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observer 21st October 2005 10:45

Will the Baleno & Esteem be phased out?
I came accross this article in TOI yesterday.,curpg-2.cms

Is there ever a product roadmap in auto industry?

Surprise 21st October 2005 10:51


Originally Posted by observer
I came accross this article in TOI yesterday.,curpg-2.cms

Is there ever a product roadmap in auto industry?

We were discussing that face lift model for Baleno is on the cards, but this news is entierly on a different direction.

shuvc 21st October 2005 11:14

The current issue of The Auto Magazine mentions that the Aerio might replace the Esteem. If anyone buys the magazine, do read up on the story and post the details ..

And if the Liana replaces the Baleno .. well .. don't really like the cab forward designs ..

ps: I have vowed not to buy that magazine ever again .. crap at Rs. 75 !

devarshi84 21st October 2005 23:06

the Aerio news have been out since 2 years now. The only 2 products from maruti worth buying at present are

wagon R(already own1)
suzuki swift( may own one soon)

amit 22nd October 2005 06:06


"We are today known as a small carmaker. Such a strong image is good, but it can also work to our disadvantage at times. We are trying to break that image with a slew of new sedans," Suzuki Motor senior MD Shinzo Nakanishi told TOI
Suzuki doesn't seem to be happy with the small car maker tag. I get the feel they want to move up market. Looks like they want to do a VolksWagen in India.


Suzuki has drawn up plans to invest over $770 million in India to set up new production facilities, besides developing a new line-up of mid-sized sedans to take on rivals Honda and Toyota.
Further proof of them trying to move upmarket and trying to take on the Indian biggies.
Aero and Liana on the cards? First new honda city then suzuki swift sedan then the ugly Liana and Aero. Indian roads keep getting uglier every year.

streetlife 22nd October 2005 21:01

its not sure if these can be phased off but the esteem should be phased off....
dont you guys think so... being over ten years old it still looks like the 1000 ofcourse other than the so called cosmetic changes (headlights, grille, taillights)
talking about the baleno it never got changed since the launch correct me if i am wrong...
the car is a good performer it should atleast get a makeover at the back especially the horrible lookin taillights

gchandra 22nd October 2005 22:07

I dont think any of maruti products should be phased out, all of them have been tried and tested and they have satisifed a different set of people, based on budget, and age.

The only thing is that maintaining such a range with different platforms might be tough, and it would harm productivity.

I am sure in the longer run, maruti will bring CRDI and it would offer diesel variants of most of its models and also it might think about rationalizing its platform and build all cars on the same platform (sharing same parts .. sharing same kind of suspension model and all such things ... ) , just that cars would look different .. big ones costly .. smaller ones cheap.

I am sure that will be the path to glory instead of phasing out any of its current models ...

My suggestions
1. M800 , Zen , Alto are fine at its place.
2. Wagon-R - good juice, but needs a better look (but this is my personal viewpoint, i have driven it - test drive and its simply great)
3. Esteem is good ... why phase out the poor thing :-)
4. Baleno should be upgraded, else it looks like a bigger esteem thats all .. it would command a better price only if it looks different ...
5. Grand vitara ... hard to sell :-) , needs to have a face lift and of course the suzuki vitara new is coming soon ... lets see how it fares ..
6. Swift ... .hmmm pretty new to comment on this ... Sedan Swift !!! great atleast it will have a better rear ...

But india needs small cars ... we dont have the road width !!! Yes mum - pune expressway is an exception :-) , but its very far away from my place ....

Speculating what maruti might do is certainly the "in" thing ... hope i had the divine power of future looking thoughts ;-)

keep the ideas pouring in ...

devarshi84 24th October 2005 01:25

Why do you want to still buy junk when new cars are available with better performance and FE??

While every car is updated within 18months today Maruti-suzuki takes more than 39months.

nishant_kingpin 24th October 2005 05:36

A company which contiues to sell a 40 year old model with cosmetic changes in India and still has sales as it can keep costs low am sure will not phase out a 20 year old technology for the next 20 years atleast :)

devarshi84 25th October 2005 01:11

WHy not buy an ambassador. Its been in the market longer than the baleno and esteem. more proven and tested. LOL!

gchandra 25th October 2005 09:36

Thats a good point though. Actually if Ambassdor comes in a hatchback i am sure you will find some sales picking up ... i dont mind buying this old horse if only the after sales service was good... So basically user is more into how the car is take care of in the longer run and maruti is supposed to have done the best (again quite contrasing views)

But no matter what new car comes, after all everything is the same isnt it. Take for example swift, people are buying it like crazy , isnt there a retro look and the same old esteem engine (yes tweaking is a different issue) ... so in that way if zens engine is tweaked and its given a different body, will be call zen "outdated". after all engine is what makes the car, so if the engine is outdated, i would consider car also to be outdated, isnt it.. but sometimes i feel that unless people stop buying a product, it will not be phased out ... unless its Toyota, which possibly did phase out its qualis "only" because its not going to have the capacity for production since innova itself has a tough time coming out on time .....

raajks 25th October 2005 13:23

I feel Esteem and Baleno are good cars with an good efficient engine for the Indian road conditions. I have never had problems with these cars.

Although I love the Toyota engines. I believe we should give the devil its due

devarshi84 26th October 2005 01:24

well for the engines the swift has the esteem engine because it is good

but otherwise esteem and baleno are too old to sell

Gchandra Ambassador is already selling well. have a look at the sales figures.

amit 27th October 2005 00:48


While every car is updated within 18months today Maruti-suzuki takes more than 39months.
Come on Devarshi, Give MUL some credit. They update their car every 6 months compared to competition that updates every 18 months. Which other company comes out with a "all new, totally redesigned, new improved" versions of their models every 6 months? So what if the "all new design" consists of a different grille, clear head lights, new fabric seats and so on. :D

devarshi84 27th October 2005 00:51

My all respects to the baleno engine and the excellent price

but the car still looks outdated. lol:

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