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I was thinking about this thread when I started off from my home to office. Very first corner I was given the right to pass by an Scorpio owner. Sitting in Fortuner I smiled at myself and thought about this thread... then suddenly I realized, if I do not consider cars then I have been bullied by many people on road ...

Right after the Scorpio gave way and I was driving with my chest expanded, this fellow came in front of me. I know no amount of honking would help. AND as a RULE I never honk on pedl rickshaws or bicycles as for me it is a mere push of pedal and for them it just drains their strength to start and stop. I know this as one time I had to cycle 24kms to and fro for work.

And so it is very competent dada.
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I hate them now, but then again when am on my RD or RE guess I also drive like them, though I feel I am much better bike rider now, and with more road sense. I cannot dare touch them with my car, the big vehicle is always WRONG.
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These are the worst. They can be the best dadagiri vehicle on the road
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No competition here. No matter whether you got a red beacon on vehicle or sirens blazing, or whatever you are, your dadagiri vehicle fails here.
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Default Innova

Strange but I would nominate the Toyota Innova, they are a menace out here in Hyderabad totally avoid these Idiot drivers in the city.
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ok if you are talking about bad A** cars/suvs. i am not talking about "get outta my way looks" when u look at these beasts. you either are jealous or just in awe!


new BMW 7 series

AUDI W12 A8 L (o n g). wheelbase verison. one day it was following me. i so got out of the way. damn this car is huge. and it was in RED!!

Mitsubishi montero. 4900 mm long. big SUV. not a landcruiser but still.

Volkswagen toureg.

mercedes benz GL class!
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I'm not sure if anyone submitted this car to the list already. And if no one did, I'd be surprised.

Presenting India's absolute best "Gangsta" car:

Well, for the sophisticated gangsta anyways. Those 400+ horses would come in handy when running away from the cops, or chasing that pot-bellied Gujju who refuses to pay 5 "khokha"! Fuel consumption not a problem...dadagiri at the petrol pump helps (who pays for fuel bills!)

Speedy's S600
India's Best 'Dada'giri cars-31102009286.jpg

P.S. No offence to Gujjus. I'm one myself.

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Old 8th April 2010, 18:25   #95
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i dont see how the octavia is a dada car..

the scorpio definately!
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There was a time about 10-12 years back when my brother and I wanted to buy an Omni for the family. Our parents rejected it outright because Omni was commonly associated with smugglers and kidnappers in the movies!
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Old 11th April 2010, 22:01   #97
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The Landcruiser top the list for me. You've GOT TO make way when you see one behind you.
The Audi Q7 is quite intimidating too in size. Quite a few on road off late, typical politician/moviestar owners.
The Toyota Qualis & Mahindra Bolero especially when they're white with blue stripes on the sides. Damn, gotta be scared of the police !!
Somehow i always find old Sumo drivers to be the biggest nuisance on the roads. They drive like they've got nothing to lose (their cars for instance )!!
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A very interesting topic.
I feel Scorpio is the best dadagiri cars. At least seventy five percent of the dim witted pseudo politicians get their kicks by driving in groups. Most of the time its white scorpio, pitch black sun film, crash guard with a flag mast and the party's flag (which i guess will change depending on the time of the day). Oh i almost forget Hella lights and infuriating horn.
I cant accept Innova, Landcruiser, endeavour as dadagiri cars as they are elegant beasts which command some respect unlike the scorpio which is like a mad bull.
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I have seen a few W140s, with skirts all round, some real neat oversized rims and it looks real killer. I had spotted a Maroon one in Koramangala 3rd Block about a week ago and you could almost expect Don Corleone to step out any second
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Old 11th April 2010, 23:54   #100
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In India, the best Dadagiri car per me is the Scorpio.
Good road presence - check
Decent power (for India) - check
Good horn - check
Easy to repair dings n scrapes - check
Gangsta look in black or white - check
Don't give a damn attitude of most of its drivers - check

Yup, complete dadagiri car.

Originally Posted by prateekm View Post
Dadagiri cars? I feel the best dadagiri are the Indicabs
Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
India's best Dadagiri car is the Tata Indicab. You buy one of those for yourself, and you will strangely find everybody making way for you. I'm personally quite scared of those critters.
You don't say! Now that's why I find the road ahead of me relatively clear everytime I drive my Indigo CS (looks just like an indica head-on)
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Old 12th April 2010, 12:18   #101
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1. Scorpio
2. Safari
3. Pajero (who is in top earnings)
4. Sumo (a lot in the south)
5. Bolero (Much in south nowadays - an alternate to Sumo)
6. Ambassador (still by poor oldies)
7. (Used) Esteem (used by newbies, who are yet to earn)
8. Not a Car but, the best dadagiri mobiles are still Autorickshaws!

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Tata cars look like Dada's on Road. Safari is all time dadagiri car. Looks cool in white. Previously Siera used to look like Dada on the road. How people forget Tata Estate? It was such a big lengthy car. Used to look great in White color. That time it used to look like real cool on road.

In today's cars, Fortuner is surely a dada. Also the Pajero & Land Rovers. Scorpio is chota dada i will say
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Right now Fortuner Steals the show from Almost everything on the road.
The only other Car that Beats the Fortuner is the LC200, It literally Bulldozes its way through what ever it finds in its path ,road or no road.

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Old 12th April 2010, 14:31   #104
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am not sure about dada giri car, but the innova with the red beacon on gives me the right of way for all i care..
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Its the white TATA SUMO that is the ultimate Indian Gangsta car!
Its almost synonymous with the "dada gang" in indian movies!
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