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Old 13th October 2010, 12:39   #91
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Goodness, something wrong with Honda. Looks like some drug addict out of rehab designed this car. It has no features, such a flat look. Honda seems to be going back to the future.
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Old 13th October 2010, 12:41   #92
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Best time to buy a Civic is NOW! Gawd, this is so nighmarish a design!

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Old 13th October 2010, 14:02   #93
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The new design looks really droopy and lacks the sporty character of the present gen. model. Moreover the edgy interiors just don't gel with the exterior.
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Old 13th October 2010, 14:17   #94
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I don't know if you guys have noticed this or not, but the car still seems to be in some kind of camo. There seems to be some kind of fabric covering all the body panels & bumpers, even the fog lamps. Just take a look at the following pics. I have highlighted the points where there are some folds appearing on the body panels:

I wouldn't be surprised if Honda changes the Front Bumper, Head Lights & Rear Tail Lights for the Non-US/Indian Version. There are already differences between the two in the current generation. Simply making those minor changes gives such a huge difference to the look of the car.
Attached Images
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Old 13th October 2010, 16:07   #95
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This work looks like a 'H' work, does not looks like a 'H' work :-))). Hope these pictures are not the next gen Civic.
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Old 13th October 2010, 17:09   #96
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The rear in these pics looks like some old SATURN! Even GM has grown up now so wonder why Honda would want to go this way.

I see both Honda & Toyota losing the design plot in this decade. I can understand function over form but who wants an ugly box to go out every single day not matter how sturdy, reliable and fuel efficient it is!

Wonder what made them tamper so much with the current Civic design. It looks soft but i'm sure they could have added some elements to make it look bolder and more masculine. And of course fix the ride.
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Old 13th October 2010, 20:11   #97
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Guys relax, its very unlikely this Civic will come to India. This is most probably the American style Civic.

Over here we get the JDM Civic.
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Old 14th October 2010, 12:58   #98
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I am so disappointed. These days, with Honda cruelly cutting down on features and their prices forever soaring northwards, their 'designs' (of course apart from reliability) were the only USP.

But one thing seems sure; If Honda does get this Civic here, the prices of the current used civic will definitely rise.

To cut it short, this is what Honda will do to the 'Civic' brand if it does get this design :
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Old 14th October 2010, 13:04   #99
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With Neanderthal exteriors and Ice age interiors, I am frantically praying that this model never makes it to our shores and when I have enough moolah to buy a civic in 2012, it's the current model which is still being sold in India!!!!
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Old 14th October 2010, 14:48   #100
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IMO, its not a bad or ugly looking car. The present Civic was a path breaking design compared to the previous one which may be the reason for general disappointment, but on its own, its not bad. Agreed the Hyundai looks funky but I am certain the Civic will be better engineered.
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Old 14th October 2010, 15:22   #101
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i think anyone who has been waiting to buy the new civic shouldn't wait any longer. the current car looks FAR better.
buying now would make real sense.

OR maybe honda is trying the same stint they tried with the OHC and NHC. the shape was totally different (read uglier) and still the car sold like hot cake!!
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Old 14th October 2010, 15:59   #102
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American Civics are more a bit more sedately styled so i guess this is the American Civic.
We can see that there are camo in the crucial areas like bumper,air dam and headlight assembly.So i guess these will be changed for the JDM version which we will get here in india.
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Old 14th October 2010, 16:27   #103
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Spy Shots: 2012 Honda Civic Sedan

Here it doesn't look that bad
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Old 14th October 2010, 17:11   #104
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Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
Spy Shots: 2012 Honda Civic Sedan

Here it doesn't look that bad
Well thats because of the camouflage.Its easy to say that the current gen had a path-breaking design and the successor will find it difficult to live upto/go beyond that,but hey! It's their job to come up with something better.You need to sell your product,you need to go beyond.This is retrogressive evolution.
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Old 15th October 2010, 04:54   #105
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Its extremely difficult to improve on the design of the current CIVIC. The design is simply flawless. The one that sent the COROLLA back to the drawing boards. I'm afraid HONDA has not let the design evolve but has gone off on a tangent.

There are so many girls at office who love the current CIVIC and a Lady Boss somewhere in top management owns one too. Wonder what they will have to say about the new one
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