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Slight change of plan in the last 6 years, SelfDrive. The dealership can take a hike; I'm extremely satisfied with the effect that Team-BHP has had on the Indian car scene
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

As most of the lot,i was always in love with autos,spl motorcycles. I always managed to open parts like point cover and timing gears,chain or wheel axels, of my dads bullet when I was in class 5th or 6th,but failed to put them back in order.i did that just see whts inside or how stuff works.
But as a career I never thought about automobiles,it was my other love 'guns and jungles' as my dad was a forest ranger then. I loved overnite jungle hikes with my dad.
So I decided to join Army,which would give me best of both worlds.
Appeared for NDA, qualified in 1st shot,went for 24 SSB BANGLORE. Few months later found my self joining Echo sqn with academy num 27546/E/105 with all india rank 219.
But it was not to be my life, 4th sem and I got hurt in camp rovers,was operated upon in command hospital pune,and was declared unfit for army.
By the time I was sent home from hospital,my batchmates were already in final sem.
Anyway came home,joind engg colg and was placed in videocon by campus intrvw. Joined HeroHonda motors in haridwar a year later.worked there for about 3 yrs as team manager in final assembly.
Making production reports, and all sort of funny fishbones,i realised that in here its not who knows what,does what,its the guy who makes the most colourful pie charts and bar graphs ,moves ahead.
Papers never intrested me so I quit the job,and started making my own motorcycle,apart from a little bit of property dealing.
Been there done that,i can tell you guys that although its quite desirable to be working for automobile gaints,but DIY guys like me soon get bored of there daily routien
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

In the last couple of years, my urge to work for the Auto mobile industry grew so strong that I was not able to control it. There were majorely I think 2 reasons for it: 1) I had reached a decentely good place which made my parents proud so I was happy that I was able to do it for them, and since now that I have proved myself I probably can take some risks and do what I want. 2) I met or read about too many people who took risks and pursue their passions.

So I started thinking what is that I can do in the Automobile Industry?

I cant design cars.
I am not knowledgable enough to build cars.
Too old too start racing.
No experience in marketing or sales.

The only thing where I thought I was good at was I beleived I knew what a car or bike should have to compete in particular segment (Because of the numerous road tests I read). So probably product testing was where I wanted to go.

I could not think of anything else that I could do in the auto mobile industry. Some time passed and out of coincidence I happened to meet somebody who I later found was India Head Product Planning and Strategy, Yamaha.

This sounded interesting "Product Planning and Strategy". This is something that I could do. Then I prepared my resume and sent to all the Two Wheeler manufacturer, and many 4 wheeler manufacturer in this country outlining my passion for auto mobiles and the knowledge and interest which I possess for this sector. To my surprise I recieved only 1 acknowledgement (Mind You Only 1 acknowledgement) from BMW India and they said that they read my resume and presently they didnt have any position in area in which I was looking to work. No other company even acknowledged that they even recieved my resume. Although I dont blame them because my resume did not have anything which could link me with automobile world.
But never mind, I made my heart understand that probably this is not the right time. I should achieve a couple of things in auto mobile sector first and then apply again.

Still hoping for a Miracle!!
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Writing to companies like this never gets any responce, I did that a decade ago . Like this they recieve a thousands of mails every day.
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

What would be the best possible route to take to land an internship as a small columnist with one of the auto mags like ACI or overdrive??
I'm in my final semester of B.E but kept a keen interest of automobiles and have a flair to write
Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

I've just about finished my BE in E&C. Probably the worst ever decision in my life! All I ever did during lectures in college was draw, cars of course.

Like almost all the BHP-ians, cars are an important part of my life. Got my first scale car when I was 3yrs old and I still have it (although it probably needs a new paint job now :P ). I draw random cars on paper or on MS Paint (the default tool on Windows). Now,I know that obviously doesn't make me anywhere close to a "designer".

