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Old 3rd February 2010, 12:54   #676
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Im amazed that ur persistence has finally HALF paid off. Half - since they havent yet fixed ur car.
Honestly, I am not a bit happy with the decision. The least compensation that could be provided to a customer for all the headache and trouble over all these years is a completely new car of a recent make with all warranties intact. Anything less for me would be extremely dissatisfying for me, If I had to go through such a long battle.

Makes me wonder, if following the course of law gives such an unpleasant result after such a long drag, a customer is better off throwing his lemon of a vehicle down the hill and claim insurance for the same - Hindi film style. Not that I approve of such methods, but this is exceptional.

Hope you get your vehicle back, fixed sufficiently to your satisfaction.
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Old 18th February 2010, 19:56   #677
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Originally Posted by shreeps View Post
Mr Roy, the only way I can contribute is to advise all of my friends and relatives to shun Tata Cars/SUVs and hope that forces them to change their attitude and QC policies and not mete out such a treatment to other Varun Roys in the future.

I guess I can only pray and hope Tata's "Seniormost" Engineer works some magic!!
Thanks, That would be my perfect reward. If more and more people do that, then they would themselves reap the benefits as the Companay will have to strive that much harder to bring out a superior product. Tata Motor's is yet to locate its Seniormost Engineer, who could certify the dead horse. ( Everyone in Tata Motors is Seniormost. Even the Trainee Engineer speaks with an air of arrogance as if he is the CEO, himself).

Originally Posted by svsantosh View Post
Isnt there a implied binding in every court ruling that has to be carried out within X days/weeks?
Not for the common man. Only for the super Rich and big Corporations. Otherwise, how else could these people be so fearless that they don't even heed to the Orders of the top Most legal Body of the Country.

Originally Posted by Delta Wing View Post
How can they take so much time to repair? They are probably taking cover in the no-time-frame to repair loophole. What happened to the warranty? If all they needed to do was repair, what was the whole point in going to the court since the vehicle was already under warranty and the court just orders repairs? Sheesh. Have you been compensated for the legal expenses? Sorry I couldn't read the court order since the JPG files were not opening.
Precisely, The situation remains the same. Before and after the long fought battle. No compensation or reward of even legal expenses. Not even a time frame to fix the faulty car. I don't call this Justice.

So long.....
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Old 18th February 2010, 20:07   #678
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is this the Incredible India that the Politcos of India campaign about.

Such a big Conglomate (TATA) is giving no respect to the biggest Judicial Authority of this Country. I guess in India its the Politicos and the Media Hype that can get the issues resolved. For the general Citizens there is nothing and there is no hope than to live and die like it always had been before Independence and earlier historical days.
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Old 9th March 2010, 05:53   #679
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Default Wish we have a similiar law in India

Originally Posted by radiokidb View Post
Sad to hear this judgement tho and im sorry for you Mr roy The indian judiciary has no concern for the indian consumer. Very often we see judments like 5k for mental damages and 10k for legal expenses from the supreme court. It costs more than that per sitting in the supreme court im sure! The awards even if they were 10 times as much would still be very conservative. My dad has also been fighting two cases for the last 15 years( both of which have reached only the high court level so far) and i know what its like. Appreciate your courage
See the verdict against Mercedez Benz in US in a case of selling a lemon car . Compared to Varun's case , this is not at all an issue.
When will India have such rules/or the judges will have the courage to act ?

Hats off to you Varun for your willpower and courage
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Old 9th March 2010, 15:27   #680
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Default Oh my GOD!

I happened to read this thread today only. Spend some time reading through the posts. I was totally shocked.

What ever respect I had for the Tata Motors is all gone, I had high hopes for Aria. I have heard people talking about the "small niggles". Never thought it would come down to this. After reading this thread, I would never would buy a Tata vehicle again, what if i get a lemon too. Why would I take that risk with my hard earned money!

It has been more than 4 years since the first post on this thread. It is quite unfortunate that Mr. Roy has to run from pillar to post to get his car repaired/replaced. Why on earth is Tata spoiling their own reputation?

Some one has mentioned on this thread itself that 'justice delayed is justice denied'. Mr. Roy, my heart goes out to you!
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American people were upset regarding the recalls that Many companies made regarding the problems in their cars.
They Should start owning tata's then you can see the new born respect for all other car brands
I'm still surprised at the cheap behavior that tata motors has shown.
they had to be "forced" to take action.

P.S Mods(Mod) im sure what i have posted here is relevant to the thread and doesn't need deletion?
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Originally Posted by vinaydas View Post
I'm still surprised at the cheap behavior that tata motors has shown.
they had to be "forced" to take action.
NO ONE, I repeat there is NO ONE on this earth who can force Tata Motors to take action.

After writing two letters to Tata Motors on 3rd Jan and 2nd Feb requesting them to convey the status of my car, I received a letter from them on 22nd Feb after a period of 2.5 months from the date of the Order. The letter stated that the car was ready and that I should visit Concorde Motors and contact one Mr. Murlidhar, Manager-service, with prior information. The letter also stated that the Certificate of Fitness by senior most Engineer and the 6 months warranty certificates were also ready.

