence the much better looks of the polo. But at the end of the day, what matters most is do people put their money where their mouths are?
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