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Default safety week


I had this e-mail from my Office, doing a safety awareness campaign.

Thought better to share it with the forum(Courtesy My Office)

"It may seem like fun but it is downright dangerous!

The faster you go the harder you hit; the faster you travel the more likely your involvement in a crash. The effects of speeding and being involved in a crash can change your life forever.

Four reasons why your choice of speed is important:

1. You have less time to react to an emergency.

Imagine you are traveling at 70 km/hr instead of 60 km/hr. A pedestrian or another vehicle suddenly appears. Even before you have started to brake, at 70 km/hr you will have traveled almost 3 meters more than the driver traveling at 60 km/hr.

This decision-making time, or reaction time, is the time it takes to recognize an emergency and then to brake. Young drivers take longer than experienced drivers to even notice an emergency or a hazard. So slower speed helps. A few kilometers per hour can make a big difference in seeing and reacting to an emergency.

2. It takes a longer time to come to a complete stop.

A car traveling at 70 km/hr will take around 57 meters to come to a complete stop after the driver first notices an emergency. The same car traveling at 60 km/hr will take about 47 meters to stop. 10 meters is a lot of extra distance to travel in an emergency.

3. The faster you travel the harder you hit!

Dropping the car off a three-storey building is equivalent to crashing at 50 Km/hr. Dropping off a 12-storey building is equivalent to crashing at 100 km/hr.

Think about this. Dropping a car from a three-storey building is equivalent to crashing at 50 km/hr. From a 12-storey building, it is about the same as crashing at 100 km/hr. You would be much more likely to survive the 50 km/h crash than the 100 km/hr crash.

4. You are more likely to have a serious crash.

Putting all this together, an extra 5-km/hr travel speed can make the difference between a near miss and a bad crash. Just an extra 5-km/hr can double your chances of having a casualty crash in a 60-km/hr zone.

It makes sense to slow down when driving."
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In UK (where speed limit is 30 mph at cities & built up area), they advertise the following on TVs and newspapers

If you hit a pedestrian at 30 mph (50 km/h) there is 80% probability that he would survive.
But if you hit him at 40 mph (65 km/h) there is 80% probability that he would die!

Speed kills!!!
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i think this topic was bound to come up some time or the other.
what exactly are we talking here? is it necessary for us to always drive slow?
questions like these would have to be answered. so i try to do my bit.
speeding as in the case of overspeeding will have all the effects that natarajan is mentioned. controlling the road rage in ourselves is what we can do, so in order to do that, like most of us in the forum do, just think of the other road users to be a bit less equipped to deal with minor road irritants than us.
am not sure if everyone is of the same opinion as me on this.
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