Since I was unwell, I informed Mr. M that I would visit him soon. He also insisted that I let him know in advance about the date and time of my visit. Finally, with all enthu my family and me landed at CM on 4th March at 2.00 PM with prior info by phone, SMS and E-mail.

We saw our car in one corner with the mechanics still working on it. Since we knew what to expect from TMs we did not go near the car. At the Reception, I asked for Mr. M and I was told that he was in his cabin. The lady had no info about our visit. We found our way to his cabin and fount it vacant. Asked the guy sitting outside about the boss and got a puzzled look from him. He them asked couple of his colleagues and no one seemed to know about Mr. M's whereabouts. I then called his mobile and our man said that he was away and busy in a meeting and that I should contact some mechanic and take a test drive. All that BS about prior appointment went for a toss. No resposible person from Tata Motors and no service manager. Anyway, I told M ( I had lost all my respect for him by now) theres no way I going to take delivery in his absence and that we shall come back again some other day, whenever he is free and available. Our man M suddenly decided to return to CM and promised to be there within half an hour and requested us to wait for him. If only he had called us earlier and informed us about his pre-occupation, we would have saved a lot of time and unpleasentness. The Service Manger had no idea about basics of service and etiquette.

Instead of waiting in the lounge we diceded to have look at the car. I asked the mechanics about the repairs being carried out, while the letter had stated that the car was ready for delivery. we were shocked to know that car was refusing to start. The disappearing act of the Service Manager was now becoming evident. The car had not been worked on any of the complaints I had registered with them.

The car was in a horrible condition. The paint work was scratched all over. The body had dents in quite a few places. The dicky Door was damaged. The car had corroded both on the outside as well as on the inside. Lumbar support Seats were not repaired. The seat belts had the same problem of hang loose instead of retracting back. The seats were stained with oil and grease marks. The dicky floor was laden with oil stained corrogated boxes.

when the SM returned, (we went for a short test drive (because of very less fuel). The engine power was very poor and even a horsecart would have taken off faster.The SM also agreed about the poor pick-up and torque. The clutch was sluggish and the vehicle shuddered each time the gear was changed. The AC was making the same old squeeking noise. By this time we were all disgusted with the treatment meeted out to us. The SM did not have a copy of the Complaint list or the supreme court's Order.There was also no sign of the fitness certiicate and the extended warranty. The service manager asked me to advise him about the repairs that I wanted on the car. We refused to take delivery of the car and returned disappointed.

Most repairs and replacement carried out were related to the deterioration caused due to bad storing of the car since May,2008. These repairs should not have taken them more than 2 days. The Job card was opened on 15th Dec and all the parts were drawn from their stores by 17th Dec and yet it took them over 2 months to send the letter to me. We were disapointed and hurt. I sent them an e-mail stating facts about the condition of the car.

Since a week had passed and I had not receive any reply from them, I visited them again this morning to find out about the progress made. The car was parked in the same place and wasn't even touched since we left the last time. The SM called some Tata Official but for some reason the call was not taken.

This is what one should expect from Tata Motors. They have absolutely no regard for anyone. Not even the Supreme Court of India

So long.....

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I sent them an e-mail stating facts about the condition of the car.
You are probably equally fed up with the law (and its cost) --- but might it not be a good idea to communicate, in writing, via your lawyer?

If you have the heart to continue with this dreadful story, it looks like a return to court, at some time, is inevitable.

Very sorry to read your latest. It leaves me feeling sorry that we buy tea (its about the only thing though, and I'd never buy a car) from a a Tata company.
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Old 13th March 2010, 12:18   #684
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Since you have all paperwork. Go visit Bangaloremirror and tell tem this story. They will love it!
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Even die hard Tata fans would think twice about purchasing a Tata vehicle after reading this. And this is no isolated case. What a disgrace.
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Old 13th March 2010, 12:56   #686
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here is an article about mercedes benz fined closed to half a million.

Mercedes-Benz ordered to pay customer $482,000 for lemon - egmCarTech

If only indian judges are more interested in the public..
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Old 13th March 2010, 13:16   #687
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Cant they be charged with contempt of court ? They have sent you letters etc but the job was not done. Hence they have not done the job, and closing the case without fixing it.
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Old 13th March 2010, 14:21   #688
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varunroy, see PM, i will be sending you in a few minutes. If you deem appropriate, you can publish it on this thread.
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I started this thread today and could not resist myself reading it fully. I must say that Mr. Roy you have too much patience. But one thing is clear after reading the whole episode, in future I will not be going for any TATA vehicle whatsoever good it is. Before reading this I had very high regards for TATA company and specially Mr. Ratan Tata. But now, I have no regards for TATA group and if a child commits some mistake ,then rather than hiding is/her mistake parent should look into it and take appropriate action. This incident reminds me of the kid on FZ-S who banged on Sidindica's car and his mother who tried showing her M-power to Sid.

Hats of to Mr. Roy for his fight and all Team-BHPian's for their support.

My TATA to TATA vehicles in future.
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really bad on the part of the tatas, its a BIG LEMON!!!
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