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View Poll Results: How would you spend your 30 lakhs?
Brand new C Class, 3 Series or A4 58 17.26%
Pre-worshipped E Class, 5 Series or A6 36 10.71%
An assortment of cars and / or bikes 214 63.69%
Other (please specify in your post) 28 8.33%
Voters: 336. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 25th October 2010, 16:19   #46
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My Choices are - Option 1

1) New Tata Aria (White) - 18lacs
2) 1-2 year old Honda Civic - 8-9 lacs

remaining 3-4 lacs will be used for customizing above machines according to my taste

Option 2

I continue to use my Spark and invest this 30 lacs and buy a BMW M3 after few years :-)
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Old 25th October 2010, 16:21   #47
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My garage for INR 30 Lakh:

New Maruti Gypsy (6 Lakh) >> For mud-plugging
New Toyota Innova (12.5 Lakh) >> For travelling with friends/family
My current Palio GTX (1.5 Lakh) >> One reason: Love
ANHC (10 Lakh) >> Daily driver

Total: 30 lakh
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Old 25th October 2010, 16:31   #48
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If its just me in the driver's seat, then its a pre-worshiped 530d, with my eyes closed. E60 was my favorite. Voted for that as well.

But amid all this, i cannot discount one important factor, which is common to all i suppose, MY WIFE!!!!!
With MY WIFE in the driver's seat, its going to be

VW Polo 1.6 - 7.5 lacs
ANHC - 11 lacs
Gypsy or yet to be released Thar with all possible mods - 8-9 lacs
Rest for fuel and upkeep and a small 2 wheeler like an Activa!!!

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Old 25th October 2010, 16:41   #49
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I'd be too confused...

As of now, I guess it would be option c, comprising of:

1. New Skoda Laura TSi - 14L
2. New i10 Asta AT with sun roof - 6L
3. Nearly New Innova - 9L

Laura TSi for fun!
The i10 for usage in city!
Diesel Innova for those intercity/temple/airport trips with family.

Any money left over will be used in getting 17" or 18" alloys and tires for the Laura + a tire and alloy upgrade for the i10 + a tire upgrade and diesel tuning box for the innova!

Fancy numbers if they fit in the budget

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Old 25th October 2010, 16:41   #50
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Superb TSi DSG @ 14-15 L +
Fortuner @ 14-15 L +

my 12 yr old Kinetic Honda for groceries
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Old 25th October 2010, 16:51   #51
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This is a great thread! It got me thinking seriously, and I went through several iterations of various assortments (I almost instantaneously decided for Option C, the subsequent thinking was only for choosing the right combination) in my mind. In fact, this turns out to be a classical mathematical optimization problem, which I always enjoy solving. I am giving here all iterations that I did in my mind, because it will be more fun this way (I suppose). My final decision is at the end.

Iteration 0:

Well, I need one SUV for sure, because I love to drive on those bad roads beyond the GQ. Further, I have never owned an SUV before and I must own one before I die (just for the heck of it). So let me pick Toyota Fortuner (23L). And then I pick beautiful Punto MJD EP 90hp (8L) for my daily driving as well as those highway runs when I know I will be staying on good roads.

Problems: Well, I already exceeded 30L. It is funny how the budget constraint always hits you no matter what (even in imaginary exercises!). Further, both of these are diesels. Oh my god! I got both diesels? What's wrong with me? I need to discard this combo and move on to next iteration.

Iteration 1:

Lets keep the SUV and get something cheaper than the Punto, and also something with a petrol engine. But I don't want those puny 1.2L petrols. But all 1.6 petrols are more than 7L (remaining after spending 23L on the Fortuner). So I need to look for a "pre-worshiped" car. So let me pick a pre-worshiped Skoda vRS (7L) for my spirited highway drives.

Problems: I am not sure if I will find a well-maintained Skods vRS for 7L in Bangalore. Very low chance. So I need one more iteration.

Iteration 2:

The main problem is the 23L SUV. I need to get rid of it. Also, the SUV will be used less often (when going on real bad roads), I can get a pre-worshiped SUV and a new car. But pre-worshiped Fortuner is almost impossible to get, so let me choose Endevour, which I believe is quite good too (except for the leaf spring suspensions). So now my list is:

Pre-worshiped Endevour: 10L
Skoda Laura TSi: 17L

Well, I have 3L remaining. So I can get what I always dreamt of: a pre-worshiped Palio 1.6 GTX. Great! I am happy!

