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Originally Posted by Comrade View Post
Till date, I really do not understand how FIAT chose TATA in the first place. They should have gone single after PAL. It might be too late now??
Even I am also not able to understand the Fiat Management's decision. Perhaps Fiat was not going through their best times while taking the decision. Now things have changed. Neither TVS nor TATA was the right partner for FIAT. Should have gone alone after divorcing Premier. They can now begin to separate by slowly detaching from TATA in select cities and then on a pan india basis. Best wishes.
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It is a bold move by Fiat by I doubt how effective it will be. Instead of opening up new dealerships it will be better if Fiat started opening dedicated service centers first and there by giving the customers a sense of exclusivity and pride in being part of the Fiat family.
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A very good decision by FIAT. If they don't do it now, they will die off very soon.

Now i have a second thought about selling my Linea.
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Originally Posted by twinblades View Post
There would have a lot of complications if the Joint venture is over in India. Considering there is a huge investment needed to setup their own networks and dealership. The news said that there is not official word from Tata motors on this matter.
Its better they quit the JV with TATA. The tata dealers were never fair enough towards fiat products. The prime space in the showrooms for display would be occupied by Indigos and Vistas and the Puntos & Lineas would be stacked in one corner. Even if you say that you are interested in Fiat cars, the sales guys would say "Saar, fiat car ! its no good. Tata cars are better" [this was my personal experience in Concorde, Dairy circle, Bangalore]. Real shoddy treatment!

Originally Posted by Daewood View Post
If VW or a Nissan can manage to sell/service 2k cars per month with a miniscule number of dealerships, why can't fiat which has a better car lineup and larger brand visibility in India do better?
I think these 2 brands have helped Fiat-India open it's eyes and ears.

Once they walk out they need to do what Ford and Chevy did. Bring their top brass from Italy on PR missions to India which will help improve the "commitment to India part" which is missing now.

OT:If Fiat had already walked out of this service alliance, i would have been a Punto owner by now
Cmon ! Please dont compare VW/Nissan with Fiat Fiat needs to go miles & miles to reach where Nissan or VW is, or even Maruti for that matter -- thats called reliability! If the product is so reliable, then people would not mind less number of service centres. When the product breaks down too often, thats when people keep searching for a "close" service centre.

Originally Posted by funkykar View Post
This is the only way that FIAT can re-ignite themseleves in the hearts of Indians. They just need to be very cautious and ensure they provide world class service. In short, they better learn from all their mistakes commited in the past when it comes to A.S.S
Everybody seems to be bothered only about the loss of Fiat ! TATA would be a bigger loser if Fiat walks out of the JV and stops supplying their engines to TATA. Tata's sales have soared so high mostly because of the Fiat MJD [peace of mind for the owner + superb mileage and performance balance].

So my suggestion to Fiat would be like this

1. Go for dedicated showrooms
2. Keep making use of TATA A**.
3. Employ your direct supervisors in TATA A** to monitor the work on Fiat cars.
4. Make sure any complaints are directly dealt in the A** and rectified to the customers satisfaction.
5. In the mean time start dedicated FIAT A**.
6. Motto should be "Customer First and Customer is KING" right from beginning.

These steps should definitely ensure that Fiat gets the credibility. And yeah, the products should become niggle free. There is no point in advertising for a 15K service interval if you actually have to visit the service station every fort night for silly issues -- that would tick the customers off the product.

Note from the Team-BHP Support Team: Removed bold tag. Replying in bold is considered rude. Thanks.

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Either way, Good riddance.It will be *very interesting* to see how FIAT manages after sales without TATA. FIAT lovers would not be able to blame TATA for any goof ups then.
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Well, I would be very happy if this is true. TATA service is the only reason, I am not buying FIAT again. I might re-consider FIAT if they setup independent garage.

The biggest problem with TATA is their attitude as pointed by someone. They never understand how passionate FIAT owners are.
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Wow! Couldn't have been better!!! My entire experience of owning a FIAT has been spoilt time and again by TATA. I, for one, am really happy if FIAT goes alone. Service centre availability is certainly an issue post the divorce - but it still is.

I am not sure how many of you agree with me, the TATA-FIAT JV has not greatly enhanced service centre availability, atleast in Kerala. In Kerala, all TATA ASCs are not FIAT service centres. FIAT service is sadly restricted to only major towns, even though TATA has centres are small towns.

I have a TATA ASC near my place, but they are not authorised to service FIAT. I was told by their Service Manager that FIAT does not approve all TATA ASCs to carry out repairs.
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wait. while independence is a great idea for FIAT, sudden is not the way to go. Lets first have independent showroom+ service workshop in 10 major cities. perhaps 2 workshops in mumbai, pune, delhi, chennai! and there on, they can slowly withdraw from the showrooms in these cities and let the story unfold from there.

I am sure Tata will agree to this. Fiat has something they need much more badly.

Now, m not sure if i should buy linea at this point of time or not.

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Mod Note : We've received official communication from Tata that this information is not true. Will be updating with the press release soon. Till then, this thread is closed.

An email that included Mr. Debasis Ray states:

This report is absolutely incorrect. Tata Motors and Fiat are, on the contrary, taking steps to further deepen the relationship.

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