Having spent a considerable amount of time on cars (Enthusiast -Yes, Expert - NO) and the love for them makes me wonder if i should try and get into the Automobile sector and make a career out of it rather than just maintain it as a hobby and carry on stacking up drawings on the computer. I've no idea where to start! Even doing a Masters in the automotive field will require me to have a similar BE level background, which i obviously cant change now.

A friend suggested me on trying to get an internship somewhere and see what exactly i want to do with cars. However I'm quiet skeptical about writing down to any of the companies simply because 1) What? Where do i start of? How do I present my case? 2) Realistically, what are the chances of even getting a reply to such a letter? Like a lottery ticket probably.

Its a critical decision in life and I really don't want to mess it up. I want to make the option of automotive career more feasible, but at the same time I've no idea how to go about it. Any help?
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Originally Posted by LNK View Post
Any help?
If you are damn serious, taking a plunge now rather than regretting for life would be a better idea. But before that why not self access your own work against those available / posted online by others.

I am not demoralizing you, I did the same, I did bachelors in Automobile and also did appeared for couple of exams (CEED, NID etc.) but since I was not up to the mark I remained where I was.

But again if you are too passionate and can devote yourself then go ahead.

Now hereís what you can do

1. Go to / / and have a look at some portfolios to get a fell of what actually it is like.
2. Also on the wesites you will get to know of the tools of the trade (Software as well as stationary media).
3. Familiarize your self and build your own Portfolio. Once you are sure you are ready to go.

An internship is very hard to come by unless you have some background education (I have known people with Masters in Product Design still struggling for an entry in Automotive / Transportation design).
After this itís time to join some where for the professional touch and a degree to you name. Which I will discuss in detail in the next post as it requires a dedicated and a long post.
Any time you want to contact me
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Firstly, thank you sir. Exactly the kind of reply I was looking for.

I really found those links useful, I mean some of the designs there look too good to be made by rookies! The one big mistake I've made is to be happy with the basic graphic tool, in my case the Windows default Paint. I was always held down by the lack of layering etc in it, drawing a proper 3d figure and getting the right shading in it is next to impossible.

Lesson learned: just enthusiasm and ideas is not enough, use the right platform to put it across. I'll work on it, by getting myself accustomed to those tools and then see where I stand.

If not designing, is there any other line that i can place myself in, within the automotive sector? Do these companies have any scope for internships in other divisions such as sales, marketing etc? Or for that, will I've to go through the MBA line? Are there any MS majors that I can opt for as an alternative, to get into absolutely anything that is automotive?
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

I had always thought that I would be an automotive scientist or a RACE CHAMP or atleast an Auto journalist. As a 6/7 yr old kid, I was always gathering the MEDIMIX soap cartons and used the discarded rubber caps from the vials at the hospital near my house as make shift wheels. Did some incisions on that carton to make an OPEN CAR that could be drawn with strings around the street. It was looking good too and had fans in both the old and in the form of my friends.As a 10yr old, I had removed the MOTOR from the tape recorder at home and made battery operated toy cars. I grew a little bigger to make lights glow in the wheels of my cycle and a battery operated chime and light as PARKNG/BRAKE lights on it. It had takers yet and left my dad's pocket drained every week for the new batteries or bulbs. A little later in my final year at school, I was happy opening the engine of our BRAND NEW BAJAJ CLASSIC, tuning the carb, replacing the 88 jet into a 99 for extreme speeds. I've done a MAX of 105KMPH in that scooter with Rally tyres on it. I had overtaken the RXG and the KB125 of those days with daredevil speeds on this scooter which did 360 turns when I was trying to bring it from 100kmph to a stop. the 11 year old mail ID still reads . Did a half furtive attempt on doing an Auto show for a Tamil Channel last year and just burnt my fingers. I do want to be an automotive journalist cos Im past the years or education that can help me be an automotive scientist or a racer or a stunt biker.
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

How did I miss this one!