Problems: I will spending most of my time in service centers repairing these. This is going to be a "reliability disaster". I need at least one of them to be reliable.

Iteration 3:

Pre-worshiped Endevour: 10L (for bad roads)Fiat Linea T-Jet plus: 11L (for long highway drives)
Polo 1.6: 8L (for daily city driving)

This sounds much better. But somehow the reliability factor is still not as solid as I would like it to be.

So, finally, here is my final and what I believe to be optimal combination:

Iteration 4:

Pre-worshiped Endevour: 10L (for bad roads)
Fiat Linea T-Jet plus: 11L (for long highway drives)
Maruti SX4-ZXi VVT: 9L (for some needs which the above two won't satisfy).

I think this has got the right balance of utility, practicality, reliability and fun to drive (only due to inclusion of Linea T-jet).

And the most beautiful part of this solution is that I have already got one of the three in my garage. All I can dream of now is getting the other two

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Old 25th October 2010, 16:59   #52
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If given 30L to pick cars,I would go for a
2:TOYOTA INNOVA(For Family Use)
3:FORD FIGO (Daily Commuting)

Coz they are all good cars to own,use and more importantly maintain..
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Old 25th October 2010, 16:59   #53
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I Would go for option C.

And my list would be:

1) A go anywhere, solid ,utility vehicle like : Toyota Fortuner (and will be black)

2) A driver friendly but used petrol car like : Honda Civic (and will be white)

3) A practical, economical, daily driver, diesel-hatch : perhaps a Ritz VDi or Vista Quadrajet (and will be silver)

And that I think would exhaust the budget.
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Old 25th October 2010, 17:16   #54
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Laura 1.8 TFsi - 13
Used CRV 2.4 (old shape) - 6
Maruti SX-4 - 8 (For service station backup on long haul highway trips)
Kawasaki Ninja 250
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Old 25th October 2010, 17:24   #55
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Option C please - and all new - never trust any other hands than mine.

I would like

1. Endeavour 4x4 - 18L - the go anywhere, highway and family vehicle combined.
2. ANHC - 9L - practical, no nonsense regular use car around the city and highways
3. Figo/i10 - 4L - no nonsense, VFM hatch for urban market runarounds.

Wait a minute !! - I practically have the last two - now all I need is the 4x4 Beast .

I would have loved a fourth car - a cheap FTD Palio 1.6 or an Ikon 1.6, but then I would have to shell out for the extra parking spot as well.

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Old 25th October 2010, 17:29   #56
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Ford Fiesta Sports, on steorids. (9L) (Goes fast, even across corners)
Maturi Gypsy (6L) (Goes any where)
RD 350 (70K) (Goes like no other)
Fiat 500 (14L??) (Goes on to make a super style statement)

Will keep the rest of the money in FD towards repairs of the Gypsy and RD

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Old 25th October 2010, 17:33   #57
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Originally Posted by PlatzdaTurbo View Post
eh ? 3.2 ? Not really. The Q7 3.0tfsi petrol comes with a supercharged 300~hp unit. The one on the 3.2tfsi on the other hand is an older (comparatively) 265hp unit.
Oh cmon, you should know by now that I know my Audis. I was talking about the Superb's 3.6 which is also used in the Q7.

Originally Posted by asr245 View Post
- a pre-worshipped Honda Accord V6. Surprised no one mentioned it.
Actually quite a few have mentioned it already.
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Old 25th October 2010, 17:33   #58
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I'd spend the money on building a world class climate controlled garage with 2 post lift and loads of tools, polishers, polishes and waxes for my i20

i seriously think that having your own garage is the ultimate luxury!(you can always add to that later on, at least then your cars will be safe!)
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Old 25th October 2010, 17:40   #59
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No brainer, have 30 lakh to burn on a car, get the P-W'ed 5 series !! Can't think beyond the Bimmers. Call me mentally impaired, but its still the BMW for me
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Old 25th October 2010, 17:58   #60
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I chose Option 3.

Highway runs - Chevy Cruze ~ 15L
Track Days - Fiesta 1.6 S ~ 8L
Daily Drive - Alto K10 ~3.5L
For the rider in me - Preworshipped R6 / CBR 600 ~3.5L
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