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September 2010 - Indian Car Sales Figures

You guys run the analysis this time . Car specific comments are more or less the same as in my full analysis of the August 2010 sales.

Figures received so far. Will update this post as the rest of the manufacturer numbers come in.

A4: 114
A6: 60
Q5: 67
Q7: 60
R8: 1

3 Series : 255
5 Series : 308
7 Series : 45
6 Series : 2
GT : 9
X3 : 1
X5 : 44
X6 : 20
Z4 : 3

Chevrolet Spark : 2415
Chevrolet Beat : 2743
Chevrolet U-VA : 283
Chevrolet Aveo : 323
Chevrolet Optra : 236
Chevrolet Cruze : 847
Chevrolet Captiva : 167
Chevrolet Tavera : 1577

FIAT 500 : 0
FIAT Palio : 24
FIAT Grande Punto : 902
FIAT Linea : 724

Trax : 704

Ford Ikon : 207
Ford Fiesta : 1426
Ford Endeavour : 282
Ford Figo : 6465

Honda Jazz : 649
Honda City : 6164
Honda Civic : 574
Honda CR-V : 88
Honda Accord : 253

Hyundai Santro : 6451
Hyundai i10 : 14434
Hyundai i20 : 7680
Hyundai Accent : 1352
Hyundai Verna : 1818
Hyundai Sonata : 16

Mahindra Renault Logan : 1000
Mahindra Jeeps : 1366
Mahindra Scorpio : 4001
Mahindra Xylo : 3002
Mahindra Bolero : 8171

Maruti M800 : 1608
Maruti Alto : 30147
Maruti Wagon R : 14354
Maruti Zen Estilo : 3428
Maruti A-star : 2671
Maruti Ritz : 6408
Maruti Swift : 11913
Maruti Swift Dzire : 8566
Maruti SX4 : 1965
Maruti Gypsy : 258
Maruti Eeco : 6338
Maruti Omni : 7484
Maruti Grand Vitara : 8

C-Class : 227
E-Class : 261
S-Class : 86
M-Class : 27
GL-Class : 26
SLK - 18
CLS - 11
E-Coupe - 5
CLK - 2

Mitsubishi Lancer+Cedia : 58
Mitsubishi Outlander : 198
Mitsubishi Montero : 12
Mitsubishi Pajero : 120

Nissan X Trail : 55
Nissan 370Z : 0
Nissan Teana : 18
Nissan Micra : 1183

Cayenne : 4
Panamera : 3
911 : 1
Cayman S : 1
Boxster S : 1

Skoda Fabia : 256
Skoda Laura : 845
Skoda Superb : 366

Tata Nano : 5520
Tata Indica : 6258
Tata Indigo+Marina : 8783
Tata Sumo : 1775
Tata Safari : 1541

Toyota Corolla : 1082
Toyota Innova : 4106
Toyota Camry : 36
Toyota Fortuner : 998
Toyota Prado : 7
Toyota Landcruiser : 4
Toyota Prius : 2

VW Beetle : 38
VW Jetta : 254
VW Passat : 107
VW Touareg : 0
VW Phaeton : 10
VW Polo : 2891
VW Vento : 1364

Volvo S80 : 3
Volvo XC90 : 6
Volvo XC60 : 1

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Some miscellaneous comments

- Beat flattening (already) at the 2.7 - 3.0k mark. Decent, but not impressive. Related thread

- Altis diesel has hardly dented the market's fascination with the "quick Cruze". The fast Chevy sedan continues its torquey run.

- Linea tanking at a mere 700 odd units. The 1.4 T-jet should give it momentary boost.

- As I'd predicted the last time around, the Figo is settling down at about 6,500 units monthly. Previously unseen volumes for Ford / its dealers.

- Vento or no Vento, the Honda City records its best month ever at a mega 6,100+ cars! That's as much as all of its direct competitors combined.

- i10 and Wagon R neck to neck at 14K units, with barely a hundred sales separating the two. It's absolute WAR between the tall boys.

- i20 continues to redefine the "premium hatch" segment with another best seller of a month.

- Logan sales consistently improving. As I commented in August, does Mahindra do it better when alone (vis a vis Mahindra-Renault)?

- Bolero - MY GAWD! That's an 8,200 tally in September. What an outstanding performance. Max contribution to Mahindra's bottom line.

- With more BHP, the Alto breaks its August best-ever record with 30K in September.

- Petrol Outlander continues to (surprisingly) outsell diesel Pajero.

- Micra settles at an expected 1,000 odd sales.

- Neat performance by the Laura & Superb in their respective segments. Laura is neck to neck with the Cruze, while the Superb outsells the Accord. Again.

- Indigo sisters (Manza & old) finally knock out the Dzire from its no.1 spot.

- If it weren't for production constraints, the Fortuner would probably outsell the Altis! As if it hasn't redefined the 20 lakh segment enough already.

- 1,400 Ventos shipped. Should go up to 3,000 - 4,000 once production stabilizes.

