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Default Review of Motor Vehicles Act - Govt Inviting Suggestions


The government is inviting suggestions for amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act.1988. The committe is chaired by Shri. S. Sunder, distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and former Secretary Ministry of Surface Transport.

The suggestions have to be mailed to either:

I would request:

1 Interested persons to write to the government and put in their
2. Interested persons to post those suggestions on this thread
3. Team-Bhp mods to summarise and send an official set of suggested changes to the government incorporating both professional views of the mods as well as personal views of the forum

While many of you will immediately notice that we are past the last date of sending in suggestions, i would request you to still go ahead and send them in. It is my experience that any deadline in a government committee is fairly namesake.

Link: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India
Act: mva1988.pdf
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1. Uniform tax all over the country.
2. Allow vehicles to be transferred between states without re-registration.
3. Transfer of old registration numbers to new vehicles.
4. Abolish PUC and introduce a complete roadworthyness test.
5. Legalise engine mods and swaps.
6. Allow import of LHD vehicles.

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some points are in bold highlights From the less discussed thread:

Expectations from Govt. of India:

1. Govt of India to rationalize Excise duty, CST, VAT taxes to ensure total net taxes on passenger car is not exceeding 25% in any part of the country.

2.a Govt. of India to ensure a check mechanism for fair trade practice. To monitor on non Indian car companies not to treat CBU and CKD produced cars with same prices.

2b.Govt of India to insist a minimum 40% price reduction On CKD produced car models (between CBU and CKD pricing).

2c.Govt of India to take action On those car manufactuers who unfairly price their CKD produced carmodels, On such unfair priced models Govt to reduce import duty to CKD level ensuring fairness and preventing foreign car companies looting Indians.

3. Govt of India to fix the passenger vehicle Road tax to be a flat amount or for example Rs. 2,500/- per annum as per vehicle Kerb weight slabs upto 1000kgs, upto 1500 kgs etc.

3b. Govt of India to provide the option of multiple year roax tax payment for 2/3/5 years period to be provided for the car buyer.

3c. For Countrywide Road / Highways development a seperate flat amount charge or Rs. 1000/- per year per vehicle or on slab system as per vehicle kerb weight can be levied while paying road tax.

Govt of India must take steps to prevent all State Govts. asking for 6 to 12% of vehicle cost as road tax up front after a taxation of excise duty/CST/VAT/Octroi etc as it is UNETHICAL and illegal too.

4. Govt of India to Introduce ONE ALL INDIA vehicle registration number system integrating all RTOs issueing universal India vehicle numbers for all passenger vehicles where states issuing vehicle number can be identified by a number. This will minimise hasstles while travelling across states.

5. Govt of India to Abolish OCTROI effectively from all states.

6. Govt of India to instruct all Indian car manufactuers to provide ABS as part of their vehicle weighing 750kgs OR on those vehicles theu manufactuer which can achieve top speed of 100km/hr.

7. Govt of India to instruct all Indian car manufactuers to offer Airbags across all variants minimum as an Option.

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Acidkill, great initiative. Before everyone adds their points lets put a format in place.


Rationale for this


1: Any vehicle over 3 years old needs to be tested annually at an approved testing station for safety and proper operation. Renewal of insurance and road tax can only be against this certificate

Rationale - most cars are neglected and may not be roadworthy due to many small faults
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To add to this
  • Govt. should introduce anti lemon laws penalizing the Car Manufactures heavily for poor production quality.
  • To force the Car Dealership & Service Centers to publish and display the MRP of Spares and Accessories
  • Establish Pan India force to strongly enforce traffic discipline
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  • Introduce an act similar to the Magnusson-Moss Act in the United States:
    • Quote:
      For our purposes the law basically states that you have a right to use after market, non-OEM parts on your vehicle and still retain the factory warranty. However, if there is a failure and the manufacturer can show that the failure was caused by the aftermarket part, they can deny coverage.
    • Quote:
      The important thing is that your dealer cannot VOID your entire warranty just because the part is on the vehicle. There have been cases where a dealer would tell a customer that their new vehicle had no warranty because it had an after market exhaust or other part. Granted, the exhaust or other part is not covered, however the rest of the vehicle is still under the normal warranty.
    • A similar rule may also apply to insurance coverage on vehicles with modifications.
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I think we should go to a tout/agent near an RTO office and ask for a list of services he can provide and the unofficial "fees" for that service -

Eg. NOC for 2 wheeler: 1000 Rs;
Vehicle fitness certificate: 800 Rs;
Motorcycle License for 16 year old:...;
Reimbursement of vehicle lifetime tax for car: 10000Rs

and so on. We should then send that list to these MVA/MORTH dudes. They can work backwards and realize what is wrong in the MVA-1988 to begin with.

Driver Licensing:
- Attach licensing not just to one test but to atleast two randomized tests done by two different RTO officials
-Certified training gets a fast-track licence issued
- Audit the certified training institutes
- Link licensing to behaviour: institute a offence-points system to track and re-train serial traffic offenders.
- Link Licensing to vehicle insurance: Insurance rates should be linked to a good driving record.

Vehicle registration:
Provide clear portability provisions for transfer of vehicles from one state to another state:
- single window clearance of re-registration requests in new state with a nominal fee.
- abolish double taxation or demands to pay life-time tax in new state.
- remove the requirement for "No objection certificate" in vehicle transfer
- remove the necessity of paying a large tax in one state and getting it re-imbursed in state of original registration: there should institute a mechanism to transfer the residual lifetime tax for a vehicle to the new state.
- provide clearly written law and guidelines to prevent traffic police/RTO harassment of travelers with out-of-state license plates/vehicles
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My 2 cents:

1. Road tax should be same all over India. There should be no concept of state-wise road taxes.

2. Road tax should be calculated based on the cc of the vehicle, not based on ex-showroom price. People buying top end variants (with safety features) should not be made to pay higher road tax compared to others buying lower variant of the same car.

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Does the motor vehicle act also includes anything on the road sense or driving sense??
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1. All automakers should allow counter-sales of parts so that fake parts dont stand a chance.

2. Allow imports of old vehicles (classic cars) at a lower excise duty.

3. Ban 2-strokes of all forms

4. Introduce uniform taxes and adopt International Safety regulations

5. Abroad, the fitting of a non-OEM part does not void warranty unless the problem that has occurred was caused by that specific part.
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1. Rationalize the dual rate structure to a more suited Carbon tax. And have these taxes for electric vehicles abolished.

2. Make it mandatory for every manufacturer to provide Crash test details.

3. Remove the requirement to re-register the vehicles across states.
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Some of few have already touched the points. We call ourselves software superpower in the making. Why can't we integrate all RTOs and have uniform tax all over India. Register at one place and drive all over India without having to worry about getting NOC and re-registration.
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This is a very old news & I believe they've closed their ears by now; here's the last line from the article

"The suggestions, may be sent either by post to Shri S.K.Dash, Joint Secretary(Transport),Room NO. 516,Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Transport Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001 or through E-mail ( at the latest by 15th October,2009"
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