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Old 22nd May 2010, 11:44   #61
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With all due respect to everyone's feelings and emotions attached here with Amby, here are the salient points most people are trying to discuss:

1. Amby has an old world charm and great back seat comfort. No doubt about it.
2. Amby is based on a 1940 design with no DESIGN UPDATE till date. Its a 1940 car(with few gizmos of current era) still being produced.
3. Most people here are arguing about Hindustan Motors being shameless to not update the car since its inception and stil carry on with the same baton.
4. Amby if can be re-designed and updated, retaining its old world charm, can still be a great car, but NOT IN ITS PRESENT FORM.
5. Some people may find it a VFM, others find it TOTAL JUNK, just a sofa on wheels.

Main point is - Why cant HM do something about it? They killed Contessa, and just coz Amby finds takers in govt offices and rural taxiwallas, Amby is still going on.

Amby could have become a cult car, SAD, its becoming a midieval age clueless thingy in the present era.

More than anyone else and us bringing down the house on it, is HINDUSTAN MOTORS listening????

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Old 23rd May 2010, 09:33   #62
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Ok. A very animated discussion on the amby for sure. Let me tell you one thing. I have sat and travelled in an amby for close to 20 years. My father is in the governemnt and we ve had this car for the longest time. Only in last 5 years or so have we moved from ambys to camrys/superbs. I can pretty much vouch for the fact that the rear seat of the amby is not and i repeat is not the best. Spacious may be but not the most comfortable. I have driven it and sat in every possible seat in the car over the past 2 decades extensively. Having said that. Nothing will give you way on the road like a white amby with a red beacon and a flag post. The one thing this car ozzes is power.And thats whats its all about. From a purely automotive point of view.The amby has nothing going for it.I say this cause i still have a 2009 amby standing outside my house even now.Brand new but we just dont sit in it.Lets say its a cumbersome car to live with in todays times.
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Old 23rd May 2010, 14:56   #63
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My grandfather still hangs on to his 27 year old PP, and tells me that the amby and PP are way tougher than the cars of today, but I don't quite agree with him.
I do not like the nature of YC.BALENO.CHD's arguments, but they have brought out many true facts of the amby (not to suggest that I support him).
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Old 24th May 2010, 14:50   #64
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Note from Mod: STRICTLY no personal attacks please. Attack the issue, NOT the person. If we see anymore insulting posts, infractions and / or bans will follow.

This thread has just been cleaned up.
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Old 27th May 2010, 18:02   #65
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Good writeup musicmanaman. Yes, the Power Steering, Front Disk brakes, side Impact beams, radial tyres, MPFI, Turbo diesel engines are really a good improvement over the period. They should even try to get good End of Life cars from abroad, like they did for Ambassador and Contessa. As the volume is going to be small, and lack of investments ( need 1000 crore for any new product). They should bet in the small but niche segment.
Are they still OEM Engine manufacturers for other car companies?
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Old 27th May 2010, 19:43   #66
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IMO the excellent ride quality and probably the cheapest maintenance are some of the strongest points of the Amby. The problem with it has been all the upgrades have been more reactive than proactive, such as adding discs, power steering, bucket seats etc. Even Amby haters would accept there's nothing that can beat the combination of a mechanically perfect Amby priced within a 5-lakh region.
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Old 27th May 2010, 22:10   #67
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Very good writeup. I believe many in this forum (including me) has not driven Amby/ looked at it passionately like we look at NHC's, Skoda cars etc. It has driven India during the post independence period till 80's when Maruti took over the baton. It really deserves to be in game and surely with a reasonable level of modernization of parts (retaining the looks) can go a long way.
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Old 27th May 2010, 23:20   #68
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Ambassador had its pluses and minuses. One has to agree that the minuses overwhelm the pluses. A better engine, more quality all around, some conveniences modern cars offer would have enabled the HM to keep its head afloat, just. And the Amby was very much overpriced. Offer it below 3 lakhs with the 2 L Isuzu diesel, AC and power brakes, it can sell in decent numbers in taxi segment and those who travel longer distances frequently.

And there is no better car to learn the driving. One who mastered the Amby can drive every other car with ease.

I had a 1971 model (bought in 1997). It has seen quite a number of engines. Not many complaints. It performed well within its limits. FE too wasnt an issue. It regularly returned about 16 kmpl diesel. Sold it in 2008 as I found finding spares difficult.

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Old 13th June 2010, 00:57   #69
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Having lived in southern India for all through the 70s and 80s, the Amby was the only car I'd travelled in till my late teens and the only car my family owned till 2009. I agree it may seem outdated and impractical today, but I shall always have a soft spot for it -- and it's not based on reason or logic. It would be good if the Amby supporters/detractors realise this simple fact.

Oh, and shouldn't the thread title be "Ambassador -- Yesterday Never Dies"?
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Old 13th June 2010, 01:35   #70
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I might be talking the same but may be different style as few who had already said. Amby were the Iconic cars which carried the Indian automobile to a different state, travelling in the car was a pride once, they were status symbol and a must for politicians thanks to Mr Nehru. we have legandary cars starting for the Landmasters, Mark 1, Mark 2 which attracts lot of car enthusiasts and are now collectables, we have few threads and few admirers who kept this legacy on the top. Having said this unfortunately the Hindustan Motors have lately understood the value of car, I personally feel had they upgraded the car with the changing times and market requirements then today the market would have been different, still the commercial and private sectors demands a better competition. we still have good number of people who would love to have amby as thier car for lifetime but due to over pricing, cheap looking plastics make the car just another existence in the market. Hope HM would take things little seriously to understand what this car can deliver in terms of value and performance for an Indian and Indian market and action it. Its still not too late.
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Old 13th June 2010, 04:07   #71
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A car sold to the taxi cab junta cannot be termed iconic. It has survived only due to bureaucracy.

I am somewhat updated with the list of upgrades it has been through but is it really enough to take on competition at 6-7 lacs?

Look at how the Indigo Manza has been redesigned over the years or how Scorpio has taken shape compared to the first generation scorpio. I am not even going abroad to look at Lancers or Challengers.

There are multiple ways the Ambassador can still sell. But there are no ways to sell an HM.

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