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Default Re: 'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof

Originally Posted by julupani View Post
Small correction. The PM, President etc have moved on from the Safari, which are now used for other ministers and in certain states for visits by PM or President etc.

In Delhi, and on intenational visits. The PM uses one of his BMW 7-series and the President her Merc S600s. And these are now escorted by BMW X5s, rather than Safaris.

The logic is that the Safaris arent compatible with the BMW 7-series in a convoy. The ability of the BMW to speed away would by handicapped by the fact that all the rest of the convoy of Safaris would be left behind, increasing risk.

So the Safaris are now used by the PM only when he is on visit somewhere within the country in low threat areas, where taking the air is not possible.

So, the point is the Safari is just no good for our PM today.
Sirjee, bulletproof Safari is still used by the Numero Uno (pun intended) family in India for Road trips. Didn't you view the Bhatt Parsaul (NOIDA) agitation coverage by various news channels, which was lead by the dimpled (de facto) HRH Crown Prince (pun intended... again). At one point of time one of the Safaris of his convoy got struck in slush in a field.

Even one of India's most hated politician Guj CM Narendra Modi Travels in an Indian bulletproof SUV the Scorpio.

Regarding President & PM using MBs, BMWs, etc. for their travel is more to to do with Public Image of India rather than speed/ security. For security is not dependent on the speed of vehicle in case of emergency, but, overall arrangements & alertness of our intelligence agencies.

BTW, the top speed of The Beast (Obamamobile) is under 100 kmph (Barack Obama's Cadillac presidential limo revealed), & the acceleration is nothing to boast about either. If that is good for US, I bet bulletproof Safari is god for our PM, CMs, & Ministers.

Apology, if you feel offended, but, I never meant to undermine your words/ posts, & actually enjoy most of your posts in commercial vehicles thread.

IMO, this vehicle can be god call for high profile people living in/visiting high risk zones.
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Default Re: 'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof

The Gandhi family is mostly protected by Z-class security, and are thus entitles them to a certain number of bullet proof Safaris and Ambassadors, as provided by the SPG. Other than the Gandhi family, any other person of similar SPG security status would get it. This level of security is not even provided to all Chief Ministers, only a few get it based on threat level.

But the President and PM officially get a level of security higher than that, which includes those BMWs, not to mention a lot of other stuff. But like I said, these rarely get used outside of Delhi, as the PM/President is generally flown to wherever he needs to be.

On international trips, some of the motorcade is pre-transported if the host nation doesnt not have the capability to provide the level of security needed.

Other than public image, as has been sighted before, every vehicle has a certain security level(not just speed), and the Tata Safari doesnt meet those that are required by the PM and President, who's security level is one level above the Z-class security.

I never said the Safari's weren't fast enough, just that they would be slower than the BMWs.
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Post Re: 'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof

Guys lets not get OT here.
I've seen the car in the flesh last night and was amazed at the build quality - both from the Inside and the Outside.

Also a matter of fact that they are selling a car which is about Rs. 60 L OTR, one would expect the quality top notch.

What I was figured out was that, TATAs were already customizing their SUMOs & Safaris as per the customer demands (a very big e.g. being Sonia Gandhi's ride), but they realized that the market for OE Armoured Cars was still virgin in India. Hence the move to launch such a car commercially. Most of the people who attended the function were builders/ jewelers/small to medium politicians.
Brave move by TATAs to target such people, since recently the economy/ political scenario, has turned the tides for a few people.

Originally Posted by Dry Ice View Post
Thanks for sharing. Any info on engine specs? Is it in the same state of tune as the regular safari?
Hi Dry Ice. I've uploaded the detailed brochures which I scored at the function yesterday. Please check out the tech specs for this beast of a car.
TATAs have redesigned a lot of things -starting from the chasis, to suspensions, fuel tank cladding, underbody, engine, gear box & axle protections.

The response of the gathered crowd was quite enthralling - saw quite a few test drives getting booked the other night.

Attached Thumbnails
'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0001.jpg  

'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0002.jpg  

'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0003.jpg  

'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0004.jpg  

'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0005.jpg  

'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof-miniscan0006.jpg  

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Default Re: 'Reclaim your life' Safari is now bulletproof

Originally Posted by DieselAddikt View Post
Sir ji, the current gen Safari will not leave you stranded. The wipers may not work; the indicator bulbs may not work; but the mechanicals are good enough to take you out of an emergency situation. Please give credit where it is due. Don't just go on ranting. (Nothing personal. I was just saying.)

And from the pics, the fit and finish looks better than the current Dicors. I see even panel gaps and well aligned bumpers. Is it just the pics or is it the sign of better things that might come in Merlin ?

But then wouldn't you say the newer gen vehicles are more electrically dependent than the first generation vehicles with ecu's/ sensor's.After all i still see tata mechanics nip into wiring by using a blade to cut / tap into a wiring harness to check for an electrical fault and then simply stick a piece of insulation tape over it!all this on a new car!, but then on the other hand like you said yes then mechanical s are probably too good to fail these days.i still have my apprehensions thou.
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