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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Nano doing well.

Sumo selling better than Xylo

TATA's are hot selling

A better refined Safari's are not doing that well in comparision to Scorpio.

When and where are they selling the product called Venture?

What about THAR sales ? any reports of the much Hyped Thar.....!
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

For i10/Ritz comparison, the way I would look at is to compare santro+ i10 against wagonR + Ritz combo. Hyundai is able to sell the Santro replacement (i10) better than Santro whereas Maruti is unable to outsell Wagon R's with its replacement (Ritz) despite having a diesel mill.

Santro/i10 : 8,070/15,105
Wagon R/Ritz : 14,131/5,882

Kind of reversal of fortune. i10 is a good evolution from Santro and so does Ritz. However Ritz's unconventional looks is a big turn off for many and end up buying Wagon R or Swift. Most of the i10 buyers are either new ones or upgrading from Altos for them to distinguish how good the K12 is over the 1.2 Kappa (despite the VTVT).

For the spurt in Logan Sales, the reduced rate with added taxi permit is a contributor. For e.g in Chennai, there was hardly any Logan taxis earlier but once Mahindra took over, there were lots of ads in tamil newspaper about Logan becoming available with cab permit at lower rates and the net result is increase in the number of Logan Taxis. Heard that Fast track alone added 200-300 logan to its fleet. It is eating into the old Indigo market segment (taxis)

Another intriguing question for me is whether the comparison should be as straight forward as we do here? e.g. how do we compare sales of cars that have a long waiting period like Maruti Dzire with something that is available off the shelf (Indigo). Since we are talking about dealer dispatches, the Maruti Dzire being dispatched this month were for orders booked 3-4 months back? Should we apply a correction factor for the lag and compare the figures?
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Honda is in for a big shock in the coming months. Launch of SX4 diesel, galloping sales of Vento and the all new Verna are sure enough to cause major problems to their main breadwinner ANHC. The only option for them will be to start giving deeper discounts on ANHC and Jazz or speed up and launch the Brio at a 5-6 lacs range, thereby moving down the value chain. It is really sad to see a good brand like Honda suffering due to its poor VFM perspective along with their decision not to bring in Diesel options to their cars. I wish these companies put some desi guy as their head and turn around the company for better. Look at how Hyundai has created a story with 15000+ i10s and 6800+ i20s.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

It seems the huge price differential between petrol and diesel is starting to reflect in sales figures. Except the frugal small cars, petrol only models will suffer more in the coming months.

The comparatively poor performance of Honda City could be due to this reason, as I feel the recall was greeted with mixed response , knowledgible customers finding it a good move.

The lower than expected numbers of Etios could also be due to this - lack of a diesel model. With diesel, they could have easily become the segment leader.

Even models which used to have stronger sales in their petrol versions than diesel siblings - like i20 and Superb could increasingly slip in rankings in the coming months.

Unless, of course the Govt. does something to arrest this vierd structure

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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by bkbkr1212 View Post
Santro : 8,070
i10 : 15,105
i20 : 6,834
Accent : 1,224
Verna : 1,241
Sonata : 29
Santa Fe : 126

Santro > i20???
Accent ~ Verna.

Hyundai better do something about their new Verna? Transform didn't seem to transform their fortunes at all. Quite sad and very interesting there are buyers for Accent even now. Is it the case of customers going to the showroom with the intention of buying a Verna and then settling for an Accent similar to SX4 and Dzire.
But SX4, for a change has done better this time. Not sure whether it can be attributed to their diesel since dealers haven't started rolling it out yet(AFAIK in Bangalore )

Checked last week with Bimal. They said they haven't delivered any vehicle, but has got good response in terms of booking.

If SX4 sales are of just petrol, then Honda recall must be the reason.
Should be the same for Vento too. Strangely Verna couldn't capitalize this opportunity. I thought Verna and Hyundai was always considered 1 notch above SX4 and Maruti.

