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tsk1979 24th October 2005 12:30

Aveo Sedan launch? (Spotted one)
Yesterday in Noida I saw a checquered car going in the opposite direction, really fast. Based on my past expirience, the front looked Aveo definately, but as it sped by I saw a boot, which was not there on the earlier Aveo's I clicked. I tried to follow by taking a U turn but the guy was fast and by the time I reached the junction my light had turned red, so no pics this time!.

islero 24th October 2005 15:31

3 box Aveo to replace the Corsa, possibly. Sounds very much possible to me.

abhibh 24th October 2005 17:52

If GM going to replace the opel then they goign to loose so much of thier market share coz most of the cars they sell is of opel in India.

Though Aveo is a good Car. My cousin sis in canada got a Aveo Sedan. :)

autopsyche 24th October 2005 18:04

tsk thats confirmed even a few friends of mine saw the aveo sedan and managed to take a few pics will get them in a day or two.

adya33 24th October 2005 19:05

GM India will be replacing Corsa by Aevo Sedan & Corsa Sail by Aevo hatch
this was in some auto magzine

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