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My car shows no perceivable change in mileage after April but mine is a Ritz DDiS which was launched with BS4 tuning.

This link has got me worried on another front on engine damage to BS4 engine due to BS2 / 3 fuel. I live in suburbs of Chennai (Tambaram). I am worried if I will get BS4 in my area or I will have to travel to city limits to refuel. Can anyone confirm what is the exact criteria to choose a fuel station for BS 4?

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Strictly speaking BS4 cities were BS3, both 91RON. However, I have also noticed a marginal drop, but I had assumed this was attributable to the switch from Preium to Regular. In any case we are being conned in Premium since as per BS4 and e-I norms premium should be 95RON and not 93 RON which is being dished out.
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@condor: Must've gotten confused because I could have sworn that the deadline for cleaner fuel was pushed back.
Will go back and check out the fiesta's average in a couple of days.
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I sincerely hope it is a fuel issue as my Aveo has been giving me 10 in B'lore as against the 11-11.5 I used to get in Pune in March. I would love to attribute it the traffic but always helps if I have some "out of control" parameters by which I do not feel so bad about the FE
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What causes more pollution?
Improper and incomplete combustion of fuel.

With BS-IV we will have lesser pollution.
That means, the fuel which is being used (BS-IV) will be combusted properly with lesser pollutants that BS-III.

Which implies that your (and mine too) engine gets more energy (due to complete combustion) from same quantity of fuel.

Why isn't mileage increasing?

SG sir, your views please.
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In fact yesterday I was browsing the new Verna Transform web-site. If you look at the published specs -


, it shows 2 different FE figures for BS-III & BS-IV . Does it mean Hyundai has 2 different engine variants to offer or the same engine with 2 fuel grade figures ? Anyway that's not the main discussion topic for this thread.

But Moonraker, we do have BS-IV grade fuel, enforced in 13 major cities starting from April. There has been a slight upward pricing of the both petrol & diesel after the enforcement.
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Old 7th July 2010, 16:59   #22
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Oh Yes, have noticed this happening in both my vehicles.
Thought that the person vending petrol may be tampering !
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Old 7th July 2010, 17:12   #23
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The mileage on my Fiesta 1.6S has increased marginally after BS4 fuel came into the market. It could also be because the engine has settled in nicely and revs freely after the second service when the oil was changed.
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Old 7th July 2010, 17:27   #24
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I am also getting slightly less FE since last 3-4 months. I thought it was my driving style and never thought about this.
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Old 7th July 2010, 17:30   #25
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I have not noticed any noticeable change in highway mileage with Shell premium petrol. There was one occasion when I noticed approx 1 KMPL drop, but on that trip the number of pax as well as AC usage was more.
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I also felt that my Bolero is giving less mileage, I thought it was due to the service and asked the guys to change the idling speed, clean air filter etc without realising it is due to BS IV
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Default no BSIV fuel

AFAIK, There is no BS IV Fuel available in India. The BS4/ Euro IV fuel norms mean for Diesel it has min.7% bio diesel content.

There is COCO BP pump in HSR 17/19th Main and where prices are 40 paisa less than in City, I checked with them too, no Euro Fuel.

Whats implemented in India is Euro-IV emission norms, there were great debates on availability of 100% sulphur free Diesel & pure fuels to enforce emission norms etc. However it does not relate to BS IV Fuel standard.
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Originally Posted by ownerofazkaban View Post
AFAIK, There is no BS IV Fuel available in India. The BS4/ Euro IV fuel norms mean for Diesel it has min.7% bio diesel content.
What You know is absolutely incorrect Information Both Petrol and diesel being supplied in the 13 metros is Euro 4 And That is stated on the Invoice of the Fuel supplies The Petrol dealers recieve.
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Hi Friends,

Have few queries especially after going through the 3rd para of the below link:

Poor Fuel May Damage BS-IV Engines – Problem With BS4 Emission Norms Implementation

How do I ensure that the fuel I am buying is BS-IV? Is it only verbal or we can get it confirmed from the petrol pumps.

What happens if a BS-IV (engine) car is using BS-II or BS-III fuel? The above link says that it might affect the car performance/engine.
BS-IV norms are for only 13 cities, so once somebody is outside cities, say in highways or smaller towns, inevitably the fuel would be BS-II/III.

As many have posted here, that FE dropped, I suppose most of the cars are BS-III or II, why is it so? If the engine is tuned for BS-III, then the engine should perform better in more high grade fuel !

If the last point is valid across all categories of vehicles (mean BUS, Truck) then they would have also faced less FE and even FE drop of 0.5km for a long distance BUS or Truck would have created havoc (~10% in fuel cost), no body is complaining ?

Apologies in advance for so many queries and also if they are silly.
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Thanks for starting this thread, I too noticed my Alto giving arround 17kmpl in city, it was giving arround 19. Then saw this thread and guys request you all to go to Down memory lane arround September 2007, there was a headline in TOI and other news papers that with BSIV norms, E10 fuel will be introduced and for cars older than BSIV there has to be a chnage in Engine tuning or some change of parts which I exactly don't remeber but the cost was given arround 6000/-. I don't know if E10 fuel has been introduced, which will have 10% ethanol and 90% petrol or Diesel. Some one please confirm
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