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I would use the night service if it is made available at A.S.S. 90 87.38%
I would still get my car serviced on weekdays in day time. 3 2.91%
I would still wait for Saturdays to get my car serviced in day time. 10 9.71%
Voters: 103. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 23rd June 2010, 17:07   #16
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The "night service " idea is not a new one. Actually most private line buses (local bus operators) in Kerala are always get serviced at night; the mechanics, "Masthiry" (foreman), "Asan" (Mr.know-it-all guy) all start their work by 10-11pm only. The workshop will usually close by 4-5am and the vehicles will be then handed over to the "kili" (cleaner).

Such workshops will almost always appear deserted and permanently closed during the daytime.

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Old 23rd June 2010, 17:10   #17
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when i was in my college studying MBA i actually had come out with night time car service business idea and had shared my vision with couple of my mates. Well i was mostly laughed at and they said its highly impractical. I never believed them and nor do i now. But it feels good to know that something of this sort has already been implemented and i was not impractical :-)
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Old 23rd June 2010, 17:20   #18
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I have used the 'Night Srvice' option when I had a Maruti and the option existed with the M.A.S.S. where I used to go regularly.
The service was good but limited. Not all stuff could be done as all the facilities were not available during the night.
But this night service lasted for maybe a couple of years only. It is not there anymore with that particular M.A.S.S.
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Old 24th June 2010, 00:43   #19
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Now this is an awesome idea. How come our business gurus did not come up with this ages ago. I would love to drop my car for service after work and pick it up the next day before office. It saves time, and one need not depend on public transport while the car is being serviced during the day. But its a catch. The service station should be somewhere nearby to the residence! No point driving half way in the opposite direction just to drop the car off and travel all the way back. That is even worse than regular day service!
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Old 24th June 2010, 02:36   #20
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My office is close to Mandovi motors, JP nagar and they have this night service. I found it very useful. I do evening shifts and it was a pain getting up in the morning and drop the car for service and come back home in an auto.

Now its easy for me to drop the car in the evening and collect it anytime the next day!
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Old 27th June 2010, 20:23   #21
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CARS India(Maruti) (chennai @ Adyar) has night service for the past three months and i have used it.give your car for service while driving home from office and take it in the morining.Good Na?
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Old 27th June 2010, 22:35   #22
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Night service is a great idea,if call centers exist then whats wrong with service stations? One good thing is it would generate more employment opportunities in a place where population ouy numbers vacancies. I personally feel that companies like Tata should for sure adopt this idea as maximum no. of times i go to get my beast serviced the service people have great number of cars to cater to, i have tried going even at 9.15 AM but no use.
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Old 28th June 2010, 12:52   #23
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Default Concorde Bangalore

Concorde Motors Bangalore has a night shift but its only for a limited number of vehicles. Am not sure of their Madras counterparts.

On Christmas eve 2004, my indica(now sold) got its oil sump broken (reason unknown even now) in the middle of Bangalore traffic near visweswaraya museum / college. Concorde delivered the car on Christmas.

They billed me before starting the job based on an estimate. Work done was satisfactory.

Night service is a good option for the routine services.The time and number of vehicles that can be accomodated can be calculated easily.

I guess service centres are doing night shifts to deliver cars on time. may be they have not advertised so that they can handle the day's rush by overworking in the night.
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Old 29th June 2010, 10:37   #24
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Originally Posted by ashish22 View Post
Well i was mostly laughed at and they said its highly impractical.
The poll currently has 84% in favour of night servicing . They won't laugh after seeing this poll. After all, you really can't get a better research sample than us on Team-BHP!

Originally Posted by rohan_iitr View Post
Still, I am not able to figure out what prevents the agencies from providing such a facility.
- Lack of initiative, or wanting to do something different.

- Unsure about market response.

- Difficult to find quality technicians. The ones with experience will surely want an 8 hour day shift vis a vis night.

- Real estate issues. Landlords (where rented) wouldn't allow 24/7 operations. Or the industrial complex / neighbours may have policies against disturbance at night.

It's an idea which will come around...once the OEMs & their dealers wake up from their slumber.

Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post
Many a times the service cneter has called me midway through the service to get/give some clarifications. (like some unexpected spare replacement that would affect my bill amount considerably) But i wouldn't want anybody disturbing my sleep
Very valid point, Hemanth.

Originally Posted by anekho View Post
Yikes! Imagine Skoda A.S.S .... at night!

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Old 29th June 2010, 14:37   #25
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You could go a bit further in terms of innovation.

All Bangalore-ans know about Cafe Coffee Day on Bangalore - Mysore road or Bangalore Tumkur Road. These are the coffee outlets in between 2 cities along side a highway (60-80 kms from Bangalore) which will be ever full even at 2'o clock in the night crowded with YoYo dudes and zing bang gals. (Literally we have to struggle for parking space and then for the dining space)

Why not cash in this situation and open a service center beside that with some more facilities like swimming pool, snooker, night cricket/football/basketball, projector TV etc etc.... I am sure there will a super long Q for night service as well...

By this, Real estate issues will definitely not be there.
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Old 30th June 2010, 10:49   #26
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My vote is totally for this brilliant idea. As for not having quality technicians in for the night time , they could say that this is for "standard service" only. which is replace / refill types. anything that needs to be diagnosed and fixed would require day time appointments. Even then it would be a big hit. Despite having weekends off, I hate going then since they are over loaded with work and I have better things to do then spend the day waiting for my ride. Someone needs to mail this thread to the CEOs of all Indian car makers. The poll is a superb indicator of the level of interest garnered.
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This concept is quite sensible indeed. I never understood the real-world limitations till I started working last year. And it's impossible with a six day week. Atleast now I work five days a week, but then everything has to be done on Saturdays. And that's not always posible. I'm all for a night servicing facility.
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Old 30th June 2010, 13:38   #28
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I think it makes a fantastic business and economic sense. I feel Tata motors might be the first to roll out once they find their already overcrowded service centers overwhelmed by the Nanos.

I think even the skeptics might be won over if the choice is between getting an appointment one month away and a night service with free pick and drop.

I usually drop my Swift in the morning en route to work, and I have to say it is a pain, even though the service center is en-route to my workplace. I can imagine plight of folks who have to go out of the way to drop their vehicles.

- As someone pointed out, would you be OK getting a call in the middle of the night giving/asking for clarifications?
- What about quality manpower? Lets face it, given a choice between day and night shift nobody wants to work in devil's shift. So can the service center assure me of quality job, if all the good guys prefer day shifts.
- What about noise related issues? Service centers situated in middle of industrial zones might be OK, but ones in middle of residential areas might not be able to operate at night. However a quick glance will tell that not many will fall into that category.

None of the obstacles are insurmountable. I still wonder how come our business savvy people have missed this opportunity.
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Old 1st July 2010, 11:31   #29
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Its a great idea to have night service. Add pick and drop as suggested, it could be an awesome deal.
As to receiving calls in the night, i believe they should go through with the routine servicing and problems diagnosed at the time of delivery to the service center. Other minor things can wait till the morning, when the car owner can decide whether to leave the car for service during daytime or leave it for some other day.
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Old 1st July 2010, 11:46   #30
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I have always been thinking why there is no 24/7 Authorised service centres in Chennai.

Is there any such centres?? may be i missed some Authorised service centres in Chennai.
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