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Default November 2010 - Indian car sales figures

Numbers received thus far. Will keep adding as the remaining brands release their stats.


Optra : 262
Cruze : 617
Aveo : 291
UVA : 286
Tavera : 1476
Spark : 2785
Beat : 2547
Captiva : 100


Linea : 301
Punto : 699
Palio : 23
500 : 0


Ikon : 715
Fiesta : 1108
Endeavour : 199
Figo : 5482


Ambassador : 394


City : 3003
Civic : 477
Accord : 260
Jazz : 330
Crv : 35


Santro : 6,995
i10 : 14,617
i20 : 7,228
Accent : 1,192
Verna : 1,455
Sonata : 14
Santa Fe : 39


Logan : 876
Xylo : 1974
Scorpio : 3351
Bolero : 6026


M800 : 2440
Omni : 8375
Alto : 32377
Estilo : 4439
Wagon R : 15617
Dzire : 9810
SX4 : 1305
Eeco : 6311
Swift : 12198
A Star : 3055
Ritz : 6377
Gypsy : 195
Vitara : 4


C Class : 156
E Class : 253
S Class : 42
ML Class : 29
GL Class : 20
E Coupe : 2
R Class : 5
CLS : 12
SL Roadster : 1


Pajero : 86
Outlander : 68
Montero : 6
Lancer & Cedia : 29


Micra : 1029
X-Trail : 31
Teana : 19
370Z : 0


911 : 2
Panamera : 2
Cayman : 2
Cayenne : 11


Laura : 403
Fabia : 970
Superb : 279
Yeti : 189


Indica : 5716
Indigo : 6009
Nano : 509
Sumo : 1594
Safari : 1287
Aria : 225


Innova : 3575
Corolla Altis : 784
Prado : 13
Camry : 3
LC 200 : 2
Fortuner : 859
Prius : 6


Polo : 1,975
Vento : 2,413
Jetta : 191
Beetle : 30
Phaeton : 3
Passat : 0


S80 : 2
XC90 : 4
XC60 : 8

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Jazz outselling linea, nano sales at 509, fortuner outselling altis, vento outselling polo...this month is full of shocking surprises. India is surely a very unpredictable market.
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Vento sales figure is incredible.
Could someone tell me where these many number of Bolero's are being sold ? 6k + which is almost double the sales figure of Scorpio.
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  • Vento out their with a big Statement.. Just a difference of 600 odd pieces to reach the market leader category !!! Hope it's long wait doesn't ruin the dream.
  • City is down !!!
  • T-Jet hasn't really added much to Linea figures.
  • Tavera sold more than Safari !!!! (maybe the cab segment)
  • Maruti continuing its dream run and Alto clocking another 30K+ !!
  • i20 Strong and more or less settling on the better part of 5K.
  • Nano - Enough said. I hope it survives...

@GTO - Is their a possibility to get Indigo numbers shown as Indigo Manza, Indigo CS, Indigo-Others.
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Vento Sales are great, City takes a hit (Vento effect?)

GTO - Nano at 509, 1/10th of expected sales? Any production, supplier constraint? Figures are too low and fall too sharp if there is no such reason.

No such surprise with Fiat, Linea and Punto continue to slide as expected. It will get worse with Etios launch and Vento ramp-up.
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November seems to be a disaster for almost every manufacturer except Maruti. Fiat, Honda, Ford, Toyota, TATA all lost sales compared to October.

Linea sales down inspite of T-Jet
Something seems to be wrong with Nano sales reported. If it is due to lack of demand, then TATA will lose big money!!

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wow! Vento sales are impressive, despite the acute short supply. I20 shows no signs of slowing down, while figo numbers have come down. I wonder what happened. Altis has finally overtaken the cruze. I guess the indian consumer still preferres mileage over power and equifiat should be worried about the linea and the punto.both are almost at the bottom of the heap in their respective segments. Aria and yeti sales are surprising. Haven't seen even one of them on the road yet. Guess most of these could be display/demo vehicles.
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What happened to TATA cars especially Nanos. Is there any production hiccups or is it people are not amused by it so soon.

Even indiaca is at a low.

The lesser numbers may be post Diwali blues.

Ford also hit, see the Figo numbers.
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Great work thanks for those numbes.

My views below:
  • i20 outsells the Hyundai Santro. Hyundai surely made one good move in the right direction.
  • Vento beating Polo speaks loads of the VFM that it delivers with it. (but still not seen even one in Chennai till date)
  • Indigo Sisters beating Indica sisters. Thats something new.
  • Pajero is still selling 86 odd even now.
  • Figo numbers there reduced a bit, are people waiting for Etios??
  • Fiesta reducing by a solid 200 odd everymonth, did I hear people say phasing out before global Fiesta roll out???
  • Additional BHPs and the Coveted tag of Driver's car unfortunately not helping Linea numbers there. Really a sad feeling, has market started avoiding linea altogether.
  • Is U-VA still alive??
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Sorry for going little OT - Looking at Nano's 509 figures, first question which struck my mind -

Who would be more tense looking at Nano figures - Will it be Ratan Tata or Rajiv Bajaj ?
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I cant believe nano only 509 ??
Seems like Vento is eating into City's sales.
Figo sales have dropped, could it be bcos of the Etios effect ?
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Beat : As expected, has stabilised at nearly 2500 units, which is not an encouraging figure. The i10, esp. the facelifted one is too hard to beat ! Unless GM acts fast by offering value to the car ( more features for the petrol, may be an automatic transmission and the LPG / diesel versions ) the Beat may face troubles.
Figo: A surprising drop in sales . Any specific reason?
Nano : Has been badly affected. ( The reasons are been discussed in a separate thread )
Jazz: Doing too bad in the market. I guess Honda will add some value to the Jazz through the facelifted version. Till then, probably the company might work up with some promos / offers. Even the City has seen lower sales. The Vento is catching up fast with the City. Honda must be worried.
Would the Etios stir the entire c segment ? ( entry level and premium c segment ). Lets wait and watch.
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You are wrong Bro!
The Jazz takes the prize for the lowest selling premium hatchback as usual

If you talk about Punto petrol only, then Jazz might be selling more than that!
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clearly all the sales in general have reduced.
but clearly Hyundai is beating honda in premium suv segment and this is happening for the first time since both the manufacturers started selling Suvs.i know the numbers are nothin compared to fortuner and endeavour but still its an achivement to beat honda at that kind of pricing.last month they sold 2.5 the number of crv. its quite clear now that if Hyundai brings in fresh range of cars they can beat Honda . its not because of the high pricing of honda either because as honda has been pricing its vehicle higher than hyunai ever since both came to india . i20 and sante fe have really proved itself to be more prefered over honda in respective segments , i believe the price difference between verna and city is same as that between i20 and jazz but the preference is opposite
that too when these hatchbacks effectively cater to higher segments then the respective sedans so brand value should have been more important

Nano is definitely a failure
aria is priced high , so for that pricing it has done okay , infact now it seems to be more ambitious than nano

only vehicle s that have done well compared to last month are volvos( small numbers),pheaton,vento,accord ,i20,fabia and yeti
a good month for skoda

really sad to see fiat,very low sales but then again sales of the other cars have also reduced
but i feel fiat is underated

0 passats !! only 3 camrys!!! that is even lesser than 14 sonatas, i think its high time both of these sedans get replaced with new generation vehicles

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Hey GTO is it possible to know the breakup of Altis into petrol/diesel variants?
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