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.anshuman 22nd December 2005 22:35

hyundai's new accent
i was surfing the hyundai india site and saw pics of new accent due to be launched here early 2006 the car looks interesting ,though the front is not shown in any of the pics.

sidharth_j 22nd December 2005 22:41

Have a look at this:-

Review of the Hyundai accent, by Jeremy Clarkson!!,00.html

This is the image that Hyundai has in the west. Just imagine; the accent has been a runaway hit in India ;-)!

amit 22nd December 2005 23:02


Review of the Hyundai accent, by Jeremy Clarkson!!.
Hey Sid, take reviews of any asian car by Jermey Clarkson with a pinch of salt. Any reviewer of any product has to be unbiased. Sadly, Jermey isn't.

jkdas 22nd December 2005 23:05

:OT we already haev 2-3 threads for this car. Mods please close this thread or merge it and the link does show only a sinle pic and hence not worthy

v1p3r 22nd December 2005 23:37

Can't find the direct link to the new Accent. Anshuman, can you please post the direct link? Thanks...

jkdas 23rd December 2005 00:02



Max 23rd December 2005 00:15

current accent looks really awkward they should have rolled out this model in 2002.

v1p3r 23rd December 2005 00:16

Actually, I was hoping for something on the Hyundai website. I've seen the other forum threads already, but nothing on the company website.

GTO 23rd December 2005 13:11

topic has been discussed at the links provided by jkdas.

This thread is closed. Please continue your discussion there.

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