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View Poll Results: Luxury or Practical Vehicle ???
Luxury(eg.Audi,BMW,Merc's etc) 51 38.93%
Practical(eg.Toyota,Honda,Maruti etc) 80 61.07%
Voters: 131. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 17th June 2010, 22:58   #46
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Well this is really circumstantial.
For me it depends on how many cars I have. If I can have only 1 car (lets say due to parking constraints, although in reality I have space for 3 cars), I would have to buy something practical, that I can take to any area I want without fear of vandalism or attracting unwanted attention.
If however I could have 2 cars, I would buy the practical car (probably a small hatch) and the Luxury, and drive the luxury to places it wouldn't seem to out of place.
However since I'm assuming that I can choose only 1 car, I would have to go for practical. (Cant take a Mercedes to Crawford Market or Grant Road)
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Old 18th June 2010, 02:22   #47
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Hmm Interesting, Luxury is pretty close to Practicality on T-bhp even on a tight budget.
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Old 18th June 2010, 09:25   #48
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To me, ideas expressed in this thread are similar to the thread on lifestyle vehicles here. Without the poll, of course.

Definitions are difficult, hence the mixed expressions.
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Old 18th June 2010, 13:06   #49
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I have to settle with Practicality, and the reason is simple: I do not have the money to bring in luxury.
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Old 18th June 2010, 15:49   #50
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quote=agbenny;1942595]I have to settle with Practicality, and the reason is simple: I do not have the money to bring in luxury. [/quote]

Does "practicality" include air-conditioning or is it "luxury."? IMO, A/C is no more the luxury it was perceived to be some years ago. It has now been established that it helps improve productivity. A person who reaches his office in an A/C car with outside temperature at 45+ is bound to work efficiently all other things being equal.
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Old 19th June 2010, 15:23   #51
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For people who can afford ,Merc,audi are the practical ones ;-)

What ever said ,the brand value which you get out of BMW and Merc cannot be compared with Toyota and Honda.

Not only in this segment ,i personally feel that going forward premium small cars ( like Merc A class) will have a good market in india.
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Old 20th June 2010, 16:04   #52
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The poll results are not very surprising afterall we indians are very practical

Regarding the options, don't you think toyota & honda too are considered as luxury/premium cars in our country?

Practical in India would be a Maruti/TATA/Hyundai.
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Old 20th June 2010, 23:15   #53
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The thread is confusing but interesting to note many varied replies.

Practicality and Luxury changes with situation, if I live in city SUV might be luxury if I do not have load+people to lug around and do long distances, however if I live in outskirts and have no roads to tread then the same SUV is practical choice.

However, as I understand here we are talking Scorpio vs X5/Q7/XC90 vs RangeRover vs H2/H3.

Thus H2 is luxury vs Scorpio, however some people will consider H2 to be more practical than Scorpio.
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Old 21st June 2010, 14:37   #54
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Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
Your poll is basically cheaper vs premium ! Edit the brand names!

Is a 3 series practical at 30lac vs 20-22lac for a Superb/Accord?
with jkdas.
I would like to add saying that there is no car which is only luxurious or no car which is only practical. both increase gradually with the vehicle cost.

For example there's no car which has all the luxuries and a 600cc engine.
similarly there's no car with zero luxuries.
even a nano comes with upholstery, adjustable seats.
It is luxury even though its a small one.

Ultimately I feel what matters is what you get for your money.
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Old 21st June 2010, 14:37   #55
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When I started out, with cars (at age 14), I valued Luxury and Looks over everything else. I remember going Gaga over long sedans, sports cars, luxurious interiors, fancy gadgetry and stuff.
Now, after close to 2 decades of driving cars, I have come to value practicality over every thing else. I want my ride to have a basic minimum level of comfort, low NVH, but I want it to be very high on usability, performance, FE, Maintainability and Reliability.

My vote goes for "PRACTICALITY".
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Old 22nd June 2010, 12:59   #56
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Hi friends.. well i think this is a very subjective topic...buying a car itself can be luxury for someone who is using his trusted bike to travel... which i way more practical in terms of using it in city roads... same way for someone who can afford no more than our local trains (again very practical and fast) .. for a person like this a motor bike would be an item of luxury...
If we give it a thought.... anything is a luxury until u cant afford it.. for someone who owns a merc.. it is way practical... because it very safe.. comfortable... it has a host of features which they are used to in daily life so it becomes an obvious and practical choice as against a Rolls Royce...!!!
Ofcourse this cant just go on.. i mean finally there is a point where you can really say that this is not being practical.. like having a ferrari or a lamborghini worth 2 crores and driving it in Mumbai...Thats criminal man..you r ruining your car..!!!!
i think it all boils down to what you can afford... thats where you draw your line between practicality and luxury....
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