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Wow! Bolero is giving competion to all the small family cars. So Manhindra claim is true - highest selling UV. Sumo & Tavera is nowhere near it. I wonder what is Bolero's direct competition in its category?
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@GTO: Can you please analyse the FIAT linea figures, as they are stagnating around 700-800 units, what do you see as this models future. All other cars in the segment are rising (Logan, Fiesta, SX4 & ANHC), was it because market was expetcting T-jet, and held back purchases? Or has Fiat lost it?

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Safari still dominated by the sCorpio whose pwned by BOLERO!!!

interesting! me likes - thanks rush!
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Great write up GTO

Few observations from my side.

Fiat 500 getting a count of 0 wheras Beetle getting a count of 38 - I think it is the brand value also which speaks on the customer mind

Tatas are actually loosing the ground on MUVs and SUVs- They should start working on Safari and Aria.

Toyota Fortuner is really a mystery -how can a 20lac car make such a impact on the india market which is ruled by compact cars or sedans.

Maruti as always doing good on its better supply chain and loyal customers despite throwing some average products in market
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The Polo numbers have dropped marginally. Maybe just production issues. Let us see what their second shift will provide them with.

Nothing seems to be helping Punto numbers though. Not even the 90BHP model. Forget the A.S.S, they should improve the interiors. Bring in a Beige/Black combination to start with.
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Hi GTO thank you for the figures for Sep-10.

I would like to add a few point to your analysis:

1. Indica sale seems to be suffering (settling around 6.5K from 8k units) because of the Figo.

2. Tata's average/poor quality has dented its SUV/MUV sales as well. They are the laggards in the race.

3. Vento seems to have made a impact in the beginning month itself. The numbers 1364 are impressive. Polo has clocked more units than the Beat (beaten the Beat). Impressive numbers for both these cars, & they have already made a dent in competitors sales numbers.

4. I do not see many Boleros in North. Gurkhas & Other Force people's carriers are more popular in North. It is probably institutional sales (State Police, Security Forces, Rural Banking Agencies, etc.) that are driving sales of these ones. Recently, Punjab Police ordered quite a few for themselves. My relative who works in a public sector company always has one or other Bolero for disposal.

5. What's wrong with Nano's numbers. I believe there were constraints due to component suppliers. The production seems to have suffered. Moreover, does it have the "Aam Aadmi ki Gadi" image.
Further, I see more buyers are the ones who have another car in house. Indian Market is more perception driven (& probably herd mentality is very strong buying factor especially with the middle class) than logic/merit. Add to this the "Mruti in Daj" (Maruti in Dowry) in the North does has a effect, with the benefit of 800 withdrawal going to Alto (rather than Nano as perceived earlier).

Will be back with more analysis...

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Thanks GTO.
Great figures from Honda City. Even the Jazz is slowly picking up thanks to the discounts. Disappointing figures for FIAT. Grande Punto with 4 engine options selling only 900 odd units.
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City scales yet another peak. Congratulation
Now time for the next frontier
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Honda City : 6164
Maruti SX4 : 1965
Hyundai Verna : 1818
Ford Fiesta : 1426
VW Vento : 1364
FIAT Linea : 724
Chevrolet Aveo : 323
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Thanks for this thread, very informative
Looking at Hyundai, Santro is still selling pretty well inspite of having the newer i10 in the market.
Punto figures are little dissapointing. Polo and Punto should really eat into Swift sales, not happening really
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My observations.

1. i10 is the second largest selling car in India, marginally ahead of Wagon-R (first time?)
2. ANHC, in spite of better competition, it must be a record for them!
3. i20 does extremely well. Swift is still ahead by a big margin
4. Maruti numbers in general looks very healthy, breadbox (omni) still sells extremely well!
5. Mitsu in real bad shape. Wonder if they may even pull out of the car business
6. The new boys Nissan and VW has a lot of work to do to scale to the demand

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Great work GTO! It was real fast.

Some observations -
  • Altis diesel does not seem to have made any significant impact
  • Civic sales picked up marginally
  • WagnoR and Alto continue to do great for Maruti.
  • Polo seems to have settled around 3K and Micra around 1K.
  • Figo seems to have settled around 6.5K
  • Verna Transform is having limited impact, as expected
  • Jazz is slowly picking up from 200 odd in Feb to 600+
  • I10 is doing great, going to hit 15K in the next month I guess with the new version
  • Swift is finally showing its age. Time for Maruti to get the new Swift.
  • Fiat is the only company which seems to be going down consistently.
  • City's numbers are amazing, almost same as Indica
  • The biggest surprise continues to be the I20 with an amazing 7.5K+
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Thanks GTO for sharing the numbers. Honda City's growth is impressive (almost 2000 units more than last month) despite debut of Vento. Discounts and free insurance have shown results for ANHC.

It will be intresting to see how Vento fares in coming two festive months.
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Surprised with Micra's figures.

I haven't seen even one on the road till date.
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