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bikefreak 15th November 2005 16:45

New Honda hatchback
I'm planning to buy a car within a month or 2.
Recently I've read and seen on TV (do not remember the exact source) about the launch of a hatchback by Honda.
It was supposed to be in the first quarter of 2006.

Does anyone have any more info on this ?
The expected month of launch,
The approx power,
Expected cost,


deepakhon 15th November 2005 16:47

As far as I had read in ACI, Honda is planning on a hatchback, but they say it will not happen till 2008. I guess it is still a long way to go. Even the Toyota hatchback will take another year or two to materialize I believe.

cnu 15th November 2005 16:57

Yeah. Its a long way to go for hatchbacks from both Honda & Toyota. Atleast not in 2006.

rohithdr 15th November 2005 17:10

Toyata is planning to launch end 2007 or early 2008 and Honda not untill end 2008.

turbo_lover 15th November 2005 17:18

if honda launches a hatch this year it'll be the jazz ...
which is the bootless NHC ..nothless much better to look at ...
but i dbout they take a shot at that especially with the Swift dominating the sales followed by Getz with their crazy pricing potential..

bikefreak 15th November 2005 23:40

Yeah, I do recollect reading 'jazz'.
Was told that it was/will be displayed in the auto show in Delhi.
Delhi guys, any info ?

karthik247 15th November 2005 23:47

The Chevrolet hatch is commin next year i think. Looks really hot, chechout Oct05's ACI for more details

bikefreak 16th November 2005 00:01

Just googled and found these articles about the launch of Jazz since 2002 !!
But nothing concrete as yet

2002 -
2003 -
2005 -
2005 -
2005 -
2005 -

metallica 16th November 2005 00:51

There is a strong Buzz that the Jazz will be there in the next year's Auto Expo be held between 12 and 17th of Jan 2006.

IMHO , I dont think its coming before 2007.

The Honda guys will probably display it to gauge the indian consumers reaction to it .

duncan 16th November 2005 01:22

i dunt think the jazz would make it anytime soon man ...

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