Nice to see my favourite Fortuner ruling the segment

Best Regards,
These are manufacturer despatches to the dealers & the SX 4 figures would therefore include Diesel as well.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

The new sales strategy for nano worked out. Why Manindra column is missing 'Thar' sales numbers ?
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by xingamazon View Post
Wow such good number.
  • Vento surpassing Polo and very very near to City figures.
  • Endevour outselling TATA Aria, the pricing blunder..
In case of Etios, Its a capacity constraints with Toyota, otherwise every dealer is quoting the waiting period of 8-9 months....
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

the Usual Suspects.

Maruthi Consolidating its number uno status
Hyundai & Tata improving sales, yet cant match the sales of Alto.
Toyota sales are ever improving being the best of the rest.
Honda Sales are falling down. Seems like Honda is loosing focus, as CITY which was doing good numbers is now facing stiff competition.


Etois -may be production issues.

FIAT - What has FIAT to do to improve in INDIA.
GM - No Brainier
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

City is under seige from vento & SX4. With the impending launch of the new Fiesta & Verna, HSCIL will have to do something really special to protect the City.

Unlike the other manufacturers, it is the bread and butter model for Honda. The Jazz, Civic & Accord cannot make up for the loss of City numbers.

Let us see what is the impact of the new govt regulations on CKD models like the Accord, Mercedes, BMW & Audi. Contrary to the imports becoming cheaper due to the EU India FTA, these cars may well become more expensive.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Why is Mitsubishi still in India? Fiat is consistent and they need to address different segments to grow and be a average company !!

SX4 diesel will not have dent on ANHC. I think ANHC has moved higher than when it was affected previously for a couple of months by the launch of SX4 petrol.

Vento and City will have to fight it out in their segment without a third option.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by arvi86 View Post
Give Nano some time and it will do very good numbers. I still remember how dismal Alto sales were during the initial couple of years after its launch. Please, don't write off Nano.
I have heard that people in tata are working on Nano diesel. If it happens to true, and if they advertise properly, it will surely surpass any of these numbers. We can see tata started their nano advertisements on TV only when their numbers started to decline. I always believe tata deserve much better respect for their cars.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by SunilM View Post
Good to see Nano numbers. I think Nano will stabilize at around 10,000 for a while and then gradually increase as and when new models, diesel etc are introduced..
Yeah SunilM, they have assembled 601 vehicles in one day, recently. This was done in an extended 1st shift ofcourse.
Still,its highest per day production till date in the plant history.
The capacity for the first shift stands at 496 vehicles. They didn't start their daily second shift yet.
Even if they make the 90% of their first shift( 446vehicles) they would easily cross 10k per month. A simple calculation says: 446 nanos X 26 working days = 11606 nano's per monthBe ready competition!

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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by misquitas View Post
Even the newer entrants and competitors like Figo (7,883) and Polo (3,303) have already overtaken sales of the Beat, Spark and Punto. Besides, even the latest competitor, Micra (2030), is poised to overtake the Beat and Spark.
If Ford can generate huge sales for the Figo, why is it that GM cannot replicate similar sales? Or Fiat for that matter.

I think the absence of a diesel variant is hurting the sales of Beat. Hyundai is a well respected manufacturer than GM especially after the success of Santro which gives i10 its massive sales. However when you compare the sales of Beat to that of Ritz/figo/polo do consider that petrol prices are rising everyday and most of the sales of the pre-mentioned cars are coming from diesel. I do agree though with the excellent product line GM has failed comparatively.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

I think Toyota should seriously think of some kind of price correction of Hybrid Prius model for the sales to kick start, now that the Govt has offered some concessions on Hybrid in the new budget.
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Re: February 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by xingamazon View Post
I am still trying to figure out if the sale figures for Kizashi (i.e. only 25) should be termed as a success or a failure.

I am not able to find any owenership reports or any person willing to buy Kizashi in this site. So can I assume its not a success?
These figures of Kizashi are the dealer dispatches and demo cars.Please wait for 3-4 months to know the real picture before writing it off.

Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
Why is Mitsubishi still in India?

What are they trying to do in India.? Can someone enlighten me please.
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