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Originally Posted by absynthguzzler View Post
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Daewoo is no more , so it doesn't hold true in this discussion just because Chevy is selling those cars now.
Daewoo is still alive in korea and chevy sells them as Daewoo cars and not as Chevy in korea. Only ownership has changed hands.
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We termed them weird and wacky when we spotted VOLVO badged auto, Merc badged Traveller etc.

Now this is happening here? once its implemented there will be more demand for VW logo than their cars. People will buy Maruti and put VW logo. You get 'original' VW car at 5% lesser price ..Das Auto!!!.
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I think VW will build cars utilizing Maruti's platform and petrol engines. It wont make any business sense just to re-badge existing Maruti cars, upgrade the interiors and sell it as VW in the same market!!! VW will have different looking cars build on the shared platform.
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Old 28th April 2010, 20:10   #49
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IMO this deal will only be for Europe. Suzuki might sever ties with Opel and VW will sell rebadged Suzukis. But slowly we will be able to see Suzuki petrol engines being used in VW's small cars.
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Old 28th April 2010, 20:41   #50
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I would. At 5% premium if I can get the new Wagon R with better build quality and better interiors, I would be willing to spend the extra money. I am sure that there would be many who would do the same.
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I think Suzuki will easily adapt to most rebadging exercises. They have successfully sold cars under brands Fiat, Subaru, Nissan, Opel, Vauxhall...
Since these brands are far stronger than Suzuki in most markets they have nothing to loose. These brands allow the car prices to me marked up accomodating margins for Suzuki and the co operating brand. Win Win.
Its VW who will have to think twice before plastering their name all over Suzuki's. These cars have many strengths including VFM, reliability, FE etc.. but their build quality or interior finish is still way off VW standards.
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Old 28th April 2010, 22:13   #52
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Default Can we see this in India?

Do you think that VW will just change the Logo??....As per me, VW will RE-Engineer the Car with German Standards and launch a similar model.

Image Credit: Business: VolksWagen may invest in Suzuki | Sunway Tuner
Attached Images
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Old 29th April 2010, 14:15   #53
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May be New UP concept may use Suzuki's platform,suspension and k series engine
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May be a Ritz (?) will look like this -
Name:  untitled1.bmp
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The Wagon-r was for years marked as the opel agila in europe,so i dont see why suzuki wont get into another such deal with VW.
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Default Poll: Skoda branded wagon-R and VW branded A-star: studs or duds?

ACI's october issue has carried out a scoop which talks about co branding of VW skoda and suzuki cars as a result of VW taking a stake in suzuki. The rebranding of a-star as a VW will give them a car below the polo in the 3-4 lakh rupee segment and so for skoda by rebranding the wagon-R.

The front ends will be different but no other changes are expected in terms of interiors or mechanicals. Also mentioned is the cancellation of VW up! car for India due to cost and localization pressures. Now skoda also has a rebadged version of the up! called as joyster which was to come to India but skoda has not committed anything concrete on it.

Both these cars are expected as early as 2012. My question to you all is that can this rebranding exercise succeed and give VW the volumes that it has desired for?

Debate welcome.

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as far as they getting more volumes is concerned, they would get that irrespective of whether they change the badges.
now if seeing more VW on roads would help them sell even better is a different matter altogether.

maybe, just maybe if they start branding all the cars in suzuki stable, that would fetch them better mileage. why stop at a-star and wagon-R when you can get a chunk of swift, dzire n sx4 too?
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That strategy borders on the ridiculous. Why would VW want to do that. I know that Suzuki WagonR's and Ritz are sold in Europe as Vauxhaulls/Opels, but this does not make any sense. Why?

With changes in the front end, these cars will still be WagonR/A-Stars. Noone will be fooled into thinking that they are getting German build quality with these cars (an important reason for buying a VW), nor a premium feel. Not to mention the fact that, if you want a light, small, fuel efficient car for the city, you would choose a Suzuki WagonR instead of a VW WagonR, as:

1. The Suzuki will have a better service network
2. It should have better resale value
3. The VW WagonR will be more expensive, most likely; which means;
4. My neighbors will laugh at me for buying a 'Fake' VW

If I want a VW, I want a proper VW, not a tarted up Suzuki...
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Old 28th September 2010, 17:01   #59
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VW's Wagon R will be called WAGEN R?

I dont think its a good thing for the already chaotic indian service network!

Anyways lets see if this rebranding happens for indian customers also!

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All things said an done, a fuel filter costing INR 300 in Maruti should not cost INR 3,000 in VW Maruti. I would not buy a Wagon R from VW if the ownership costs are not curtailed.

Thumbs up for the Brand.
Thumbs down for the cost of ownership if the spare prices are high.
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