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Old 6th October 2006, 16:54   #76
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Been reading a lot about ppl wanting to start their own dealerships/garages etc...

Well, I'm interested as hell too. Lets all get together and make it happen. What say, Viper, superavi et al?
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Nice thread !!

To all of you, I hope you are able to fulfill your dreams (the realistic ones)

My DREAM job would be to be an F1 driver (test or race, doesnt matter) or a test driver for Porsche or Ferrari or Lambo

I wouldnt even mind being a driver-for-hire on a track like the Nurburgring (remember that female who came on Top Gear ??) ??

But in reality, I guess I want to earn enough money to be able to go abroad once in a year and enroll myself in one of those trackdays like the one a BHPian did wioth a Ferrari 360, a Renault Megane and so on...... IIRc, he did it for 290 pounds in UK.

And my career is going to be related to the automobile field hopefully. I hope to jojn my dad and expand his business.... he is i nthe garage equipment field and imports stuff like Wheel Aligners, Tyre Changers, Repair Rigs, Wheel Balancers, and so on......

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Would love to be a test driver.It really gives a great feeling to be a test driver and give the first hand report.Would also love to be in the quality assurance team by testing cars to it's extreme.

And as i grow old,would seriously think of being a columnist in any of the magazines/newspapers/journals .But surely would be an automobile enthusiast all through my life.
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Old 9th October 2006, 19:36   #79
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1./ test driver for any supercar company
2./ driver for "around the world", "cross country/continent" (especially antarctica)

thinking aloud mayb i will prefer number 2 to 1. too lazy to change the numbers now
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we happen to run a tata authorised(spares and service currently)and we are building our showroom(sales)from past 2 years and we are also on a verge of signing up with a multinational heavy vehicle giant for their local market requirement please feel free to ask any questions in this respect,will try my best to answer to your curiosity.
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Well..sorry for ressurecting an old topic( hope theres no forum rule against this).
Going through the posts above it seems most people have a slightly glamorised view of the automobile industry. Ofcourse the few posts by people who had actually been there are closer to reality.!!
Been working in the "Indias largest Automobile manufacturer" for the last two years now, immediately after my graduation. Been in many departments including shopfloor and as a "test-driver".Trust me its not that fun, even as a test driver!. When you drive a car in an absolutely boring way for fuel efficiency figures for half an hour, only to discard the results because windspeed was high or the windows were up etc...the excitement wud soon vanish!

And in the shopfloor you have to deal with politics, union problems, gruelling hours (how about 11.30 night to 6 AM, or even worse two shifts at a stretch- 3 in the afternoon to 6 next morning, standing throughout or walking along the line ) Not to mention a six day week (inc sunday for my company!!)

Ofcourse, the work culture would vary from company to company and country to country, but i suspect these issues would be present in most of the large companies. Two years down the line, I wont really regret the time spent here, after learning a lot on how to and how not to work, deal with people etc,,,

and my dream career, start something and own it..maybe a restaurant :-)
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Originally Posted by trakesht View Post
Well..sorry for ressurecting an old topic

Excellent post.

I am also in double minds about my future.Whether to enter automobile industry, or go software way to earn money!

Hope i'll make the right decision!
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Even i had rosy dreams of the auto industry and following that i took up mechanical engineering course and now i am working for a company who are tier 2 suppliers to the auto industry. Well the thought of engines and gears sounds very intresting in the beginning, when you start working in one you get to know the hardships of it. I enjoy my job to a great extent somehow as involves the marketing part and travelling. But as guys echo the same about what dreams they had and what it turned out to be, Having it as a passion invokes a better feeling
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When I was kid, I wanted to be a driver (or machine operator) of a Tata-Hitachi Excavator. It looks like the image below, only the color is more orange.

I still have a thing for these. When I look out of my office window and see one of these on the construction site next door, I feel some sort of an unexplainable attraction.

Originally Posted by Jomz View Post
actually people who duno what is the digfference between a steel pipe and Common Rail (The component) Sucking salaries..
I work in a completely different industry, but can understand your frustration. Sometimes I wonder if lack of technical expertise is a pre-requisite to get high salaries.
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Old 17th December 2007, 13:19   #85
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Default I am already in.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I know that there are a lucky few amongst us (Psycho, Arush, Dom, Turbo India etc.) who are working in the industry of their choice which is not only their passion, but also their bread and butter.

What about the rest of us? Ever wanted to build a career within cars? Are the plans still on or discarded? What company?

I have ALWAYS wanted to venture in a premium car dealership and hopefully one day it will be possible. One that boasts of the HIGHEST quality service - a level that has previously been unseen in India. One that gets more customers through word of mouth than silly advertisements. Simply put, an organisation that is built around the clientelle.

Whats yours?

Being a mechanical engineer I have been working as a production engineer in a steel company till july 2007.

Now into three wheeler diesel autorikshaw dealership (i think, first of its kind on t-bhp ). I am the sole distributor for Nalgonda Dist. and Eastern RangaReddy Dist. Started its operations in october 2007. (adding more chaos to the city) i will post the pics of the autos shortly

Currently also looking into setting up a honda two wheeler dealership or a castrol bike zone in the heart of the city and if we find couple of more big time investors, a maruti-suzuki dealership should sound great. (i know its going to cost me a bomb for the rents in hyderabad)

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Old 17th December 2007, 13:20   #86
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Dream is to became a tuner for bikes along with huge collection of classic sports and vintage bikes.
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Was always fascinated by this 'Nuts and Bolts' industry. Always wanted to make my career in this, but presently ended in an industry that always hunts for news from all existing industries. I work for a Stock Broker.
Want to get into the Advertising/PR/Marketing division of an Automobile Company. Want to make a shift soon, a shift to pursue my passion.
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Old 27th December 2007, 14:21   #88
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I always dreamt of making mods to cars. But alas, making mods to the source code in this IT industry :(
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I've loved machines since the age of 6 and wanted to be a mechanical or an automobile engineer.. Always worked towards it gathering as much info as possible as to how i gotta go about it..

Finally took up science in college and decided to write CET to get an engineering seat.. Due to dad's disagreement on that i had to withdraw from CET and do BBM.. I graduated this year and during these 3 years i've always regretted not doing what i love..

Finally as i kept upgrading my car and started racing for FRK my dad knew he could'nt keep me away from it and has asked me to find out about a good 2 yr mechanical engineering course abroad.. So now i want to go and learn everything possible about engines.. So guys please do let me know if u have any good universities in mind.. Thanks
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If u guys need a programmer for ECU Im game .. Love to see the sinewaves in CRO. Always wanted to be a programmer for Automobiles. Hope one day it will become true. (Bosh are u listening ??? )
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