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What would be the price for a 1 year old Vdi, done abot 20k kms, in Bangalore?
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Originally Posted by ravradha View Post
My collegue is quoting 2.35 for 2007 Jan Alto, which has run 7300 Kms. I am asking it for 2.15. It has the following accessories:

Seat cover
CD player, speakers
Side scratch guard

The car has a small dent in the back and a thin scratch running through the left side. Have test driven it, seems ok but has bad pickup and stalls at low speeds and 3rd gear.

Is it worth buying? I need to tell him tomorrow. Quick reco needed.
Hi pal, if you are talking about the top end model (VXi) Alto here, the price is attractive for a one year old vehicle. You would be getting it for a discount of about a lakh over a new model. however, please do make sure the problems of stalling and bad pick up etc are sorted out prior to purchase. The bad pick up could be due to something as small as a dirty air filter, but it could be due to some serious trouble as well. Only the gurus here and the mechs can pinpoint the same. but getting stuck with a lemon can be a real pain even if you have paid a pittance for it. But do get it checked thoroughly by a mech! All the best!
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Thanks Harsha

Update on Alto:
Yes it is a Vxi. It also has central locking. It is a Dec 2006 model bought in Jan 07. Will check with the mechanic today.

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Update on Alto:
Yes it is a Vxi. It also has central locking. It is a Dec 2006 model bought in Jan 07. Will check with the mechanic today.

2006 model Alto cant be Vxi as it was stopeed production in 2004
I think it would be Lxi!
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Correction the Alto VXi was last produced in mid 2003.
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The model is Lxi not Vxi.
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I am looking for old Zen: True Value dealer at Pune quoted me 2.15 lacks for 2004 LXI model
- Pune registered
- White color
- 44k on ODO
- Single owner
- Tyres looks ok
- Few scratches on right back door, minor dent on hatch door.

It is worth to go for it? (One year warranty on Engine & Transmission, usual true value deal!)

This is my first exposure to used car market so your help is really appreciated.
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Is this Price Correct: Skoda 2.0 Litre Elegance Petrol 2002 Model for 4.25 L


lam planning to get another ride for my personal use.Recently i came across a
a skoda 2002 model Elegance petrol 2.0 litre.Surprisingly the guy asks only 4.25.Its unbelievable that a skoda is available for such a price,so i enquired about the vehicle to the techie guys.Some said that the due to the complaints in the engine the skoda stopped manufacturing that particular model and it is due to that the vehicle price is low and recommended me not to take it.But some said that there is no problem with the engine since the vehicle being skoda.They also said that the price is low because the model was stopped and its another version is only available in the market as L&K and Laura.Iam in a dilemma on what to do.I cannot take a decision.One part of me says that to take the vehicle and mod it since skoda available for such a price is luck.But my other part says to stay away from it because of problem with the engine and the lack of spares.

Please help me out on this on making the right decision.Please post in your views about this model of skoda so that i could take the right decision and not to regret later.

iam posting in the pic of the vehicle:----

Thank You,


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Asking price looks very tempting.

Please check the vehicle service history if there are any major problems.

Get it checked at Skoda *** to know more.

and then decide cos 4.25L is not at all a bad price
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There is no problem with the engine

It's only problem was that with the diesel at he same price, people overlooked this car. It is not as fast as an RS but the engine is durable if not exciting.

If the condition is good, Rs 4.25 is a steal! A freind of mine has one that has done 60000 km and nothing has happened except an AC electrical problem.
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The car should be good being a Skoda (you need to check it, though for any accidents, misuse etc), but do not expected RS levels of performance.
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60,000 KM is really not that high, yes, it is enough to tell you if there is something massively wrong with the engine...However seeing as how some engines can run 200,000 MILEs and not require a rebuild, if the Skoda runs say 100,000 Miles and needs a rebuild thereafter it's obviously not as good as the other engine...

Seeing as how this car was discontinued, and didn't enjoy good sales figures, try getting feedback from people who actually own the car. As ajmat said, he has a friend who does, how about having a word with him..>That's the best way for you to decide...

[The chassis shouldn't be a problem, neither should the suspension...engine and electricals, difficult to say. Get the full service history of the car]
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ya definitely it will not have the RS performance.its also having digital odo and the service book a spare key.only problem is that me here at Cochin and the vehicle is from Calcutta.I called up the service guy there(skoda Calcutta),he told there hasn't been any major complaints.and can the digital odo be altered ?..
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There is nothing wrong with the engine. But, as Ajmat sir said, the car wasn't too popular because of the diesel variant. The 2.0 has been stopped and the 1.8 turbo has taken its place.
Octys have amazing build quality and are fairly reliable. Get the car checked at the A.S.S to be on the safe side.
IIRC, the Elegance came with 15" alloys. The car in picture has steel wheels. Get a set of nice alloys and you are good to go.
Two things you have to be aware of. Its not a fast car (110bhp, the 90 bhp TDis are more fun) and petrol Octys are not known for their FE.

Hafi, if you give me the car's registration number, I can ask the Calcutta dealer about her history.

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I would say its a high price. I have seen 2003 - 2004 Skoda diesels for 5.5 lacs. So if you could spend 1 more lac you could enjoy the performance as well as the good FE of the Octavia.

I also saw a Sonata gold for 3.5 lacs now That was a steal but know how sonata drinks petrol as if it is water.
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