I have been obsessed with cars from childhood as most of us here. Even took up Mechanical engineering in undergrad to stay closer to them. Then got interested in car manufacturing plants so did Industrial engineering from the US. Wrote to Mclaren in the UK or rather pleaded with them to give me a job as they had some openings for technicians and I actually wrote in my letter that "I don't mind changing wheels on a Mclaren as long as you employ me". Well didn't get me a job but I got a personal letter from Mclaren and that's a funny prized possession for me

Now I ogle at them, read about them, am hopefully going to modify one very soon and share my story in the only place where I won't be laughed at

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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

I should blame myself.. for scoring low marks in 12th standard and opted for a Computer science course. Had I liven my dream and earned some good marks, I would have joined a mech.eng and by this time, I would be sketching, designing and building CV bodies. It is the bus and truck chassis+body I am always in love. May be that was because, when I was a kid, I go with my dad to his office (municipal office) on saturdays and hop into those water tanker - tractors, dump trucks and play with the steering.

My childhood dream was to pursue a career in automobiles (bus body building) and then own a business in my home town. But fate is different. Low marks, and I had to choose Bsc Comp Sci . So, finally ended up holding the mouse and keyboard, instead of Spanner and design books.

Regret a lot.. for not scoring good marks in 12th standard.
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Default Transportation Design, more than your regular 9 to 5er!

I've been a member since before i started my Transportation Design education in 2006!

Infact, before i started studying transportation design i had posted my query on this very thread way back in 2005 and thought that an update post was well overdue!

The Course managed to keep me off the forum for almost the whole time, I must say though, i found some tbhp members in college!!! We're everywhere!!

I'll be glad to answer question/clear design related stigmas right here!

My rough course outline @ DSK International School of Design, Pune:
  • 5 Year | 10 Term course in Transportation Design Management
  • 3 Industrial Internships completed [ 2 are mandatory as per the academic structure ]
  • Market Research
  • Trendspotting
  • Analysis
  • Design Management
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Live Projects
  • Hand Skills
  • Software [2D + 3D]
  • Testing
  • Materials
  • Production Processes
  • Workshop
  • Automotive Clay modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Photography
  • Design Masterclass™
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Techniques........etc. [in no particular order!]

I am all set to now go for my 5th Year, [Final] Internship, to Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany!

Edmund on LinkedIn

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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Reality stings hard!!
Some of us repent on our wrong decisions, some of us have "society" to blame, but, some of us have the indigenous capacities to follow our hearts.

Well my passion to become a automobile engineer was cut short by my wrong decisions made early in life. I failed to follow my dreams (not that am not content with my present position). But that something would have made all the difference.

So dream high and never give up, my suggestion to all the aspirants.

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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Am a mechanical engineer and started my career with Honda. For some weird reason (read money) got into consulting and till date regret leaving my first job!
Never been 'really' happy at work after my first job. It's been a decade now.

Am seriously considering moving to auto journalism and working towards it!
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Default Re: Ever contemplated an Automotive career?

Okay here goes my story which will give an insight to people what Saboo Siddhik is all about and what automotive Engineering is all about.

I knew I had to get into automotive engineering as soon as I finish my 10th. Commerce, Arts and Science and all was not my cup of tea.

Got into K.S Polytechnic for a Diploma in Automobile Engineering and finished it with flying colours in 3 years.

Then the next course of action of course was BE. I wanted to go UK for further studies but we did not have that kind of money then, so ended up in Saboo Siddhik paying a bit of donation. Trust me, hell hole is a sweet word for that place. Its UNREAL and UNBEARABLE. The course was horrible, the teaching was sad, my dreams were shattered to no extent. Ported_head had warned me, but I thought maybe it would not be that bad.

2nd year, Nothing interesting to get me hooked to books, Got a drop, Gave Kt exams and finally QUIT. I could not take that Bull anymore. It was too late for applying to UK too, So in total wasted 3 years of my life in all this and finally in my 4th year got into Coventry University in Automotive Engineering in direct 2nd year as I had done my diploma.

And now here I am, one nd half months away from giving my final exam of final year and already applied for an MBA in engineering management from Coventry University itself.

I learnt so many things in Coventry Uni that I would have never even dreamt about in Saboo Siddhik. Stay away from this place like it was some virus.
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