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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

The refining cost is high for diesel than petrol and the quantity of diesel obtained per barrel is less than the quantity of petrol and still the cost of diesel is less than petrol. I think, once the inflation eases out, the cost of diesel will be increased.

If the government doesn't want to increase the cost of diesel which will definitely increase the inflation, in my opinion, the diesel Cars & SUV's should be additionally taxed in the range of 50-100 thousand for using subsidized diesel as compensation. This way, some of the people will decide to go for petrol cars, which is environmental friendly compared to the diesel cars.

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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

Several interesting comments in response to Ms Narain's rants.

My submissions:

First off the disparity between motor fuel pricing is a distortion of free market pricing of petrochem based fuels. In an ideal situation both fuels should be priced by refiners at economic cost plus profit.

The social objectives that were sought to be achieved with this differential pricing (diesel being priced lower) are not being addressed efficiently. If a subsidy is to be provided to the farm sector ( the primary intended beneficiary of this differential pricing) then a more effective and focused mechanism needs to be evolved. As for the contention that market based pricing of diesel will lead to inflation, that is a bogey floated by vested interests including the government. On a macro level once true free market pricing is implemented on both the motor fuels, a process of adjustment and move towards optimal utilisation of logistic resources will eventually nullify any dislocations in inflationary pressures. The government covers it's profligacy, waste and corrupt leakage of government funds by neta-babu combine, to a very substantial extent by the extortionate taxes on motor fuel both at the central and state level.

As for this lady she is noted for her sensationalism no more no less . The issues that need to be addressed and are not being addressed with any degreee of seriousness unfortunately anywhere are peak oil, global warming and carbon taxes (Minister Jairam Ramesh has made statements that point to that happening eventually).

The following link is especially relevant to peak oil. If some one is interested in a logical explanation of the issue, they should take the trouble of reading this write up/article.

Dramatic Shift in the Peak Oil Debate | Oil Price.com
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

Itís a double whammy, deregulate the fuel price allowing oil coí to fix prices on the fly and keep the tax structure(Excise duty, Crude Oil Custom duty, Petrol Custom etc) of these fuels untouched ensuring coffers are filling. There are close to five central and state TAXís collected in each liter of petrol and diesel. The irony is for every liter, taxís exceed the basic cost of petrol and diesel. Throw subsidy in this mix and you will know there the game is headed. Whether you are rich or poor you pay your taxes proportionately, Why make a hue and cry about diesel and petrol.

I recall in 2008-09 when crude was hovering arount $130/barrel there was hardly a difference of Rs.12 between liter price of petrol and diesel. If govt. out of political compulsions and economic conditions makes certain decisions, why caterozie taxpaying citizen under P and D heads.

What People like Sunita Narain or Envoi. Min Jayaram Ramesh(SUV fame) say doesnít make any difference, it is the Govt. and their policy makers that matters to us. Until there is a law which says diesel car manufacturing and usage is a crime, you can bark as much as you want in front of TVís and Magazines.
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

Originally Posted by Gansan View Post
As far as the Govt is concerned, if you can afford a car, you are not a "common man"!
I agree, & the irony is that even vegetables cost upwards of petrol when food is the basic necessity for any common man. But no, the govt. is busy doing or promoting things which are actually not as big an issue.

@all: Guys, is diesel also going to be hiked soon? I was at a petrol bunk today afternoon (in North Moti Bagh, BP bunk), & the girl there told me that diesel will also be increased in the coming days. She sounded sure but couldn't tell me anything more, just said that "sir, aisi hi baatein ho rahi hain".

Mods, sorry for the slight OT.

Drive safe.
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

if she thinks diesel cars cause pollution, then she should seriously go after the illegal factories running all over india, i bet atleast 30-40% pollution would come down!

its not the diesel or petrol as a fuel, but the petrol stations who mix kerosene in the fuel, its the 15-20 year old vehicle running on the roads, its the upkeep and maintaince of the vehicle which causes the pollution!

otherwise her comments make me>
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

Whether it is diesel or gasoline, the emissions from the tail pipe depends on various factors like engine displacement, engine manufacturing tolerances, combustion process, emission control strategies and of course the driving habits. In a NEDC emission test cycle (NEDC stands for New Europeon Driving cycle) which is used for the Euro norms certification, the tail pipe emissions highly depends on various controlling factors.

For gasoline engines operating with a stochiometric air/fuel ratio of 14.7 :1, Carbonmonoxide (CO) and Non Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC) are very critical emission components whereas for Gasoline direct injection systems operating with very lean air/fuel ratio much more than 14.7:1 Nitricoxides (NOx) emissions are major concerns. For diesel engines, NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions are major concerns are they operate with avery lean air/fuel ratio and hence CO and NMHC are not a concern at all.

So generalising which engine emitts more is absolutely baseless as it is possible that a 1L gasoline engine can pollute more than a 2L diesel if the factors are not favourable and also other way round.
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

One other important point is the slow moving/crawling traffic and the emission caused by this. I think this will be a major contributor in India. Having better roads on better public transport facility can reduce the pollution to large extend.
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Default Re: Social activist speaks out against diesel cars

I guess we should all just ignore this publicity stunt for most its indiscretions and move on. Apart from stopping cheaper diesel for private vehicle owners suggestion, everything else is trash.
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