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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Indica was considered cheap to develop, by global standards, and the bill still came up to about Rs. 1,800 crore. HM's net worth is 164 crores, and has incurred losses of 132 crore in recent years. In fact, they are now selling their property to stay afloat. Link to related thread.

HM's only delaying the inevitable by continuing to flog the Amby. Sure, its got a great back seat, but its 60 years old now! You can buy a thoroughly modern car for the same or less $$$. Honestly, who cares about an Ambassador today? Except for a bit of nostalgia, the ol' lady can't deliver on anything else. I'll rent a cab when I need nostalgia.

On a related note, what a world of difference between an HM, and a Tata / Mahindra? HM controlled nearly 50% of the Indian car market for 30 years. An opportunity completely lost! On the other hand, Tata & Mahindra really got serious about passenger vehicles (not UVs) in the nineties. We've seen Nanos, Indicas, Manzas, Xylos and more fighting it out - competitively I might add - with the best from Japan, Korea and Europe.

Come to think of it, this VERY attitude killed HM. In 2010, their mega product plan only includes the refurbishment of a 60 year old vintage car. In other news, Tata is getting ready to launch the Aria. Sigh......
HM had a hidebound attitude with the govt orders and the taxi trade making its business roll even till the Esteem days.
Lately a lot of competitors have come.The govt orders are dwindling. Maharashtra Govt now buys Indigos and even Manzas have been acquired. The SX 4 is also being bought by babus.
The defence services cars are now the Indigo and SX4 putting Amby on the sidelines.
In our Union cabinet Ministers S/Shri A.K. Antony, Verrappa Moily and Pranab Mukherjee are among the few who still move on Ambassadors.
S/Shri Chidambaram has a new SX 4 and many others have other makes from the C segment.
Many politicians are moving on SUV's and MPV's that help them move around in a rugged way during elections or tours.
Thats just a glimpse of how the things are changing for the Amby.
The Kolkata streets have very few new Ambys as private cars now. The only ray of hope is the Kolkata taxi trade which buys and buys new Ambys.As I said in earlier threads, the HC order to scrap 15 year plus taxis (rather all commercial vehicles)in Kolkata has seen Amby sales rise and rise. A Rs 50 K discount is given on the old car by dealers M/s Shah Automobiles and Austin Distributors. So there are many new Amby 1500 DSL 1500's (BS III) in Kolkata.
Name:  DSC04325.JPG
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A 15 plus year old taxi on the move (the registration number "A" series identifies its age)
Name:  DSC04301.JPG
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A newer taxi among the many.Observe the brown tapes to keep its new cracked bumper afloat.
HM has sold surplus land in Uttarpara, WB, and is now rich with some liquid cash. I am sure HM will use it judiciously rather than develop newer models with this paltry amount of Rs 40 crores.May be with the kind of hi tech competition, the new model from HM will come and sink.
The HM Oka saga is now history. It launched the mini bus importing outdated, boxy body jigs, tools and dies from Austrailia and fitted the Isuzu drive train and the 2000 DSL engine. Just a few thousand were sold and the thing is now history.

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Originally Posted by absynthguzzler View Post
Here's something that could pass as an evolution of the Amby shape.
Attachment 403820

Its a Saab Hot Rod , but you get what i mean by saying that the shape is still fashionable if done right!.I hope many can see the similarities in the lines and i don't get lynched for this post .
Originally Posted by DicKy View Post
It's most probably the present 1.5 and 2.0 diesel engines with the 1.5 being changed for the BS V norms.
Details about the petrol version said are sketchy(best hope for the present 1.8 ISUZU.
Only if HM ( or the 'overseas expert' ) designed the new amby on the lines of this.
Not this much radical,still a bit inspiration from this and make a practical 4 door.
the Volga v12 coupe.
MODS: Thr file attachment button is not working properly and i managed to post only one photo after 3 attempts.
In my opinion the pictures are amazing and would definitely love to buy one if HM can use something like this in the new designs that they are planning to come out with. They should also price is rightly.

Do you think these new avatar would appeal to the Indian youth?
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Somehow people in this forum and elsewhere think that the Amby's rear seat is the best. I agree - but only when the car is stationary. But if I want to sit in a comfortable stationary seat, I would rather sit in my living room sofa. Once the car starts to move, the ultra soft chassis starts to bounce and roll like mad - am talking from personal experience. We had a Mark IV (and I've heard the newer models are not any better) for 6 years and do have some good travelling experiences - but that was not due to the 'car' per se.

Unless they decide to change/stiffen the chassis and radically change the styling without losing the gene of an Amby, no use in flogging the model again. Best option for Birlas would be to sell off the brand to any interested parties who would like to take the brand forward and sell it as a niche but quality retro product. Then they can use the land for better purposes!!
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I agree. What Amby has is bad suspension. To compensate it HM has added extra sofa cushion.

