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Originally Posted by vikramvicky1984 View Post
( yahaan panel ko 2 stroke ka design se otto engine se avenger ka bhp tak bataya: torque aur bhp ko leopard elephant bana kar samjhaaya)

That is a classic petrolhead
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Default here goes the english ode

since i wrote in hindi i owe you all an apology
& will ensure that nobody misses my sad love-logy

translating the same stuff would be so mundane
and how could the poet inside me go in vain

so here goes an "inspired ( read reverse engineering by bollywood) remake while the essence shall remain same

P.S. @ mods: please delete if you find even a word offensive

there was a kid who went to a really competitive school
sat on his grandpa's jeep's steering & got the ladies drool
went to school on a bus ..those days there wasn't any car pool
as he got into 7th grade, auto india for 20 bucks he found so cool

first shocker came as beemer funduro ( 1996)it made him scream
how could a bike cost more than his all new esteem
then learnt riding a hero honda ( 1997) uncle's shogun was his dream
it went out of production so rx100 seemed the next hope a realm

finally got a red splendor(1998) coz momma loved d looks
according to her (till the day); yams are driven by crooks :(

he got into 10 class (1999)& also a beauty called cbz
oh what a babe..radials discs... it drove him crazy
asked for one; dad said: study you lazy
the kid said: pops i'll top; he said you it ur CeeBeeZee

all dreams rarely come true but remember there is hope always
caame the results & his name flashed in newspapers for days
dad felt proud of his baby who now shone like sun's rays
cbz didn't come; publicity could lead to kidnappers get their ways

career choice was pretty confusion anywhere
mech engineer at IIT, MS abraod of engines & gear
12th the kid lost his way; things went haywire
screwed IIT , biotech engineering was now his career

hated those biological names; he had absolutely no clue
sad & frustrated from moddifying DNA's he looked for new avenue
proramming bug at school helped was there a boom around called computers & it
placement came & his coding skills impressed the seasoned & the mighty

then came the standard HR question: what's your interest?
the answer was pretty simple : how could the dream ever die or rest!

started with an ikon 1.6 ; went to turbos & everything under the skin
discussed every moped to car owned by the interviewer's kith & kin

linux programming was good but not his life; he wanted to escape
the destination was always up there : finding a route wasn;t a walk by lake

MBA was a shortcut coz every company needed managers
with the iima tag he thought he would find some taker

then started the 2nd struggle of his life; CBZ wasnt the end this time
efforts paid; god listened: made to iima coz true love ain't no crime

enthusiasm was back; asked placement committee to contact bajaj to bentley
but around the corner did the thing called recession lay

all that turned up for summers were mahindra motors & that renault from france
little was opportunity but it still made him dance
the companies liked his SOP's & both gave him a chance

now go the inteviews
mahindra motors:
HR's showed attitude they rarely get an opportunity
the kid was a fighter geting him down wasn't that easy
went on like alonso & hamilton fighting for the booty
the kid had realised this job couldn't keep him cozy

Renault ( france):
they liked his knowledge they were surely impressed
of clio to dacia; he knew better than that HR head
just when he thought he thought his dreams were shining red
came a blower: " dude why shouldn't we hire a mechie enginner instead!"

dream was out of sight again; world looked so mean
took job of a life sciences consultant
instead of spark plugs now he's gonna strategise selling disprin
but remember true love never dies no it can't

to all who manged to read through this long post:

i just have to some stuff to say
never lose sight of your come whatever may
success stories have always inspired one and all
but i hope this loser may give u inspiration..may be just a ray

the kid is still fighting
he may never succeed
but won't give up till god calls it a day
the dream may still continue; for his son may

guys sorry if u found it too long
but if you love something never give up

" you shoot the moon, put out the sun
when you love someone"
- bryan adams

" the child is gone
but the dream is not gone (its alive & burning)"
- with all apologies to the great pink floyd

to all my fellows auto buffs-
" dream on dream on
dream until your dream comes true"
- aerosmith

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Thats a truly lovely post vikram. And inspiring too
My dream also is to get into the automotive industry, even if the job is only remotely connected to cars.

I am of the opinion that you should love your work.. there are very few things in life that are as satisfying.
Not to mention that if you love it, you will work harder and give it a 100% and furthermore...
Success becomes secondary, the need to excel becomes your primary motive.

Fingers crossed

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I Did and still do - Went to College and University here in the UK, i initally wanted work related to CFD and aerodynamics. My final year project at university was to improve airflow thru the inlet manifold of the formula student car and after hours of sitting in front of a computer watching number fly all over the screen i decided this wasnt for me. Got my first job with a company called Caparo, its alot more diversived than most people think. I was working on the design side of things, and was left to do the engine frame for the T1, also worked on other project like the Connaught and some bits to do with Gordon Murrays city car (Gordon Murray Design is owned by Caparo). Working with the T1 was great, but it also meant long hours of work sometimes 9am-10pm (you didnt get paid overtime or anything past 5pm), but it was part of the job. Now i work with a manufacturing company as a Project Engineer, its alot more laid back and we make chassis, steering and suspension components for the likes of Ford, Jaguar/Landrover, Renault, Honda and Nissan, so i am still working with cars and design.

I always wanted to be an astronaut, or a race car driver (like most young boys) but landed up doing my 11th/12th 1st and 2nd year in commerce. Quit after i relised i hated and started from scratch and i love my job today.

I guess the thing to remember is its never to late to change or chase a dream. And there's absolutely no shame is going back to basics, and starting over again.

If anyone needs help with looking for jobs in the Uk or studying here, i would be more than happy to help.
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Why is it that you are so good or PORSCHE cannot afford more sales guys ?

