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ant_vas 8th October 2019 12:58

Re: Let's know the law (Motor Vehicles Act)

Where do we check this?

For bangalore traffic offense I use karnataka mobile one app

sachinpk 9th October 2019 13:00

Re: Let's know the law (Motor Vehicles Act)

Originally Posted by lejhoom (Post 4671187)
Supreme Court says person committing offence under Motor Vehicles Act can also be booked under IPC. This can be a huge setback for offenders.

This was already tried and found successful by the Bangalore Traffic Police. Certain offences like parking violation have very nominal fines as per MV Act. So people used to just pay the fine and walk away. The police then started using a section as per IPC which is about obstructing public roads. Fines were not really high, but this was an offence which required a magistrate's trial.

The police had more paper work (FIR lodged, a charge sheet prepared and then send it to magistrate courts). The offender will get a court summons and will have to appear for trial (or arrange a lawyer). The "mandatory court appearance" really got the offendors worried. All the suits & boots and CxO titles have no impact in the magistrate's court and even the mighty have to stay put in the court waiting for the court clerk to call the case number.

Who_are_you 9th October 2019 15:13

Re: Let's know the law (Motor Vehicles Act)
Recently came across this news article.

Put on your best behaviour for Bengaluru traffic police


In fact not only for offences, the traffic police is also booking cases for vehicles with ‘bald’ tyres. A traffic police said, “Under the IMV Act, it has been defined that tyres should be changed after running for 30,000 km or
else they are prone to accidents as the grip loosens. So fine is imposed on those with bald tyres as these could cause accidents.” The fine amount for bald tyres is Rs 100.

Is this law about Tyre mileage true? Modern tyres can easily clock 50-60K+ Kms specially for SUV.

FrozeninTime 27th March 2020 19:28

Re: Let's know the law (Motor Vehicles Act)
Today I checked Delhi traffic police website for and there were 8 challan for improper parking for my car. Before anyone blames me I have to clarify that in our hospital we have to give car keys to parking attendant due to limited parking slots. So because of this fellow I am in soup. Being a court challan and with lockdown I am really worried about it.

sachinpk 27th March 2020 20:14

Re: Let's know the law (Motor Vehicles Act)

Originally Posted by FrozeninTime (Post 4777944)
Being a court challan and with lockdown I am really worried about it.

There is a way out if you can reach the nearest post office. Delhi High Court's own Rules regarding the same is available on the internet. What you have to do will be to send a money order to the Court Registrar of the magistrate's court in which you have to make an appearance. In the MO form there is a provision to write down a short message. Use that space to clearly state that "I Shri abc, accused on case #/challan # nnnn, here by plead guilty and also pay the penalty of Rs.nnnn through this money order.". Make sure to collect the Money order receipt and keep it safe for some time.

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