Somebody gotto tell HM that nobody manufacture vintage cars . Amby is well past its expiry date.
Originally Posted by mallumowgli View Post
Somehow people in this forum and elsewhere think that the Amby's rear seat is the best. I agree - but only when the car is stationary.
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Here is another news about Amby's revival..
Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News Blog Archive Ambassador Set For A Comeback

And why did they rope in a pune based company, when HM has got Mitsu with them? Hope I wont see the same amby with bulding back and scooped bonnet again!
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I think the promoters were trying to dump some stocks. nothing else.

if they think a 50 lakh price tag car will help them, they couldn't be more wrong.
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HM is a perfect example of incompetent management.
They should learn to reap benefits of collaboration from Tatas.

And maintaining a tradition of primitive technologies is in their genes (read Lancer, Cedia, Pajero still running models in India).

I will not be surprised if HM launches something in competition with Premier Rio since a sinking company can only compete with another sinking company, and they are good 'ol Business Rivals as well. It would be a real good entertainment for us watching these two oldies fighting.

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Default Expect New Amby to hit the road in 2011 !!!

Here is an article regarding the topic that has been extensively discussed in this thread, published in 22nd November 2010's issue of Marathi daliy "Sakaal".
As per the article, in the discussion of Managing Director of HM, Mr. Manoj Jha says that Ambassador is running on Indian roads since last 50-60 years & now we want to do some design changes in its exteriors as well as interiors. Therefore HM is giving a makeover to their signature model & final design has been done by Onio Designs, Pune.
This new Amby will be manufactured in HM's Chennai plant where Mitsubishi Lancer is produced. This vehicle will be powered with 1500cc or 2000cc engine & we will try to achieve at least 10000 cars sales with this new car.
Attached Thumbnails
Breaking News: Amby planning 2011 comeback-dsc04384.jpg  

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Default Revampped Amby will be smaller than its predecessor !!

This is what Mr.C.M. Birla, President, Hindustan Motors said:
"The new Amby will have a retro design and sport cutting-edge engineering to compete on comfort and value for money. Overseas experts have been roped in for the metamorphosis. The new version will be ready by January-February 2011 for test trials and is expected to undergo validation by May so that commercial production can begin next July."
"HM is planning to revamp the old Amby by early next year. The new Amby will be smaller than its predecessor in order to attract less excise duty as a result, it will be priced around 5 lakhs. The car will come in 4 new variants for which company is already gathering feedback on its Facebook page."
HM shifting gears; Plans new small car | Indian Autos blog
Ambassador - Comes Back on Facebook | Indian Autos blog
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India’s first car manufacturer, Hindustan Motors launched their iconic car Ambassador for the first time in 1958. Today’s Ambassador still has similarities to the first batch that was manufactured way back in 1958. HM have hired Pune based Onio Design to give the Ambassador a new look. Reports suggest the first variant will be unveiled to the public by December this year. Mr Manoj Jha, HM MD, said, “The first prototype will be ready by December this year. The first new look Amby will be commercially launched in first quarter of 2011-12. We can say that it would be a better proposition. Our aim to broadening the target audience is by offering Amby in different variants . The new variant will be rolled out from Uttarpara. All the new variants of the Ambassador will be available with an engine size ranging between 1500 cc to 2000 cc.”
Earlier this week, HM had announced to double the output of Ambassador in order to increase their market share in the Indian car industry. On launching new models, Mr Jha said, “The company is mulling options to manufacture a hatchback car in the coming months. However, the manufacture of the car will be based mainly on the feedback from customers and we will introduce a totally new variant of ambassador, the design of which is being done by a Pune based company.”
HM’s Winner XD, an LCV with 2 ton payload will soon be launched in the coming months in India. He added, “We are looking for a pan India presence with the introduction of the new variants. By next year we plan to double the number of dealers," Jha said. Brushing aside concerns over the Rs.70 crore debts that the company has already run up, Jha maintained that for a company of HM's size, the debt figure was "nothing catastrophic. If the current trend of increase in price of raw materials continues, HM will be forced to pass on the cost to the customers. In October this year, the company has already increased the price of its cars between Rs.2,000 and Rs 3,000.”
Looks like HM is serious on this one.
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Default Re: Breaking News: Amby planning 2011 comeback

The Craze of Amby is still in India.But HM need to think about the Engines and the technology used in the latest cars.

Still Keeping the old design and selling the car in the market is a huge task which no other Company can risk.HM done well.My wishes for them to try for some new Things and get back to the momentum in sales again.

They need change the exterior and interior designs.I think this is bit hard task for them to do with the available resources.

HM Can do it.All the Best.
Almost Royal Enfield Gone away from the Market Before 10 or 15 years.Now they came back very strongly and stable their market with their Vehicles.The craze for the old model vehicles will always there in India.
The Refining Process need to be very positive.

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