Originally Posted by doctorque View Post
Well i couldnt have done anything else i am sure, so got into car sales.
9months @ FORD
10months @ BMW
5th month running as the only guy PORSCHE has.
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Hey just saw this thread and just had to post my views.

I think there are many people who want to work in the automobile industry in India but its not exactly a very high paying industry. Working hours are long and the you dont exactly sit in a AC office all day. Also most of the jobs in India are related to manufacturing. Very little R&D is done as compared to automobiles abroad.

I wanted to be an automobile designer and have a degree in Industrial Design from IIT. I did internships in GM and Volkswagen and enjoyed them very much.
But when it comes to choosing a career with a automobile company I am very much reluctant.
A R&D manager from Tata once called me up when I had just graduated from college and called me from an interview. I was really surprised that a manager would go the lengths to visit my college website and get my number. I thought since there are so many people who want to join Tata why the hell would he go thru so much so trouble to call me up.
Well I found out soon. He was offering a salary of 3L for a industrial designer! I immediately refused. Tata is one of the highest paying companies in this field, with many other companies paying a fraction of what Tata was offering.
Also the work culture at core mechanical companies isnt really what it should be. In a MNC like GM India there is regionalism, partiality etc.
I hear from my friends in Indian automobile companies its much worse.
Well everyone will say things like that are everywhere but personally I found it most prevalent in GM out of the 3 companies I have worked/ interned in. ( Cant judge VW since didnt understand an German and leaving Indian Railways since thats another story altogether)

So even though there maybe many people wanting to join the industry, the automobile industry in India isnt exactly a very promising career option.
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I would really love the job of Jeremy Clarkson, getting drive the world's best cars on open roads and barren air-fields!
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As a kid I definetly wanted to be part of the auto industry. At some times even dreamt of starting a car company of my own :-). Talked this to dad(humble banker), his response- well if not owning a car company he would be satisfied if I even start a company to manufacture car parts may be even a door handle :-)
Few years later got into an excellent engineering college. As part of curriculum had opportunity to work at Bajaj Akurdi plant. Assembled quite a few scooter gear boxes (I hope that vehicle is on road and in good working condition). Did get a chance to visit chakan plant few times(most clean manufacturing facility ever been too).
Completed my graduation and the IT craze landed me up into one of IT companies.
I don't know whether its good luck or not but here too without being asking for it, got the opportunity for working on IT for couple of major car/truck manufacturing companies. Still working for this. Very happy that somehow I am still related to automobile industry. You will be amazed to see the huge IT applications that support these industries.

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Well I was always passionate about vehicles from a very young age.. became an automobile engineer..Learnt all the tools to become a design engineer from Pro E to Ansys.. then saw my friends who were into the design field and hardly anybody got to design anything related to Automobile engineering.. those who were, were only designing or analyzing small components.. Me too had a long way to go. But i never had an inclination towards design field.So didn't know what else to do..was tired of studying technical and MATHS.. so did my MBA(soley thinking that I would be able to afford all the vehicles I ever wanted ) Now recently I've just started earning..but now it seems to me that I no longer can afford the time to enjoy the things which were the reasons for doing MBA in the first place. Ironically my friends who did their BE in electrical and other such branches got to work on applications for companies like Jaguar and Land Rover
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would love to make a second career as an auto journalist as a semi hobby - the same way I am a hobbyist golf journalist already.
considering some of the sad writing that one has to put up with from some of the pretentious writers and presenters in the current crop of auto journalists - I wouldnt mind taking a hand there!
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In that way I have been real lucky....
Was into automobiles from childhood, the era of Indian Auto and Auto India (was the best), also Car&Bike.....magazines were 15 bucks, that time, black and white, only Auto India was colored, for 20 bucks though!! Also was lucky to have got some car enthusiast in the family. `
Passed 12th, gave entrance exam, got the score, decided mechanical, got admission in an REC, campus placement in the auto sector, deputed to R&D... and enjoying ever since.
It has its own share of ups and downs. Although it pays better than most sectors, it however doesn't come anywhere close to that of investment banking or those sort of black magic jobs...

Still the satisfaction is immense.
One day I aspire to be working for BMW in their HQ in Munchen.
And then some years later, maybe my own consultancy firm
Till then, Happy posting and Auf Wiedersehen
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JC`s job has got to be the dream job, drive lots of nice cars, diss em, say a few good things once in a while. Thats a good job in the automotive arena methinks.
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To think that I actually have an automotive job is big enough for me. That I actually write for an auto magazine is an even bigger deal.

Since childhood, I always had a dream to start my own sportscar company. One that built focused, light weight sportscars that could counter the best from the rest of the world. I wanted to build roadsters that were supremely focused and yet not very expensive. Not a cottage industry, but not a full blown manufacturer either. That dream, somewhere still exists.

The fact is, with Formula India, and then TB i got a voice to express my passion with like-minded individuals. People who understood what I felt and reacted. In effect, it actually led me to pursue a career in it, even though my education was seemingly unfit for such a profession. And then, I got into writing cars and never looked back.

I still don't consider myself the best of writers out there, but hey, each day is a part of a steep learning curve. So hopefully, someday, I can read something I wrote years ago and say - hey that really wasn't so bad after all.

It's great to convert your passion into your profession. To do what you really like, and in that case I consider myself lucky. So what if the pay doesn't necessarily get me all the luxuries in life, and so what if I have to hear more brickbats than receive compliments from all sorts of readers. In all its thanklessness at times, the sweet sound of mashing the throttle during testing or just simply driving a car that has got a great steering setup through traffic just snatches me away from all those nitty gritties.

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I am happy with god's grace with what I am today, but I was/ am never so lucky to contemplate an automotive career. I was never a serious person in my life and until I realised it was a bit too late.
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Perhaps a show-host like Jezza or Hammond or maybe a STIG I dont mind any of those.
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